The Best Bamboo Skewers in New Zealand

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Bamboo skewers are sticks used for cooking and serving food. They’re great for grilling meat and veggies, making kebabs or shish kabobs, and creating appetizers like fruit or cheese skewers. You can also use them to check if baked goods are ready by poking them into cakes or muffins. Skewers are handy tools that make cooking and serving food easier and more fun!

Which are some of the best brands for bamboo skewers?

Both below-listed brands prioritize durability and functionality, making them popular choices among home cooks and professional chefs alike for their bamboo skewer needs.


      To meet a variety of cooking requirements, Avanti provides a selection of bamboo skewers in varying lengths. The Avanti Bamboo Skewers 25cm 100Piece Pack provides a slightly longer option for grilling meats and vegetables, while the Avanti Bamboo Skewers 21cm 100Piece Pack is perfect for smaller bites or appetizers. The Avanti Bamboo Skewers 30cm 100Piece Pack has enough length to thread several ingredients for larger kebabs or shish kabobs. The bamboo skewers from Avanti are strong and dependable, making them ideal for all of your grilling and cooking endeavors.


      Bamboo skewers from Wiltshire are available in a range of lengths to suit various cooking needs. For little grilling jobs or appetizers that are bite-sized, the 4-inch Wiltshire Bamboo Skewers are perfect. The 8-inch Wiltshire Bamboo Skewers are a flexible length that can be used with a variety of ingredients for larger kebabs or skewered dishes. The 10-inch Wiltshire Bamboo Skewers offer a longer option for larger servings if you’re in the middle. Bamboo skewers from Wiltshire are made from high-quality bamboo and are easy to grill, roast, or serve appetizers on.

How is bamboo the best material for skewers?

Since bamboo is naturally strong, sustainable, and heat-resistant, it’s a great material for skewers. Bamboo skewers are ideal for grilling or roasting meats, vegetables, and seafood because they are strong enough to support the weight of a variety of foods without bending or breaking. Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable material, which makes it a green option for kitchenware. Because of their inherent heat resistance, bamboo skewers can cook safely and effectively on the grill or in the oven at high temperatures without warping or burning. Bamboo skewers are lightweight and simple to manage, making them a popular choice for both home cooks and professional chefs. They are also convenient and easy to use.

How Do You Choose the Right Bamboo Skewers?

Choosing the right bamboo skewers depends on several factors to ensure they meet your cooking needs effectively.

    • Length: Take into account the skewers’ length in relation to the dishes you intend to cook. Longer skewers, like 10 or 12 inches, are appropriate for kebabs or larger portions, while shorter skewers, like 4 or 6 inches, are perfect for appetizers and bite-sized sweets.
    • Thickness: Take note of the skewers’ gauge or thickness. Thick skewers work well for grilling meats and vegetables because they are stronger and can hold heavier ingredients without buckling or breaking.
    • Quantity: Based on your cooking style and how many servings you usually make, figure out how many skewers you’ll need. Purchasing skewers in large quantities may prove to be more economical if you often prepare skewered meals.
    • Select food-grade bamboo skewers that are smooth, straight, and free of splinters when choosing the material quality. Make sure the bamboo comes from a sustainable source and is devoid of any additives or chemicals.
    • Pointed or Flat: Select skewers with pointed tips for simpler ingredient piercing or flat tips for more secure handling and presentation. While flat ends are good for serving finger foods or appetizers, pointed ends are usually used for grilling.
    • Versatility: Choose skewers that are adaptable enough to be used for a variety of cooking techniques, such as grilling, roasting, or serving appetizers. Seek out skewers that can be used in the oven, grill, or barbecue and that can withstand heat.

Bamboo Skewers Available in all length ranges

      Small: (4 inches to 8 inches)

      For making sophisticated and practical finger foods like mini kabobs, cheese bites, or fruit skewers, shorter skewers work best. Bite-sized treats are a popular choice for parties, cocktail events, or casual gatherings because of their compact size, which makes them easy to handle and serve. Bamboo skewers from Wiltshire come in 4- and 8-inch lengths, which are ideal for making bite-sized appetizers or single servings.

      Medium: (approximately 8.3 inches to 9.8 inches)

      Medium-length skewers are ideal for grilling meats, veggies, or seafood because they combine convenience and capacity in a pleasing way. These skewers are suitable for kebabs, skewered appetizers, or grilling; they are long enough to hold several ingredients at once but still manageable for handling and serving.Bamboo skewers from Avanti come in lengths of 21 and 25 cm, making them a flexible choice for a range of culinary jobs.

      Long: (approximately 11.8 inches)

      Longer skewers work well for threading whole vegetables, thick slices of meat, or substantial kebab portions for roasting or grilling. These skewers are a mainstay for outdoor barbecues, get-togethers, or special occasions where larger servings are desired because they have enough room for several ingredients and make for delicious creations with eye-catching presentations. Avanti offers 30-cm-long bamboo skewers to satisfy larger appetites and hearty portions.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Bamboo Skewers

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Bamboo Skewers - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

To keep bamboo sticks from consuming during barbecuing or cooking, absorb them water for something like 30 minutes before use. This guarantees that the bamboo retains water, making an obstruction against consuming. Alternately, you can infuse your ingredients with subtle flavors by soaking them in wine or juice. Furthermore, in the event that you're involving the sticks for a more drawn out cooking time, think about twofold piercing — involving two equal sticks for steadiness. This limits the immediate contact of the bamboo with the intensity source, decreasing the probability of consuming. Taking these precautions ensures a successful and flavorful grilling experience while also preserving the skewers' integrity. Assuming that you have more inquiries or need further subtleties, go ahead and inquire!
Mellowing bamboo sticks is a basic cycle that improves their adaptability and decreases the gamble of fragmenting. To mellow them, submerge the bamboo sticks in water for no less than 30 minutes prior to utilizing. Lowering them permits the bamboo to assimilate dampness, making the sticks more malleable and less inclined to breaking during use. You can likewise add flavor by absorbing them fluids like wine or stock. When mellowed, the bamboo sticks are fit to be utilized for barbecuing or piercing elements for different dishes. This simple task guarantees a smoother and more secure cooking experience with bamboo sticks. Assuming that you have more inquiries or need extra tips, go ahead and inquire!
Indeed, bamboo sticks have a characteristic propensity to ingest water. This property is favorable while setting them up for barbecuing or cooking. By absorbing bamboo sticks water for something like 30 minutes before use, the bamboo retains dampness, turning out to be more flexible and impervious to consuming. This cycle keeps the sticks from bursting into flames as well as upgrades their adaptability, diminishing the gamble of fragmenting during use. Additionally, when soaked in a liquid like wine or broth, the absorption of water permits the infusion of flavors. Making this stride guarantees that bamboo sticks stay solid and viable for piercing fixings in different culinary applications. Assuming that you have more inquiries or need further subtleties, go ahead and inquire!
Putting away bamboo sticks appropriately guarantees their life span and convenience. Keep them in a cool, dry spot to forestall dampness retention and potential form development. A kitchen cabinet or a pantry away from heat sources is great. Store them horizontally rather than vertically to keep their straight shape. Consider setting them in a compartment or a zip-top pack to shield them from residue and foreign substances. If you've flavor-infused them by soaking them in liquids, make sure they're completely dry before you store them to avoid bad smells. When you store bamboo skewers in these ways, they stay in great shape and are ready for your next culinary adventure. Feel free to ask any additional questions or for advice!