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Barware NZ: Whether you’re looking for coffee cups, egg cups, go cups, latte cups, tulip cups, cappuccino cups, demitasse cups, or Roman cups, we offer high-quality options that cater to your specific needs. View More..

From elegant designs to practical functionality, our range ensures you find the ideal cup to elevate your beverage experience. Explore our collection and indulge in the pleasure of savoring your favorite drinks in style and comfort.

Top-selling brands for high-quality cups?


A variety of high-quality cups from ACME are available to improve your coffee-drinking experience. The Acme Pack of 6 Cappuccino Cups Dolphin, which hold 190 ml each, is part of their collection and perfect for sipping elegantly while indulging in foamy cappuccinos. The Acme Pack of 6 Demitasse Cups Dolphin, which hold 70 ml each, are ideal for serving potent espresso shots to individuals who prefer smaller portions. For those who enjoy traditional coffee, the Acme Pack of 6 Diner Cups, which hold 70 ml each, offer a classic diner-style feel.  If you’re a fan of lattes, the 280-ml Dolphin and Milk Acme Pack of 6 Latte Cups provides plenty of room for rich milk mixtures. And lastly, the Acme Six-Tulip Cup Pack. Weka’s fashionable tulip shape and 170-ml capacity contribute to the flavour and aroma of your favourite brews. The functional design and high-quality craft skills of ACME cups make them a popular choice for coffee lovers who want to upgrade their morning routines.

Verities of Cups Available

Latte Cups: With ACME’s Latte Cups, you can sip on your favorite lattes in style. The 280-ml Dolphin and Milk Acme Pack of 6 Latte Cups provides the ideal balance of style and practicality. These cups are perfect for indulging in creamy latte blends at any time of day, whether you prefer the elegant Dolphin design or the traditional Milk variation.

Go Cups: Avanti Go Cups’ Double W Insulated Cups redefine ease of use. With their sturdy construction made of silicone, PP, and stainless steel, these 280-ml cups guarantee that your drinks stay hot or cold for longer. Your go-to option for on-the-go refreshments is the Avanti Go Cup Double Wall Insulated Cup, which combines functionality with contemporary style.

Tulip Cups: The Tulip Cups from ACME will elevate your coffee-drinking experience. Pick from the 170-ml-capacity Acme Pack of 6 Tulip Cups, which include Dolphin, Feijoa, and Penguin. The sophisticated tulip shape of these cups draws attention to the aroma and flavor of your coffee. Whether you choose the Dolphin, Feijoa, or Penguin design, ACME Tulip Cups’ fashionable and useful design enhances your enjoyment of coffee.

Cappuccino Cups: With ACME’s Cappuccino Cups, savor the rich flavors of cappuccino. Each 190-ml Acme Pack of 6 Cappuccino Cups is available in Feijoa, Milk, and Whale varieties. Whether you like the stylish whale pattern, the traditional milk variation, or the lively Feijoa design, these cups are made to improve your cappuccino experience. The ACME Cappuccino Cups are ideal for coffee enthusiasts because they blend style and functionality.

Demitasse Cups: The Demitasse Cups from ACME are ideal for savoring strong espresso shots. Each of the six demitasse cups in the Acme Pack of Six Rata and Weka holds 70 milliliters. For espresso lovers who value quality and style, these cups—whether they go with the Rata or Weka design—are a must-have because they are designed to deliver the robust flavor of espresso.

Diner Cups: Choose from two sizes of ACME’s diner cups to relive nostalgia. The Acme Pack of 6 Diner Cups evokes a vintage diner vibe with their choices of 165 ml and 70 ml capacities. Whether you choose a larger serving or a smaller espresso-sized cup, these cups are perfect for serving coffee in a classic manner. Reliving the charm of diners in your own home is made possible by ACME Diner Cups, which combine vintage charm with useful functionality.

Factors to consider when buying cups.

  • Material: Depending on durability and intended use, select from plastic, glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.
  • Size: Take into account the amount of storage space and beverage capacity required.
  • Design: Select a look that goes well with the decor in your kitchen and your personal taste in art.
  • Insulation: Depending on whether you need to keep drinks hot or cold, choose cups with one or two walls.
  • Handle: Look for ergonomic designs that guarantee a comfortable grip, particularly when handling hot drinks.
  • Durability: For extended use, assess the cup’s ability to withstand cracking, scratches, and stains.

    Upkeep: Take into account how simple it is to clean, if it fits in the dishwasher, and if it can be used in a microwave.

Available in the Best Material


The available cups are made of premium ceramic material, which guarantees both aesthetic appeal and longevity. Because ceramic is known for its capacity to hold heat, it is perfect for maintaining beverages’ desired temperature for extended periods of time. Ceramic cups also offer ease of maintenance due to their stain resistance and dishwasher safety. Their sophisticated finish and smooth surface improve the drinking experience, giving any table setting a refined touch and offering a comfortable grip. Cups made of ceramic material combine functionality and timeless style, making them appealing to discerning consumers seeking both quality and aesthetic value—whether they are used for special occasions or daily coffee consumption.

How do you clean and care for your cups?

I usually hand-wash my cups with warm water and a small amount of dish soap right away after using them to keep stains and smells from setting in. I use a mild scrub brush or a solution of baking soda and water to get rid of tough stains. I try not to use any abrasive cleaners that might cause surface scratches. I store them in a cabinet out of direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and thoroughly dry them with a soft cloth to prevent water spots in order to preserve their functionality and appearance. To ensure safe usage, I also periodically inspect them for wear indicators like chips or cracks and replace them as necessary. I occasionally use the dishwasher for dishwasher-safe cups, but I always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damage.

Cups - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Cups are produced using various materials, each offering various attributes. Ceramic or porcelain are popular choices for cups due to their classic appearance and heat retention. Glass cups give straightforwardness and are appropriate to different refreshments. Plastic cups are lightweight, sturdy, and frequently utilized for in a hurry purposes. Treated steel cups are known for their strength and temperature maintenance. In addition, there are specialized materials, such as double-walled insulated options, that aid in maintaining the temperature of hot or cold beverages. Aesthetics, intended use, and desired features like insulation or transparency all influence the material of the cup.
In order to reduce their environmental impact, sustainable cups are constructed using environmentally friendly materials and methods. Bamboo, which is renewable and biodegradable, and recycled materials like recycled glass or plastic are common sustainable cup materials. Additionally, sustainable practices benefit from cups made from bioplastics derived from plant-based sources. Reusable cups, like tempered steel or solid plastic, are additionally viewed as supportable other options, diminishing single-utilize squander. The creation cycles of reasonable cups frequently focus on energy effectiveness and eco-accommodating practices. Picking economical cups upholds natural protection by decreasing asset exhaustion, limiting contamination, and advancing a roundabout economy.
Reusable cups are produced using different materials picked for their sturdiness, wellbeing, and ecological effect. Normal materials incorporate hardened steel, esteemed for its solidness and temperature maintenance; glass, appreciated for its straightforwardness and recyclability; and long-lasting plastics that rarely contain harmful chemicals like BPA. The eco-friendly nature of some reusable cups can be attributed to the inclusion of bamboo or other plant-based materials. Moreover, there are protected choices with twofold walled plans, frequently utilizing a mix of treated steel and a layer of protecting material. Reusable cups are made of a variety of materials, giving consumers options based on their personal preferences, sustainability goals, and intended use.
For cups, stainless steel is frequently regarded as one of the safest materials. It is solid, non-responsive, and impervious to consumption, guaranteeing it doesn't confer undesirable flavors or synthetic compounds to refreshments. BPA and phthalates, which are common in some plastics, are not found in stainless steel cups. The material's latent nature settles on it a solid decision for contact with food and beverages. Furthermore, treated steel is not difficult to clean, lessening the gamble of bacterial development. While picking cups for security, settling on great, food-grade hardened steel guarantees a solid and effortless drinking experience.