Lunch Bags: Choose from a curated range of lunch bags in New Zealand, specially crafted for adults with an emphasis on versatility and style.

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Stay stylish and organized on-the-go with our premium lunch bags. Designed for both fashion and function, these bags keep your meals fresh and your look on point. Choose from a variety of trendy designs to suit your personal style.

Brands We Trust for Lunch Bags:


      Innovative freezable products from Packit are well-known for keeping food cool and fresh. For transporting meals while on the go, the Packit Freezable Lifestyle Backpack in Wobbly Stripe is a chic and useful option. With its colorful design, the Packit Hampton Bag in Polka Dot brings a playful element to your lunchtime. The PackIt Freezable Hampton in Wild Leopard blends style and functionality with its freezer feature, while the PackIt Classic Lunch Box in Black is a flexible option for regular use.


      A selection of insulated lunchboxes from Avanti are made to maintain the ideal temperature for your food. Elegant and robust, the Avanti Insulated Lunch Bag is perfect for lunches at work or school. The Avanti Yum Tum Double Decker Lunch Bag has two compartments for simple organization for people who need more space. The Avanti Yumyum Kids Insulated Lunch Bag is a good option for parents because it is useful for kids’ meals and has fun designs.

Factors to think about when selecting a lunch bag?

When selecting the ideal lunch bag, consider these key factors to ensure it meets your needs:

    • Size and Capacity: Determine the standard amount of food and beverages you bring to make sure the bag has adequate room. Think about whether you need sections to keep utensils or snacks organized.
    • Insulation Quality: Until mealtime, choose a lunch bag with good insulation to keep your food at the right temperature. For improved heat retention, look for materials like thermal lining or insulated foam.
    • Durability: To withstand regular use, choose a lunch bag composed of durable materials like canvas, nylon, or polyester. Strong zippers and reinforced seams increase durability.
    • Easy Cleaning: To keep hygiene and cleaning easier, look for a lunch bag with an interior lining that can be washed or cleaned.
    • Portability: For comfortable transportation, take into account the bag’s carrying options, such as handles, shoulder straps, or straps that resemble backpacks. Designs that are lightweight make traveling and commuting more convenient.
    • Style and Design: Make sure the lunch bag you choose expresses your tastes and sense of style. There are options to suit different tastes, whether you prefer colorful and playful or sleek and professional.
    • Additional Features: Consider any additional features, such as leak-proof sections, removable inserts for customization, or external pockets for holding utensils or water bottles.

Why am I mentioning insulated lunch bags?

Because it can keep food at a consistent temperature until it is consumed, an insulated lunch bag is the best option. This feature lets people enjoy delicious, fresh meals without worrying about food spoilage, which is especially helpful for those who commute, travel, or have long workdays. By inhibiting bacterial growth and preserving maximum freshness, the insulation contributes to the preservation of food safety. Furthermore, by reducing the need for single-use packaging, using an insulated lunch bag helps to preserve the environment. Overall, insulated lunch bags are a useful and well-liked choice for regular use due to their ease of use, food safety, and environmental friendliness.

Lunch Bag Types according to Your Comfort and Needs

      Insulated Lunch Bag:
      This assortment is especially well known in New Zealand, where people frequently look for ways of appreciating new and temperature-suitable feasts.

      Double Decker Lunch Bag:
      The two-layer lunch bag offers more space and multiple pockets so that users can separate different items. For those who lean toward coordinated dinner readiness and capacity, this plan works.

      Kids Insulated Lunch Bag:
      These kid-friendly insulated lunchboxes have vibrant patterns along with useful features. These packs are equipped with protection to maintain the temperature of children’s dinners and often include kid-friendly examples.

      Freezable Lunch Bag:
      Work is accompanied by freezer-safe lunch sacks in gel packs or freezer-safe compartments. This amazing feature allows customers to keep the entire pack cold, which is a fantastic way to keep temporary items fresh throughout the day.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Lunch Bags

How to maintain food temperature in a lunch bag

It is essential to use an insulated lunch bag made to keep food hot or cold in order to preserve food temperature. Depending on the kind of food you’re packing, either pre-chill or pre-heat the bag; for hot items, use insulated food jars or thermal containers. Maintaining temperature can be aided by packing tightly sealed containers and layering cold foods with ice packs; proper insulation is ensured by not over packing. As much as possible, keep the lunch bag closed to avoid temperature changes. Until it’s time to eat, these procedures guarantee that your food remains fresh, safe, and at the right temperature.

Why Choose us

Buying lunch bags from Living Styles improves your shopping experience in a number of ways. The Living Styles prioritizes quality, offering a carefully chosen range of lunch bags from reliable brands that guarantee longevity and practicality. You can select a lunch bag that best suits your needs thanks to the range of options available, regardless of whether you need a roomy lunch bag for outdoor adventures or a small one for everyday commutes.

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Lunch Bag - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

The amount of time that a lunch can stay in a lunch bag depends on a number of things, including the kind of food, the temperature outside, and whether or not the bag is insulated. As a general rule, short-lived things, for example, dairy or meat-based items, ought not be left in a lunch sack for over two hours at room temperature. In the event that the encompassing temperature is higher, as in hotter environments, the time span diminishes to 60 minutes. Use insulated lunch bags with ice packs to keep food fresher longer. Continuously comply with sanitation rules to forestall the gamble of bacterial development and foodborne diseases.
A decent lunch sack joins reasonableness, strength, and protection to guarantee ideal newness and comfort. Insulation to control temperature and keep food hot or cold as needed are important features. The sack ought to be not difficult to clean, with release safe materials to forestall spills. Sufficient size and compartmentalization upgrade association. Strength, found in strong zippers and built up creases, guarantees an enduring sidekick. Furthermore, a decent lunch pack frequently consolidates an ergonomic plan, making it simple to convey. Style and individual inclinations assume a part, permitting clients to communicate their taste while partaking in the viable advantages of a very much planned lunch pack.
Indeed, many lunch sacks are launderable, however it relies upon the particular materials and development. Most texture based lunch packs, including those produced using nylon, polyester, or material, are much of the time machine launderable. Nonetheless, it's vital for check the consideration directions given by the maker to guarantee legitimate cleaning. Some insulated lunch bags may have ice packs or inserts that can be removed and washed. Gentle washing and air-drying are recommended for longevity. Continuously adhere to the consideration rules to keep up with the quality and tidiness of the lunch sack for protected and agreeable use.