The Best Non-Stick Cookware in New Zealand

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Recommended Brands for Non-Stick Cookware


      Anolon cookware is well known for its outstanding non-stick performance and remarkable durability, which make cooking and cleanup incredibly simple. Products like the Non-Stick Covered Casserole, which comes in 26 and 30 centimeter sizes and is perfect for both regular meals and special occasions, are part of the Anolon Endurance+ line. The Anolon Endurance+ also provides specialized products like the Non-Stick Covered Risotto Pan, Sauteuse, and Saute Pan for more specialized culinary tasks, in addition to a comprehensive 6-piece cookware set that covers all necessary cooking needs. A bonus lid is included with their French skillet, adding to its usefulness and attractiveness.


      Innovative non-stick technology and sturdy construction are combined in Circulon Cookware to create products that are long-lasting and easy to use. A 10-piece cookware set from the Circulon SteelShieldTM series combines the superior non-stick qualities of stainless steel with its long-lasting nature. A 6-piece cookware set and a versatile 28-cm grill pan are included in their Total line to cover all your cooking needs. In addition, Circulon has pieces like the 25-cm skillet and a 26-cm stockpot that work well for regular cooking, in addition to the 30-cm covered sauteuse that is meant for bigger cooking tasks.


      Cuisinart is a reputable brand in kitchenware, offering a selection of non-stick cookware that blends practicality and usability. A foundation for any kitchen, the 6-piece non-stick cookware set can be augmented with individual items such as the versatile 26-cm chef pan and the 30- and 28-cm non-stick frypans. For even cooking and easy cleanup after baking food, their Roasting Pan with Rack is ideal. Cuisinart’s commitment to excellence guarantees that every product provides dependability for a range of cooking methods.


      Flonal is an Italian company that specializes in producing non-stick cookware with creative designs and useful features. The brand provides sets, like the Non-Stick Frypan Set of 2 and a 3-Frypan Set, to easily and effectively meet a variety of cooking needs. The 32cm and 28cm frying pans in their Petra Viva line are ideal for large gatherings or entertaining, and the Dura Induction Frypan is made especially to function well on induction cooktops, offering durability and versatility in contemporary kitchens.

      Jamie Oliver:

      The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver helped design the cookware, which focuses on performance, ease of use, and durability. Complete for a variety of cooking tasks, the Cook’s Classics Induction The Non-stick Hard Anodized 5-piece Cookware Set is enhanced by pieces like the Stewpot, Wok, Saute Pan, Saucepan, and Frypan, all of which are made to function well on induction cooktops. Each piece strikes a balance between robustness and culinary performance with its non-stick interior and hard-anodized exterior.


      Scanpan is a household name for fine Danish cookware, renowned for its well-made, environmentally friendly non-stick products. A 32-cm frypan and a 26-cm Dutch oven are two items in the PRO IQ line that are made for high-performance cooking and simple cleanup. With the addition of a Stew Pot, Wok, Saucepan, and Chef Pan to the collection, the Classic line offers even more cooking options thanks to Scanpan’s renowned non-stick coating, which promotes healthier cooking without using a lot of oil. These products demonstrate Scanpan’s dedication to quality and innovation by ensuring ideal cooking outcomes and being long-lasting.

All types of non-stick cookware are available.

We have stock available for the below types of non-stick cookware of the of the best quality and material.

    • Non-Stick FryPan: An indispensable tool for daily cooking, non-stick frypans require very little oil when frying, sautéing, or searing. Their silky coating guarantees that food releases effortlessly, simplifying the cooking and cleanup processes.
    • Non-Stick Wok: Perfect for stir-frying, non-stick woks are made for quick, high-heat cooking. Their non-stick surface keeps food from sticking even when using less oil, and their curved sides make it simple to toss ingredients.
    • Non-stick Chef Pan: These multipurpose, deep chef pans work well with a range of cooking techniques, such as steaming, frying, and simmering. Their nonstick coating lessens the need for excessive fats during cooking, making it healthier.
    • Non-stick Sautepan: Sauté pans are ideal for searing, sautéing, and preparing sauces because they have deeper sides than frypans. Its nonstick surface makes it simple to cook delicate foods like eggs and fish.
    • Non-stick Saucepan: Often used for boiling water, cooking grains, and creating sauces, non-stick saucepans are a kitchen essential. Their nonstick coating makes stirring and cleanup easier, especially when using recipes that are sticky or creamy.

Factors to consider before buying non-stick cookware

Evaluating these factors will help you make an informed decision and choose non-stick cookware that meets your specific cooking needs and preferences.

    • Coating Material: Non-stick coatings come in a wide range of materials, including ceramic, more recent, eco-friendly alternatives, and the more conventional Teflon (PTFE). Regarding resilience to high temperatures, heat resistance, and durability, each variety differs from the others.
    • Base Material: The cookware’s overall durability and heat conductivity are greatly influenced by the material that sits beneath the non-stick coating. Copper, stainless steel, and aluminum are common materials, and they all have unique heating qualities.
    • Weight and Thickness: The cookware’s stability and heat distribution are affected by its thickness. Over time, heavier pieces are less likely to warp and have a tendency to distribute heat more evenly.
    • Compatibility with Heat Sources: Verify whether the cookware is appropriate for the type of stove you have, such as an electric, gas, or induction burner. For example, cookware with a magnetic base is required for use with induction cooktops.
    • Oven Safety: Think about whether you need oven-safe cookware, and if so, find out what temperature the cookware can withstand. This is especially crucial for recipes that need to be baked or finished in an oven.
    • Quality of Handle and Lid: The handle should be easy to grip, maintain its coolness while cooking, and be fastened firmly. Glass lids are common because they let you see inside without having to lift the lid; lids should fit snugly.
    • Cleaning Ease: Hand washing is advised by some manufacturers to prolong the life of the coating, even though the majority of non-stick cookware is dishwasher-safe. Make sure you’re willing to give it the maintenance it needs by reading the care instructions.

Cleaning and maintaining

To keep non-stick cookware effective and long-lasting, proper cleaning and upkeep are necessary. To avoid warping, always let the cookware cool completely before cleaning. The non-stick surface should not be scratched; instead, use gentle sponges or cloths and mild detergents. Soaking the pan in warm, soapy water prior to washing can be beneficial for more stubborn stains. Use silicone or wooden utensils instead of metal ones, as they won’t harm the coating. Dishwashers should be avoided because the high heat and abrasive chemicals can eventually erode the non-stick coating. Instead, hand washing is advised. Your non-stick cookware can offer years of convenient cooking if you take good care of it.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Non Stick Cookware

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Non-Stick Cookware - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

To keep up with non-stick dish, try not to utilize metal utensils that can scratch the covering. All things considered, choose silicone, nylon, or wooden utensils. Hand wash the skillet with a delicate wipe and gentle dish cleanser, keeping away from rough cleaners and scrubbers. Try not to cook splash, as it can develop and lessen the viability of the non-stick covering. Continuously utilize low to medium intensity to keep the covering from overheating and corrupting. Store the container cautiously, either stacked with defensive layers or hung to forestall scratches. With legitimate consideration, non-stick skillet can keep up with their viability and solidness for quite a while.
The life span of a nonstick dish relies upon different factors like its quality, use, and support. By and large, a very really liked nonstick container can keep going for a long time. In any case, indications of mileage, like chipping or stripping of the nonstick covering, demonstrate it's the ideal opportunity for substitution. Routinely investigate the prospect harms, and assuming that it shows huge wear or the covering begins to crumble, it's ideal to supplant it to forestall potential wellbeing risks and guarantee ideal cooking execution.
Non-stick dish are covered with a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), regularly known as Teflon, which gives the non-stick properties. During the assembling system, perfluorooctanoic corrosive (PFOA), a synthetic compound used to bond the PTFE to the dish surface, was recently used. Be that as it may, because of wellbeing and ecological worries, most producers have gradually eliminated the utilization of PFOA. These days, non-stick skillet might contain follow measures of PFOA, yet they are fundamentally made out of PTFE. It's vital for use non-stick dish appropriately and try not to overheat them to forestall the arrival of possibly destructive exhaust.
Non-stick container are commonly made of aluminum because of its amazing intensity conduction properties and lightweight nature. Aluminum considers even dissemination of intensity, guaranteeing that food prepares uniformly. Also, it's generally reasonable contrasted with different metals utilized in cookware producing. Now and then, non-stick container might have a hardened steel or ceramic base for added toughness and similarity with different burners. Notwithstanding, the non-stick covering itself is frequently made of materials like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or artistic, which give the smooth surface that keeps food from staying during cooking.