Find Your Perfect Egg Cup: Best Picks in New Zealand

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Egg cups are essential for anyone who enjoys a classic breakfast of boiled eggs. Providing stability, presentation, and heat retention, egg cups offer a simple yet indispensable solution to keeping eggs secure and warm on the breakfast table.

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A selection of adorable egg cups from Avanti can liven up your breakfast table. The lovely Avanti Egg Cup in Arabesque Tile Teal will brighten your morning routine and set you up for success. The Avanti Egg Cup in Duck Egg Blue will make you grin because of its humorous character. Enjoy Easter with this charming Avanti Egg Cup, which has a family of bunnies on it. The Avanti Egg Cup in Vintage Farm Fresh Eggs design embodies country living if you like a more rustic style. The Avanti Egg Cup in basic white is a functional and elegant alternative that works well in any kitchen.

Wilkie Brothers:

A simple and elegant egg cup by Wilkie Brothers is sure to look good on any table. Measuring 5 x 6 cm, the Wilkie Brothers Egg Cup has an elegant, minimalistic appearance. This egg cup is ideal for eating your morning eggs in style because it is made with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, promising durability and style.


WMF presents the Egg Cup Mc Egg Pink, which will give your breakfast arrangement a splash of color. This colorful egg cup serves as a sturdy foundation for your eggs in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. The Egg Cup Mc Egg Pink, manufactured by WMF, a company renowned for producing high-quality cookware, seamlessly blends design and usefulness, making it an essential addition to your breakfast set.

Factors to consider before purchasing an egg cup

Before purchasing an egg cup, there are several factors to consider to ensure you find the right one for your needs:

  • Material: Egg cups can be made of plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, or ceramic. Take into account the material’s strength, ability to hold heat, and appearance.
  • Design: Select a design that goes well with the decor and personal taste of your kitchen. There are several choices to fit your preferences, whether you like traditional, contemporary, or quirky designs.
  • Size: Verify that the egg cup is the right size to safely hold the egg of your choice. While some egg cups are made to hold huge eggs, some might work well with smaller eggs.
  • Stability: To avoid toppling over and spilling the egg, look for an egg cup with a sturdy base. More stability may be achieved with a weighted design or a larger base.
  • Cleaning Ease: Take into account how simple it is to clean the egg cup. For ease of use, dishwasher-safe solutions might be better, while handwashing delicate materials or designs might be more necessary.
  • Versatility: To make them more utilitarian and adaptable for your morning routine, some egg cups come with extra features like built-in salt or spice storage.
  • Brand Reputation: Research the reputation of the brand or manufacturer to ensure quality craft skills and reliability.

Recipes you can make from an egg cup

Egg cups can be used to make tasty and adaptable meals in addition to being used for serving boiled eggs. To make individual baked eggs, crack one egg into each cup, cover with cooked meats, cheese, or veggies, and bake until the eggs are set to your desired consistency. Alternatively, beat eggs with milk and your preferred fillings to make small fritters or quiches using egg cups. Then, pour the mixture into oiled cups and bake until golden and fluffy. For a delightful treat, consider baking custard or bread pudding in the egg cups in single-serve servings for a hearty brunch or dessert. Egg cups may become a useful tool for making a range of delicious dishes that are ideal for any meal of the day, with a little imagination.

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Egg Cup - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

A dish normally alluded to as "Egg in a Cup" is known as "Shirred Eggs." Baking eggs in individual cups with additional ingredients like butter, cream, or herbs is a simple yet delicious method. The eggs can be spiced to your liking, and the end result is a delicious combination of firm whites and creamy yolks. Shirred Eggs provide a flexible platform for personalization, enabling a wide range of flavor profiles and accompaniments. This classic dish can be baked with cheese, vegetables, or other savory ingredients for a quick and filling way to eat eggs in a single serving size.
Egg cups are regularly produced using various materials, with the most well known being fired, porcelain, glass, and hardened steel. Fired and porcelain egg cups are exemplary decisions, offering an exquisite and customary stylish. Glass egg cups are a contemporary and transparent option that let the egg's beauty shine through. Hardened steel egg cups are known for their toughness and contemporary look. Some egg cups may likewise integrate different materials or have brightening components. Eventually, the decision of material relies upon individual inclination and the ideal style, going from immortal and refined to smooth and present day.
The volume of an egg cup can differ, yet a standard egg cup normally holds around 30 to 45 milliliters (ml) of fluid. This size is reasonable for obliging a bubbled or poached egg. It's vital to take note of that the specific limit might contrast in view of the particular plan and state of the egg cup. Some might hold somewhat pretty much fluid, however the referenced reach is a typical estimation for a standard-sized egg cup. While choosing or utilizing an egg cup, it's fitting to really take a look at the item determinations or measure the volume to guarantee it suits individual inclinations and culinary necessities.