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Ladles are versatile tools used for serving soups, stews, sauces, gravies, and other liquid-based dishes. Ladles come in various sizes and materials, such as stainless steel, nylon, or silicone, catering to different cooking needs. Their deep bowl design and long handles make it easy to scoop and serve food without spills.

Brands we trust


      Avanti provides a selection of ladles that are intended to simplify and improve cooking. While precisely serving soups and sauces, the Avanti Ladle in Orange spruces up your kitchen. Spitting, straining, and serving can all be done with the handy Avanti Nylon Multi-In-1 Ladle. Ideal for daily cooking tasks, the Avanti Ultra-Grip Nylon Spoon Ladle and Avanti Ultra-Grip Stainless Steel Soup Ladle have ergonomic handles for comfortable use.


      Chasseur’s Soup Ladle is an essential piece of equipment for any kitchen because it blends design and utility. This sturdy ladle is perfect for elegantly and effortlessly serving soups, stews, and sauces.


      The Oxo Goodgrips Stainless Steel Ladle is made with convenience and comfort in mind. Its sturdy, easily-cleanable stainless steel construction and ergonomic handle provide a firm grip. This ladle is capable of handling thick soups and creamy sauces alike.


      The 32-cm Classic Soup Ladle from Scanpan is a sturdy and adaptable choice for serving stews, soups, and other foods. This ladle is made of premium materials and is made to withstand regular use in the kitchen while offering accurate and effective serving.


      Staub’s Soup Ladle blends contemporary design with age-old craftsmanship. This ladle is made of sturdy materials and is ideal for precisely and stylishly serving soups, broths, and sauces.


      With its soup ladles, Wiltshire provides stainless steel and environmentally friendly options. Because it is constructed of sustainable materials, the Wiltshire Eco-Friendly Soup Ladle is ideal for kitchens that care about the environment. The Wiltshire Fusion Stainless Steel Soup Ladle is a flexible serving tool that blends style and durability to suit a variety of dishes.


      The Nuova Sauce Ladle and Nuova Soup Ladle from WMF are made with durability and precision fit for professionals. These fine stainless steel ladles are ideal for use in both home and professional kitchens, guaranteeing accurate and effective serving of soups, sauces, and other foods.

Ladles Available with different materials

      Ladles are versatile kitchen tools that come in a range of materials to meet your needs when cooking. Select the ingredient that will work best for your cooking methods and needs to simplify the process of serving soups, sauces, and other foods.

      Nylon Ladles:

      Made of non-stick cookware, nylon ladles are gentle, lightweight, and heat-resistant. They are simple to clean and perfect for use with delicate dishes.

      Silicone Ladles:

      Ideal for use with hot liquids and on non-stick surfaces, silicone ladles are flexible, non-stick, and heat-resistant. They are dishwasher-safe and have bright colors for simple upkeep.

      Stainless Steel:

      Ladles made of stainless steel are hygienic, long-lasting, and appropriate for both hot and cold food. Their resistance to rust and corrosion and dishwasher safety make them durable additions to your kitchen utensils.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Ladle?

Choosing the right kitchen ladle involves considering several factors to ensure it meets your cooking needs and preferences.

    • Material: Choose the material in accordance with your style of cooking. While silicone ladles are non-stick and heat-resistant, nylon ladles are soft on non-stick cookware, and stainless steel ladles are robust and appropriate for both hot and cold foods.
    • Size: Take into account the ladle’s dimensions in relation to the dishes you regularly cook. While a smaller ladle works well for sauces and gravies, a larger ladle is perfect for serving soups and stews.
    • Handle: Choose a ladle with a comfortable handle length for serving that will give you control and a firm grip.
    • Design: For effective liquid scooping and serving without spills, select a ladle with a wide, deep bowl. For added convenience, look for features like pouring spouts or drip-free edges.
    • Durability: If you intend to use the ladle for high-temperature cooking or serving hot dishes, make sure it is sturdy and resistant to heat, stains, and corrosion.
    • Cleaning: Take cleaning ease into account. Ladles that are safe for the dishwasher make maintenance easier.
    • Versatility: Look for ladles that can also be used for straining or serving a variety of foods if you prefer multipurpose kitchen tools.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Ladle

How to Clean and Maintain the Ladle?

Your kitchen ladle’s longevity and hygiene depend on regular cleaning and upkeep. Let the ladle cool down after each use, then give it a hand wash in warm, soapy water using a sponge or cloth that isn’t too rough. To loosen stubborn residue, soak the ladle in warm water and then gently scrub. To avoid water spots and rusting, give the ladle a thorough rinse to remove any soap residue and let it air dry. Keep it somewhere dry and well-ventilated, and inspect it from time to time for wear or damage. You can guarantee years of dependable use and clean, hygienic, and excellent condition from your kitchen ladle by following these simple steps on a regular basis.