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Oxo NZ: OXO kitchen essentials transcends ordinary tools, offering an unmatched fusion of innovative design and superior quality. From peelers to can openers, OXO's commitment to user-friendly products transforms daily cooking tasks into effortless endeavors.View More..

OXO Product Quality & Materials:

Dedication to Excellence:

OXO's ideology is based on an uncompromising dedication to quality. Every product goes through rigorous design and testing procedures to guarantee that it not only fulfills but beyond user expectations. The brand's commitment to excellence is demonstrated by the materials used and the careful engineering that goes into each product.

Ergonomic Design:

OXO is a byword for ergonomic design that puts the needs and comfort of the user first. Both home cooks and expert chefs can use the goods because of their non-slip, plush handles, which offer a stable grip. Because of their focus on ergonomics, OXO tools are guaranteed to be both effective and enjoyable to use.

High-Quality Materials:

OXO constantly uses premium materials, from the slicers and graters' precisely designed blades to the Coral dish brush's sturdy bristles. Premium materials such as BPA-free plastics and stainless steel are selected to provide durability, resilience to wear, and, above all, food safety.

Innovation in Functionality:

OXO products are praised for their cutting-edge innovations that solve typical kitchen problems. For instance, the self-cleaning function of the garlic press makes cleaning the residue from minced garlic less difficult. Such well-considered inventions demonstrate OXO's dedication to improving consumer satisfaction.

OXO Products Showcase:

Coral Dish Brush:

The Coral dish brush is a perfect example of OXO's commitment to producing beautiful and functional kitchenware . Dishwashing is a breeze because to its robust structure, long-lasting bristles, and ergonomic handle that guarantees a comfortable grip. The Coral brush gives the kitchen sink a stylish touch and demonstrates OXO's attention to both form and function.

Garlic Press:

Garlic chopping is redefined with the OXO garlic press. This tool's effective design and self-cleaning feature turn a laborious task into a quick and easy procedure. Because the press is made of high-quality materials, its lifespan is guaranteed, making it a necessary tool for anybody who enjoys garlic.


OXO tongs are made with accuracy and adaptability in mind for the kitchen. These tongs have comfortable, non-slip grips that offer a firm hold whether turning delicate objects or serving hefty entrees. Convenience is increased by the locking mechanism, which makes handling and storage simple.

Peeler, Slicer, and Graters:

The graters, slicer, and peeler from OXO demonstrate the company's skill in designing gadgets that make cooking quick and pleasurable. These tools are great for slicing, peeling, and grating food because of their ergonomic handles and sharp blades, which help the culinary process move more smoothly.

Food Storage Solutions:

OXO continues to innovate in food storage solutions, providing a selection of containers made to maintain ingredients' freshness and organization. Beyond the cooking process, the brand's dedication to practicality and utility is evident through features like airtight seals and modular stacking.


One example of the brand's adaptability is the OXO turner. This tool's sturdy build and ergonomic shape make it a valuable addition to any culinary toolset, whether you're flipping pancakes, burgers, or delicate fish fillets.

OXO in New Zealand:

Trusted Presence:

OXO has gained the confidence of both home cooks and professional chefs in New Zealand. Because of their reputation for quality, innovation, and dependability, OXO products are a mainstay in kitchens all over the nation. The ergonomic layout and intuitive features complement the New Zealander's sense of effectiveness and usefulness.


Not only does OXO have items in New Zealand, but these instruments are also easily accessible. OXO's cutting-edge kitchen products are easily accessible to Kiwis thanks to local stores and internet platforms. This accessibility promotes a culture in which cooking is viewed as an efficient and pleasurable activity rather than just a chore.

Culinary Revolution:

OXO becomes a catalyst for culinary experimentation as people in New Zealand embrace a diversified gastronomic scene. OXO products are part of a culinary revolution that unites efficiency, creativity, and quality in both professional and household settings.

OXO's Impact on Culinary Practices:

New Zealanders' cooking habits are influenced by OXO products' inventive features and ergonomic designs. OXO has become an essential component of kitchens, impacting culinary practices and encouraging creativity in the art of cooking. Its benefits range from streamlining food preparation to improving the entire cooking experience.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are OXO utensils made of?

    • OXO cutlery is made with premium materials to guarantee long-term use, performance, and user safety. OXO utensils are mostly made of BPA-free polymers and stainless steel. OXO utensils' handles frequently have soft, non-slip grips that offer a comfortable and stable hold when using. The selection of materials is indicative of OXO's dedication to creating kitchen tools that are safe to use when preparing meals in addition to being effective and long-lasting. OXO cutlery places an emphasis on quality in every aspect, from the ergonomic handle design to the sharp stainless steel blades.

    • Is OXO heat resistant?

    • Yes, OXO kitchen utensils are made to withstand heat, offering both safety and variety. The kind of utensil and materials used can affect the specific heat resistance level. When building its utensils, OXO frequently uses heat-resistant materials like silicone and nylon to ensure that they can tolerate normal cooking temperatures without warping or melting. Even though heat resistance is a crucial component, it's crucial to follow each utensil's unique care instructions to preserve its longevity and functionality under a range of cooking situations.

    • How do you clean an oxo cheese grater?

    • An OXO cheese grater may be easily cleaned. To get rid of any stray cheese pieces, start by giving the grater a quick rinse under warm running water. To ensure a more comprehensive cleaning, gently scrub the grater with a soft brush or sponge, making sure to get into the nooks and crannies between the blades. You can use a light dish soap if needed. A tiny, soft brush or an old toothbrush will assist loosen particles from sticky residue. Make sure all soap is gone by giving the grater a good rinse after cleaning. Many OXO cheese graters are dishwasher safe, making it simple to clean them in the top rack of the dishwasher for convenience's sake.

    • Are Oxo peelers dishwasher safe?

    • In general, OXO peelers are dishwasher safe. Convenience is a top priority in the design of OXO kitchen tools, such as peelers, which are dishwasher safe. Stainless steel and BPA-free polymers, which can resist dishwasher cycles without sacrificing their quality, are frequently used to manufacture the peelers. For extended durability, you should, however, consult the detailed care recommendations that OXO offers for each model of peeler. To further maintain the blades' durability and sharpness, some users might find that handwashing is preferable. For the most up-to-date care instructions, always refer to the product's box or the official OXO instructions.