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For cakes to easily release from a cake pan without sticking and keep their texture and shape, a non-stick pan is necessary. These pans aid in uniform cake baking by distributing heat evenly, preventing burned or unevenly cooked areas.

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      With its wide selection of non-stick cake pans, Bakemaster guarantees easy baking. There is a pan for every recipe, ranging from the Deep Cake Pan series in different sizes to the Fluted Ring Cake Pan for textured bundt cakes. Their rectangular deep cake pan works well for sheet cakes, and for delicate creations, springform options offer versatility and effortless release. To meet a variety of baking needs, Bakemaster also provides a Round Deep Pie/Cake Pan and a Springform Non-Stick Cake Pan Twin Pack. Baking your favourite cakes is enjoyable from beginning to end when you use Bakemaster.

How do I choose the right non-stick cake pan?

Choosing the right non-stick cake pans involves considering several factors.

    • Size and Shape: Establish the dimensions of the cakes you usually bake. Make sure the pan’s measurements suit your recipes and your oven.
    • Material: Seek out pans with a dependable non-stick coating composed of sturdy materials. Popular options are steel or aluminium pans with a PTFE or ceramic non-stick coating.
    • Depth: Take into account the pan’s depth depending on the kind of cakes you bake. Deep pans work well for thick batter recipes and layered cakes.
    • Versatility: Look for pans that are versatile, like those with removable bottoms for delicate cakes or springform pans for simple release.
    • Heat Conductivity: For even baking, use pans with good heat conductivity. Heavy-gauge, thick-walled pans disperse heat uniformly, avoiding hot spots.
    • Ease of Cleaning: Make sure the pan is dishwasher-safe and easy to clean to save you time and effort cleaning up after baking.

How to measure size of Non-Stick Cake Pan?


      For compact baking requirements, Bakemaster provides a selection of small-sized non-stick cake pans. For creating intricately designed bundt cakes, the Non-Stick Fluted Ring Cake Pan (27 cm diameter x 18 cm) is perfect because it releases cake effortlessly and produces beautifully textured results. This size range makes it simple for bakers to create delicious cakes for small parties or get-togethers, all while maintaining professional-calibre results.


      Now let’s talk about medium-sized pans. Bakemaster offers adaptable options that work well with a wide range of recipes. With a generous 8 cm depth, the Non-Stick Loose Base Round Deep Cake Pans are available in three distinct diameters: 18 cm, 20 cm, and 23 cm. These pans are adaptable, allowing for a variety of cake forms and sizes, including layered cakes and dense, deep cakes. The medium-sized range from Bakemaster gives bakers everything they need to make mouthwatering cakes for birthdays, get-togethers, and other special occasions.


      Bakemaster provides sturdy nonstick cake pans that are made to easily handle large recipes for larger baking tasks. For larger gatherings or events, the Non-Stick Rectangular Deep Cake Pan (35 cm x 24 cm x 5 cm) offers plenty of room for baking sheet cakes, slab cakes, or layered desserts. For larger cakes that need to be released easily, the Springform Cake Pan with Glass Base (26 cm diameter x 7 cm) provides a handy option. Bakers can confidently take on large baking projects and wow guests with their culinary creations with Bakemaster’s selection of large-sized pans.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Non Stick Cake Pan

Cleaning and Care of Non-Stick Cake Pan.

Use gentle cleaning methods to keep your non-stick cake pan in excellent condition. Wash it by hand in warm water with mild soap and avoid using abrasive cleaners or metal utensils that could scratch the surface. Before cleaning, let the pan cool. For tough stains, use mild scrubbers and, if needed, soak the pan. To prevent damage or corrosion, keep the pan out of direct sunlight and store it somewhere cool and dry. Check the non-stick coating frequently for wear indicators, and if damage is found, think about replacing the pan. By following these instructions, you can preserve your cake pan’s non-stick qualities and guarantee easy cleanup and baking for many years to come.