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Whether you’re simmering stews, baking bread, or roasting meats, these cocottes offer even heat distribution and superior heat retention for delicious results every time.

Trusted brands for high-quality cocotte?


      Chasseur provides a selection of cocottes that are renowned for their superb craftsmanship and eye-catching hues. The Chasseur Mini Cocotte Set of 6 Red offers a charming way to serve a variety of dishes at gatherings or dinner parties, while the Chasseur Mini Cocotte 10cm diam. x 9cm/300ml Blue is ideal for individual servings of soups, casseroles, or desserts. Chasseur cocottes, which are made of sturdy cast iron, provide uniform heat distribution and retention, making them perfect for slow-cooking and perfectly braising your favorite recipes.


      Staub is well known for its high-end cocottes, which are made to blend fashion and utility. With its distinctive rooster design, the Staub French Rooster Cocotte (24 cm) elevates any kitchen. The Oval Cocotte collection comes in classic black sizes like 31 cm and 33 cm, which are ideal for baking hearty casseroles or roasting poultry. In hues like black, basil green, grenadine, and La Mer, the Round Cocotte collection comes in a range of sizes and colors, including 18 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm, and 28 cm options. The Staub Tomato Cocotte (25 cm) is a multipurpose cooking vessel for delectable tomato-based dishes, and it also brightens up your kitchen with a splash of color. Staub cocottes, with their long-lasting enamel coating and exceptional heat retention, are necessary to achieve culinary perfection.

How do I choose the right size of cocotte?

Choosing the right size cocotte depends on your cooking needs and the number of servings you typically prepare. By considering your typical portion size and the number of people you cook for, you can select the perfect size of cocotte to suit your needs.

      Small (10 cm to 18 cm)

      The Chasseur Mini Cocotte Set of 6 in Red and the Chasseur Mini Cocotte 10cm diam. x 9cm/300ml in Blue are ideal choices for those looking for small-sized cocottes. These little cocottes are perfect for serving on their own or for elegantly presenting appetizers and desserts. Furthermore, the Staub Round Cocotte, 18 cm, available in black and grenadine, increases cooking versatility for small-scale requirements while maintaining the well-known Staub quality in a small package.

      Medium: (20 cm to 26 cm)

      Options such as the Staub Tomato Cocotte (25 cm) and the Staub French Rooster Cocotte (24 cm) stand out in the medium size range. You can cook meals for small to medium-sized parties or families with these cocottes. Additionally, for individuals seeking a chic and adaptable addition to their kitchen cookware collection, the Staub Round Cocotte (24 cm) in Basil Green and Black presents a traditional choice.

      Large: (28 cm to 33 cm)

      For those needing larger cocottes to accommodate bigger batches or whole meals, the Staub Oval Cocotte (31 cm) and Staub Oval Cocotte (33 cm) in classic black provide ample space for roasting poultry or baking hearty casseroles. The Staub Round Cocotte (28 cm in Grenadine and La Mer) adds a touch of color and elegance to larger dishes, while the Staub Round Cocotte with Steamer (26 cm in Black) offers versatility for steaming vegetables or fish alongside your main dish.

How Do You Choose the Right Cocotte?

Choosing the right cocotte involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your cooking preferences and needs.

    • Size: Take into account how many servings you usually prepare and the amount of space you have in your kitchen when determining the size of cocotte you need.
    • Material: Stoneware, ceramic, or cast iron are common materials used to make cocottes.
    • Shape: Take into account the cocotte’s shape depending on the kinds of meals you usually prepare.
    • Features: Keep an eye out for extra features like handles, lids, and compatibility with various cooktop types (e.g., electric, gas, and induction).
    • Brand Reputation: Select a reputable brand that is well-known for manufacturing excellent-performing, long-lasting cocottes.

Choose material as per your needs and use.


      For those who appreciate both functionality and aesthetic appeal in their cookware, stoneware cocottes are a great option. Stoneware cocottes make a charming presentation for your dishes and are ideal for serving from the oven to the table. Stoneware cocottes guarantee uniform cooking and delicious results every time by dispersing heat evenly throughout your meal. Stoneware is a practical choice for regular use in the kitchen because it is dishwasher-safe and simple to clean.

      Cast Iron:

      Cast-iron cookware is a great choice if you value durability and excellent heat retention in your cookware. Cast iron’s remarkable heat retention makes it ideal for roasting, braising, and slow cooking. Cast iron cocottes are useful not only in ovens but also on stovetops, ovens, and grills, offering a variety of cooking methods. In addition, cast iron is well known for its resilience, being able to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures and heavy use. Additionally, the substance improves food flavors by giving meats and vegetables a distinctive flavor and caramelizing them to perfection.

Different shapes of cocotte are available.

      Pumpkin Cocotte:

      With its unique and endearing pumpkin shape, the Staub Pumpkin Cocotte is a delightful addition to any kitchen. This cocotte’s distinctive design brings a whimsical touch to your table while ensuring even cooking and superior heat retention.

      Tomato Cocotte:

      The Staub Tomato Cocotte, which gets its name from the iconic shape of a tomato, is a stylish and useful kitchen tool. It stands out from the other cookware in your collection thanks to its rounded silhouette and vivid color.

Cleaning and care of cocotte

It’s crucial to clean and take good care of your cocotte in order to preserve its longevity and functionality. Let the cocotte cool completely before cleaning it after every use. Use a gentle sponge or cloth and warm, soapy water to hand wash the cocotte; do not use scrubbers or cleaners with abrasives as they could scratch the surface. If there is a lot of residue, soak the cocotte in warm, soapy water to get rid of the debris, then scrub gently. Before storing, make sure the cocotte is thoroughly dried using a fresh towel or by letting it air dry. Steer clear of sudden temperature changes, such as submerging a hot cocotte in cold water, as this may lead to thermal shock and possible material damage.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Cocotte

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Cocottes - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

In French shoptalk, "cocotte" is a conversational term used to allude to a lady, especially one who is alluring or coy. The term can convey meanings of appeal, charm, or even temptation. Nonetheless, its use can shift contingent upon setting and tone, going from perky or friendly to slanderous or generalizing. While "cocotte" initially alluded to a little, canvassed goulash dish in culinary wording, its shoptalk importance has developed over the long haul to portray a lady with specific saw characteristics or qualities, frequently connected with gentility and engaging quality in a carefree or casual way.
Utilizing a cocotte, which is a little, covered goulash dish, is basic and flexible. To begin with, set up your fixings and spot them inside the cocotte, whether it's meat, vegetables, or grains. Add any ideal flavors, sauces, or fluids. Then, at that point, cover the cocotte with its top to trap dampness and flavor during cooking. You can cook the ingredients directly on the stovetop or in the oven, depending on the recipe. The cocotte's plan guarantees even intensity circulation and maintenance, bringing about delicate, delightful dishes. When the cooking system is finished, cautiously eliminate the cocotte from intensity and serve your tasty dinner straightforwardly from the dish.
In French, "mama cocotte" is a warm term used to allude to somebody close, like an accomplice or companion. It is like terms like "honey," "dear," or "darling" in English, conveying warmth, affection, and commonality. The expression "cocotte" initially alluded to a little, covered goulash dish, yet after some time, it has taken on a non-literal importance of charm. At the point when somebody alludes to someone else as "mama cocotte," they are communicating love and closeness in an energetic and enchanting way, frequently utilized between significant others or dear companions.
Individual servings of soups, stews, casseroles, and desserts are typically served in a small cocotte, also known as a mini cocotte. Its conservative size makes it ideal for serving single parcels straightforwardly from the stove to the table, adding a hint of style to show. Furthermore, little cocottes are great for baking or serving individual bits of heated eggs, pot pies, or gratins. Their capacity to hold heat guarantees that dishes stay warm for longer, making them appropriate for serving hot tidbits or side dishes at evening gatherings or get-togethers. Generally speaking, little cocottes offer flexibility and appeal for individual servings of different dishes.