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Bamboo steamers are great for steaming food naturally and keeping its flavor and nutrients. You can cook different foods at once because they come with multiple layers that stack up easily.

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For cooks who are concerned about both their health and the environment, Avanti’s bamboo steamers are highly recommended due to their renowned durability and eco-friendly design. Avanti allows you to take advantage of the natural steaming method’s advantages and convenience while maintaining the food’s nutrients and flavor for satisfying, healthful meals. For your cooking needs, Avanti manufactures bamboo steamer baskets in various sizes. They come with three different sizes: 20 cm, 25.5 cm, and a smaller 15 cm basket. Steaming food in these baskets preserves the nutrients and flavor of the food.

What should I consider for while purchasing a bamboo steamer?

    • Size: Based on your cooking requirements, take into account the bamboo steamer’s size. While a smaller steamer might be better suited for single servings or smaller portions, a larger one can hold more food.
    • Usability: Seek out bamboo steamers that are simple to set up and operate. Verify that they have secure handles for handling safety and that the lids fit tightly enough to capture steam efficiently.
    • Durability: Go for bamboo steamers constructed of sturdy, premium bamboo. Make sure the bamboo is sturdy enough to endure frequent use, smooth, and free of splinters.
    • Number of Layers: Find out how many layers the steamer made of bamboo has. You can steam several kinds of food at once with multiple layers, which reduces cooking time and energy consumption.
    • Included Liners: Removable parchment or cloth liners are a feature of certain bamboo steamers. These liners keep food from sticking to the bamboo surfaces and facilitate easier cleaning.
    • Versatility: Take into account whether the bamboo steamer can be used in the microwave, on gas burners, or on stovetops, among other heat sources. Make sure it works with the appliances you have for cooking.
    • Maintenance: Review the bamboo steamer’s maintenance specifications. While some can be cleaned in the dishwasher, others might require hand washing. Select the one that fits your preferred cleaning schedule.

The Health Benefits of Steaming Food in Bamboo

Because steaming food in bamboo has so many health benefits, it has become more and more popular. Unlike some cookware made of plastic or metal, bamboo is a natural and eco-friendly material that does not contaminate food with dangerous chemicals. Compared to boiling or frying, steaming preserves more nutrients in food prepared in bamboo. Food is cooked evenly and retains its natural flavors, textures, and colors thanks to the gentle steam heat. Furthermore, bamboo steamers enable extra fats and oils to escape, leading to lighter and healthier meals. Food cooked using this technique is also known to help hold onto moisture, keeping it from drying out and retaining its juiciness. All things considered, steaming food in bamboo is a healthier option that encourages nutrient-rich, flavorful meals.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Bamboo Steamer

How to choose the bamboo steamers’ size when making a purchase?

The size of a bamboo steamer basket should be selected with consideration for your particular cooking requirements, the amount of available kitchen space, the need for versatility, and the frequency of use. If you usually cook for a crowd or in larger quantities, go for a larger steamer, such as the 25.5cm basket. An individual serving or 20cm or 15cm basket would be better suited for smaller portions. Think about the kinds of food you want to steam and if you require the versatility of different levels or sections. In addition, consider how easy it will be to clean and store the steamer depending on how big it is when using it frequently.

Bamboo Steamer - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Cleaning a bamboo liner is fundamental after each utilization to forestall the retention of flavors and smells from various food sources. Allow the steamer to cool down after steaming, then use a soft brush or cloth to gently remove any remaining food particles. Try not to utilize cleanser, as bamboo can ingest it and move the taste to your food. All things being equal, wash the liner with heated water. Guarantee careful drying to forestall form development. For obstinate buildups, a combination of water and white vinegar can be utilized. Ordinary support after each utilization assists with protecting the bamboo's respectability and guarantees a spotless and safe steaming experience.
Prior to utilizing a bamboo liner, it's vital to get ready and condition it to guarantee ideal execution and forestall the retention of unwanted flavors. Begin by drenching the whole bamboo liner, both the bins and top, in warm water for something like 30 minutes. The bamboo becomes more pliable and less likely to crack when steaming as a result of this process. Moreover, it keeps the bamboo from retaining inordinate dampness from the food. Once splashed, permit the bamboo liner to air dry completely prior to putting food inside. This pre-use molding is fundamental for improving the steaming system and keeping up with the trustworthiness of the bamboo.
Bamboo liners are intended to oppose consuming during the steaming system because of their regular development and remarkable properties. The bamboo material has normal intensity opposition, permitting it to endure the steam created during cooking without consuming. Moreover, the development of bamboo liners includes layering bamboo strips in a manner that advances productive steam course and intensity conveyance. By balancing the direct contact with hot steam, this design prevents localized burning and overheating. Appropriate use, for example, pre-drenching prior to cooking, likewise adds to the liner's flexibility, permitting it to get through the cooking system without undermining its trustworthiness or taking a chance with consumes.
Indeed, a bamboo liner can and ought to get wet during its planned use. The entire bamboo steamer, including both the baskets and the lid, must be soaked in warm water for at least 30 minutes prior to each use. This pre-dousing process relax the bamboo, making it more malleable and less inclined to breaking during steaming. The dampness consumed by the bamboo makes steam during the cooking system. While the bamboo retains water during dousing, it is a controlled and deliberate piece of the steaming system, adding to the viability and strength of the bamboo liner.