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Ramekins NZ: Discover a range of ramekins in New Zealand, offering various sizes and attractive styles to improve your cooking and baking experience. From classic designs to modern options, find the perfect ramekin to suit your kitchen needs and enhance your culinary creations. View More..

Ramekins are little baking dishes you use to cook and serve individual servings of food like souffles and pot pies. You can find lovely stoneware ramekins sold either one by one or in sets of 4 to 6 cups, perfect for when you’re hosting bigger gatherings or dinners with family and friends.

Recognizable brands we trust.

      Mason Cash:

      Mason Cash is renowned for its quality kitchenware, including their Classic Ramekins Set of 4 (9x9x5cm) and the elegant Heritage Ramekin, both ideal for serving delightful desserts and individual portions with style and durability.


      Chasseur offers a range of vibrant and practical ramekins, such as the Macaron Collection 4-Piece Set and the Macaron Vivid 6-Piece Set, perfect for adding a pop of color to your table. Their Ramekin Sets of 6 in Blue and Red, along with the 9.5cm diam. x 5.6cm/250ml 2 Piece Set, provide versatile options for serving a variety of dishes.

      Emile Henry:

      Emile Henry’s Burgundy Ramekins in 250ml size, available as a single unit or in a set of 2, bring a touch of elegance to your dessert presentations. The Charcoal Ramekin Set of 2 offers a stylish and durable option for baking and serving delicious treats.

      Wilkie Brothers:

      Wilkie Brothers presents a range of ramekins in different sizes, including 10cm, 12cm, 7.5cm, and 8.5cm, providing options for various portion sizes and culinary needs. Their Straight Ramekins in 10cm, 12cm, and 8.5cm sizes offer a sleek and practical choice for serving individual portions of desserts and appetizers.

Different Sizes of Ramekins Available

Each size of ramekin offers unique benefits depending on the portion size and type of dish being prepared, providing versatility and flexibility in presentation and serving.

Small Size (7.5cm – 8.5cm):

Small-sized ramekins, usually 7.5 cm to 8.5 cm, work well for portioning out appetizers, dips, and tiny desserts. These are ideal for serving individual amounts of creme brulee, small quiches, custards, and souffles. They can be used for both professional and home cooking because of their small size, which is useful for portion control and presentation.
Available Ramekins in Small Size:-
Chasseur Ramekin 9.5cm diam. x 5.6cm/250ml 2 Piece Set
Wilkie Brothers Ramekin, 7.5cm
Wilkie Brothers Straight Ramekin, 8.5cm

Medium Size (9.5cm):

Medium-sized ramekins, measuring around 9.5 cm, are adaptable and suitable for a wide range of recipes. They work well for presenting bite-sized servings of baked goods such as fruit crisps, puddings, and cobblers. They also work nicely for savory foods like baked eggs, pot pies, and individual casserole servings. The medium size maintains a sleek and compact appearance while providing sufficient capacity for large servings.
9.5 Size Ramekins Available:
Chasseur Ramekin 9.5cm diam. x 5.6cm/250ml 2 Piece Set Apple

Large Size (10cm – 12cm):

For generous single portions of main courses and desserts, large ramekins (10–12 cm) are ideal. They work great for making individual shepherd’s pies, moussakas, and lasagnas. Deep-dish sweets such as stacked desserts, individual-sized pies, and bread pudding can also be made in the bigger size. They are perfect for special occasions and entertaining guests because of their huge capacity, which enables imaginative and substantial single servings.
Buy 10cm or More Ramekins:
Wilkie Brothers Ramekin, 10cm
Wilkie Brothers Straight Ramekin, 12cm

How to select the ideal ramekin material for your need?

Each material offers unique characteristics and benefits, allowing you to choose ramekins that best suit your cooking and serving needs while adding aesthetic appeal to your table settings.

Clay that has been fired at high temperatures is used to make stoneware ramekins, which is a robust and long-lasting material. Because stoneware ramekins distribute heat evenly, they’re perfect for baking and serving hot foods like crumbles, custards, and souffles. Moreover, they are dishwasher and microwave safe, making them convenient for regular use.

Unlike stoneware, ceramic ramekins are made from clay and other natural materials and burned at a lower temperature. Because they are strong and lightweight, ceramic ramekins are perfect for serving and baking individual servings of dips, desserts, and appetizers. Since they are usually safe for the dishwasher and microwave, they are also simple to maintain and clean.

New Bone Porcelain:
The exquisite and elegant material used to make New Bone Porcelain ramekins is a combination of porcelain clay and bone ash. Their look is smooth and delicate, frequently possessing a glossy finish and a translucent quality. Because of their robustness, resilience to chips, and capacity to tolerate high temperatures, New Bone Porcelain ramekins are the perfect choice for baking and presenting delicate desserts like creme brulee, panna cotta, and custards.

Dishes you can cook in a ramekin

Ramekins are multipurpose kitchenware that may be used to bake a variety of foods, such as individual pies, casseroles, custards, and souffles. They are also perfect for making desserts like the mousses and puddings, as well as breakfast foods like baked eggs. Ramekins are also ideal for presenting individual-sized cakes or cobblers, dips, and snacks.

Other cookware and kitchen gadgets to consider when buying ramekins.

The Living Styles offers a wide selection of ramekins in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit every need and preference. With convenient online shopping, reliable customer service, and competitive prices, The Living Styles is the ideal choice for buying ramekins in New Zealand.

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Ramekin - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

A standard size ramekin ordinarily has a width going from 3 to 4 inches, with a level of around 1.5 to 2 inches. These aspects might differ marginally relying upon the maker, yet the referenced size range is generally acknowledged. Ramekin is flexible kitchen adornments utilized for baking individual servings of sweet or flavorful dishes. They are great for planning and serving different pastries, soufflés, custards, and side dishes. The conservative size of a standard ramekin considers productive piece control and show, settling on them a famous decision in both expert kitchens and home cooking conditions.
A ramekin fills a multifunctional need in the kitchen, basically going about as a flexible and individual-sized baking or serving dish. These little clay or glass compartments are intended for cooking and introducing single servings of different dishes. Ramekin is generally utilized for getting ready and serving pastries like crème brûlée, soufflés, or individual bits of liquid chocolate cake. They are also suitable for portioned sides like dips and sauces and savory dishes like baked eggs and gratins. The minimized size of a ramekin works with cooking and considers inventive and rich show, making them a fundamental and viable kitchen embellishment.
Ramekins are normally produced using different materials, with artistic and glass being the most well-known. Ceramic ramekin is suitable for baking because they are oven-safe and distribute heat evenly. They likewise come in various completions, for example, coated or unglazed. Glass ramekin s straightforward, considering simple checking of the cooking system and rich show. The two materials are solid and intensity safe. A few ramekin is created from porcelain or stoneware, offering comparable advantages. The decision of material relies upon individual inclinations and the planned use, guaranteeing that ramekin take care of many culinary requirements in both expert and home kitchens.