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Our Meat Cleavers are designed for easy cutting and chopping of meat. Their sharp blades and sturdy construction make butchering and slicing meat a breeze. View More..

Brands: Scanpan Meat Cleavers in New Zealand
Explore the world of precision cutting with meat cleavers from The Living Styles NZ in New Zealand. Our selection of meat cleavers combines affordability with exceptional quality, offering you discounted prices without compromising on performance.

Why choose our meat cleavers? Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, our cleavers are designed to meet your culinary needs. The Living Styles NZ understands the importance of precision in the kitchen, and our cleavers deliver just that, making them the ideal choice for those who value accuracy and value for money.

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Uses of Meat Cleavers
Meat cleavers are versatile kitchen tools with a wide range of applications:

Butchering: Perfect for breaking down large cuts of meat into smaller portions.
Chopping: Ideal for cutting through bones, cartilage, and tough vegetables.
Tenderizing: Helps flatten and tenderize meat for even cooking.
Precision Slicing: Allows for precise cuts and thin slices of meat.
Clever Crushing: Can be used to crush garlic or ginger effectively.

Meat Cleaver Material Varieties
Choose from a variety of materials for your meat cleavers:

Stainless Steel: Resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain, perfect for kitchen use.
Carbon Steel: Known for its sharpness and edge retention, ideal for professional chefs.
High Carbon Stainless Steel: Combines the benefits of carbon and stainless steel for durability and sharpness.
Wooden Handle: Provides a comfortable grip and adds a classic touch to your kitchen.
Plastic Handle: Lightweight and easy to clean, suitable for home cooks.