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Brands: Avanti, Cuisena, OXO

Enhance your beverage experience with our exceptional collection of ice cube trays, exclusively available at The Living Styles NZ. Featuring renowned brands such as Avanti, Cuisena, and OXO, we offer you the tools to elevate your refreshment.

A Chilled Touch to Every Sip

Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing cocktail or a simple glass of water, our ice cube trays ensure your drinks stay perfectly chilled. From traditional trays to covered options, we cater to your cooling needs.

Quality Meets Convenience

At The Living Styles NZ, we prioritize quality and convenience. Our ice cube trays are designed for easy filling and effortless release, ensuring your ice cubes are ready to enhance your beverages without a hassle.

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Shop online and take advantage of our discounted prices. Elevate your drink presentation with Avanti, Cuisena, and OXO ice cube trays, available exclusively at The Living Styles NZ. From classic trays to covered and hang sell options, our collection ensures that your beverages are always cool and inviting. Shop now and let The Living Styles NZ redefine your refreshment experience!

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