Cooking Techniques with Scanpan Frypans: Searing, Sauteing, and More

Cooking delicious food at home is an art, and any artist needs the proper supplies. Fry pans are among the most useful and important tools in the kitchen. Specifically, Scanpan fry pans, with their outstanding quality and creative design, have become a favorite among home cooks and professional chefs alike. In-depth cooking methods including searing, sautéing, and more are covered in this article, which also shows how Scanpan fry pans can improve your cooking to new levels.

Understanding Scanpan Fry Pans

Prior to delving into cooking methods, let us examine what makes Scanpan fry pans unique. These pans, which are made in Denmark, are well-known for their strength, nonstick coating, and environmentally friendly production methods. Scanpan pans guarantee healthier cooking without sacrificing performance thanks to their unique non-stick coating, which is free of PFOA and PFOS. The heavy-duty base of these pans is made to distribute heat evenly, which makes them perfect for a range of cooking methods.

Searing Perfection with Scanpan

Meats, fish, and poultry can have their flavors preserved by searing them. The high heat keeps the inside juicy and tender while producing a richly flavored caramelized crust. Because they can tolerate high temperatures without warping or losing their non-stick qualities, fry pans are excellent for searing.

To perfectly sear a piece of meat:

  • For a few minutes, preheat your Scanpan fry pan on high until it’s hot.
  • After patting the meat dry, season it to your taste.
  • Before adding more meat, drizzle a little oil into the pan and make sure it’s not packed too full.
  • Fry the meat for a few minutes without moving it until a crust forms, then turn it over and cook the other side.

Mastering Sautéing

Food is sauteed quickly over a relatively high heat in a small amount of fat or oil. This method works well for seafood, vegetables, and thin slices of meat. It enhances the natural flavors of the ingredients and produces a texture that is tender but slightly crisp. Because of their uniform heat distribution, skillet fry pans are ideal for sautéing. Additionally, using less oil on the non-stick surface allows you to make healthier dishes.

For Sautéing:

  • Heat the pan over medium-high heat and add just enough oil to lightly coat the bottom.
  • Add your ingredients in a single layer, ensuring they’re not too crowded.
  • Stir or toss the ingredients frequently for even cooking and browning.

Exploring More Techniques

Deglazing for Delicious Sauces

Scanpan fry pans work great for deglazing to produce flavorful sauces after searing or sautéing. Use a wooden spoon to scrape up the browned bits from the bottom of the pan after adding a liquid (such as wine, broth, or vinegar). These flavor-filled bits will add depth to your sauce.

Low and Slow Cooking

Because of their uniform heat distribution, Scanpan fry pans are also ideal for low- and slow-heat cooking techniques like braising. Tougher cuts of meat can be tenderized with this method, which also adds moisture and flavor.

Tips for Maintaining Your Scanpan Fry Pan

  • Wash by hand with warm, soapy water to preserve the integrity of the non-stick surface.
  • Use wooden or silicone utensils to avoid scratching the surface.
  • Avoid overheating an empty pan, as it can damage the non-stick coating.


Scanpan fry pans, which combine traditional methods with contemporary innovation, are a monument to Danish craftsmanship. You can prepare meals of restaurant quality in your own kitchen by learning how to sear, sauté, and use these pans for other cooking methods. For any chef wishing to improve their dishes, Scanpan fry pans are an excellent investment due to their adaptability, robustness, and environmentally friendly design. Adding Scanpan fry pans to your repertoire, regardless of your level of experience in the kitchen, will allow you to explore an infinite array of flavors and culinary opportunities.

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