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Top-selling brands for high-quality Cake Tin Pans?

      Mason Cash:

      The brand’s heritage of excellence and craftsmanship is embodied in the Mason Cash Heritage Set of 2 Cake Tins. These two cake tins are ideal for making different cake sizes for different occasions or for layering cakes. These tins are a necessity in any baker’s kitchen because of their sturdy construction and timeless design, which guarantee even baking and effortless release.


      The 23-cm square cake pan with ceramic reinforcement from Anolon is made to produce excellent baking results. This pan’s ceramic-reinforced nonstick coating makes it easy to release food and clean up afterward, and its sturdy design distributes heat evenly for reliable baking. A useful addition to any bakeware collection, this square cake pan works well for brownies, bars, and cakes.


      A wide selection of non-stick cake pans from Bakemaster are available to satisfy all baking requirements. Bakemaster offers a range of cake pans to suit different cake shapes and sizes, including the Non-Stick Loose Base Deep Cake Pan and the Silver Anodised Square Deep Cake Pan. The Hemisphere and Dolly Varden cake pans add interesting shapes to your baking repertoire, while the glass or non-stick Springform cake pans provide easy release for delicate cakes. Thanks to Bakemaster’s superior construction and non-stick capabilities, creating flawless cakes is now simpler than ever.


      For outstanding baking results, Tala’s Performance Cake Tins combine functionality and durability. Tala offers cake tins that suit a variety of baking requirements. These include deep round, square, and springform pans. The deep sides of the springform are perfect for making tall, spectacular cakes, and the design makes it simple to release the cake. These cake tins from Tala are guaranteed to become kitchen essentials for all of your baking projects because of their dedication to quality.

How do I choose the right size cake tin pans?

Small (12–20 cm):

The Bakemaster Non-Stick Loose Base Round Deep Cake Pan (18 cm or 20 cm) and the Tala Performance Springform Cake Tin (12 cm) are good choices for small cake baking needs. These little pans are ideal for making small quantities of treats or individual cakes. Their sturdy construction and non-stick surfaces guarantee even baking and effortless release, which makes them perfect for making delicious desserts for special occasions or indulgence.

Medium (20–24 cm):

Options like the Anolon Ceramic Reinforced 23cm Square Cake Pan provide dependability and versatility in the medium size range. Standard-sized cakes can be baked in these pans for celebrations or family meals. You can easily make gorgeous baked treats thanks to their sturdy design and non-stick qualities, which ensure consistent baking results and easy cake release.

Large (25 cm and above):

Look into options like the Tala Performance Springform Cake Tin (25 cm) or the Bakemaster Non-Stick Springform Cake Pan with Glass Base (26 cm) for larger cakes appropriate for gatherings or parties. Large cake batters fit into these roomy pans, so you can bake show-stopping desserts for special occasions. These pans’ non-stick coatings and springform design ensure effortless baking and a gorgeous presentation, making them indispensable tools for producing memorable cakes that will impress your guests.

How do I choose the right cake tin pan?

Selecting the appropriate cake pan is essential to attaining flawless baking outcomes. These are some important things to think about. By taking these things into account, you can choose the ideal cake tin pan to suit your baking requirements and ensure that your cakes turn out delicious and gorgeous every time.

    • Size and Form: Choose the dimensions of the cake you want to make. Cake tin pans are available in a range of shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, and small individual portions, as well as large celebration cakes. Select a shape and size that work with your recipe and serving requirements.
    • Material: Take into account the cake tin pan’s material. Stainless steel, silicone, aluminium, and non-stick coatings are typical materials. Silicone pans are flexible and easy to remove baked goods from, while aluminium and stainless steel pans are strong and efficiently conduct heat. Although they make cake release and cleanup easier, non-stick coatings may eventually wear off.
    • Depth: Take note of the cake tin pan’s depth. While shallower pans work best for sheet cakes or lighter sponge cakes, deeper pans are appropriate for layered or deep-dish cakes. Select a depth that will work for both the style of cake you’re making and the presentation you want.
    • Base or Lid: Certain cake tin pans have a springform design or a detachable base that makes it simple to remove delicate cakes from the pan without destroying their shape. Think about whether you would rather have this feature for ease of removing the cake without breaking it out of the pan.
    • Heat Conductivity: To avoid uneven baking, make sure the cake tin pan distributes heat evenly. Cakes are consistently baked with a uniform texture and colour thanks to the superior heat conductivity of pans made of materials like steel or aluminium.
    • Cleaning and Upkeep: Choose a cake tin pan that is simple to maintain and clean. Traditional metal pans are typically more difficult to clean than silicone or non-stick coatings. If you prefer the ease of dishwasher cleaning, make sure the pan is dishwasher-safe.

Best Cake Tin Pans available in New Zealand with excellent offers – Shop Now!


These pans are coated with silicone or Teflon to keep cakes from sticking and to make cleanup simple. They are perfect for delicate cakes and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but they must be handled carefully to preserve the integrity of the coating over time.

Carbon Steel:

These pans are well-known for their strength and superior heat conductivity. They also produce crisp, evenly baked cakes. They don’t have a non-stick coating, but seasoning them well can bring out their inherent non-stick qualities; handwashing and seasoning may be necessary to keep them from rusting.


With non-reactive coatings that are safe for acidic batters, ceramic pans combine style and functionality. They can be served straight from the oven to the table because of their colourful designs and even heat distribution, which guarantee consistent baking. Despite being generally dishwasher-safe, handling must be done carefully to avoid chipping or cracking.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Cake Tins Pans

Cleaning and Care of the Cake Tin Pan

Maintaining the longevity and functionality of your cake tin pan requires regular cleaning and maintenance. To avoid warping or damage, let the pan cool fully after each use before cleaning. Use a gentle sponge or cloth and warm, soapy water to handwash the pan; do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as they may cause scratches on the surface. Before cleaning, soak the pan in warm water to get rid of any lingering residue. Use a gentle towel to ensure that everything dries completely to avoid rust or water stains. To keep the cake tin pan intact and prevent damage, store it in a cool, dry place. Your cake tin pan will continue to produce fantastic baking results for many years to come with routine cleaning and maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Ensure that the cake tins you choose can withstand the temperatures required for your baking recipes. Different materials have varying heat resistance, so check the product specifications to ensure they are suitable for the types of cakes you intend to bake.
Cake tins are commonly made from materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and non-stick coated materials. Each material has its advantages. Aluminum and stainless steel provide even heat distribution, while non-stick coatings make for easy cake release. Choose a material based on your baking preferences and maintenance considerations.
Consider the ease of cleaning when choosing cake tins. Non-stick coatings generally make cleaning easier, but it's important to follow the manufacturer's care instructions to preserve the coating. Some cake tins are dishwasher-safe, while others require handwashing.
Removable bottoms or springform features make it easier to release delicate cakes without damaging their structure. Consider this feature, especially if you plan to bake cheesecakes or other delicate desserts that require a gentle release.
The size of the cake tin depends on the type and size of cakes you plan to bake. Consider the recipes you frequently use and choose tins that match the specified dimensions. Common sizes include round tins for layer cakes, square tins for brownies, and loaf tins for bread.