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With durable construction and ergonomic designs, our selection ensures durability and comfort during use. Whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook, find the perfect sauteuse pan to enhance your culinary creations.

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      A variety of covered sauteuse pans from Essteele are available to meet different cooking requirements. Searing, sautéing, and simmering are made easy with the Essteele 24cm, 26cm/3.7l, 28cm/5.2l, and 30cm/5.5l Covered Sauteuse pans, which are made with durability and functionality in mind. Furthermore, the Essteele Per Salute line offers choices such as the 28cm/4L and 32cm/5.7L Covered Sauteuse pans, which are renowned for their robust design and ergonomic build. The superb heat distribution and retention provided by the Essteele Per Sempre 30cm/6.7L Sauteuse guarantees consistently excellent cooking outcomes for those in search of superior quality.


      Anolon offers a range of flexible-covered sauteuse pans to suit a variety of culinary styles. For hassle-free cooking and cleaning, the Anolon Endurance+ Non-Stick Covered Sauteuse 28cm/4.7L and Anolon Endurance+ Open French Skillet Baking Tray and Covered Sauteuse 28cm/4.7L have sturdy non-stick surfaces. The Anolon X 24cm/3.3L Covered Saute combines style and functionality for daily cooking needs, while the Anolon Stainless Steel Covered Sauteuse 30cm/3.8L offers durability and performance for those who prefer stainless steel.


      Circulon offers a range of covered sauteuse pans that are engineered to provide exceptional cooking results. With its nonstick surface and sturdy stainless steel construction, the Circulon SteelShieldTM Nonstick Stainless Steel C-Series 30cm Covered Sauteuse is perfect for even heat distribution and simple food release. Offering convenience and adaptability, the Circulon Total 28cm/4.7L Covered Sauteuse is a dependable option for a range of culinary tasks.

How Do You Choose the Right Sauteuse?

Choosing the right sauteuse pan depends on several factors that cater to your cooking preferences and needs.

    • Size: Take into account the sauteuse’s dimensions in relation to the amount of food you usually prepare and the space you have in your kitchen. Larger pans hold larger batches of food, while smaller pans are ideal for single servings or small families.
    • Material: Sauteuse pans are made of copper, non-stick, and stainless steel, among other materials. While non-stick cookware is convenient for effortless cleanup, stainless steel cookware is robust and adaptable. Although they offer superior heat conductivity, copper pans may need more upkeep.
    • Heat Conductivity: To guarantee even cooking and avoid hot spots, look for a sauteuse pan with good heat conductivity. Pans made of stainless steel with copper or aluminum cores cook food consistently by distributing heat very well.
    • Lid: Ask yourself if you would rather use a sauteuse pan with a lid. When simmering or braising food, a lid can help retain moisture and heat, making cooking more effective.
    • Comfortable Handle: Make sure the sauté pan’s handle is safe, snug, and cool to the touch while cooking. Heat-resistant materials used in ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip while averting mishaps.
    • Versatility: Select a sauté pan that allows for a variety of cooking methods. When looking for features, look for things like oven safety, cooktop compatibility, and a smooth stovetop-to-oven transition.

What are the various materials available for Sauteuse?

Sauteuse pans are available in various materials, each offering distinct advantages.

      Stainless Steel:

      Because they are strong, adaptable, and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel sauteuse pans are a favorite among professionals and home chefs alike. They offer uniform heat distribution, which makes it possible to precisely control cooking and brown food. Moreover, dishwasher safety and compatibility with induction cooktops make cleaning stainless steel cookware a breeze.


      Because aluminum sauteuse pans are lightweight and superior heat conductors, cooking can be done quickly and evenly. They’re perfect for searing and sautéing because they heat up quickly and react quickly to changes in temperature. Nevertheless, aluminum cookware is prone to warping over time and can react with acidic substances.


      With a coating that keeps food from sticking to the pan’s surface, non-stick sauteuse pans are easy to clean and perfect for using little oil to cook delicate foods like fish and eggs. They also produce healthier meals because they use less oil when cooking. But over time, non-stick coatings can fade and need to be carefully maintained to extend their useful life.

How do I choose the right size sautéuse?

Choosing the right sauce according to your use and needs.

      Small: (1.5 to 3.5 liters)

      The Essteele 24cm Covered Sauteuse and the Anolon X 24cm/3.3L Covered Sauté are useful choices for people in need of a sauteuse with a smaller capacity. These little pans are ideal for portion control or single servings of meats, seafood, or vegetables that have been sautéed. They are perfect for daily cooking tasks because of their remarkable performance and versatility in the kitchen, even though they are smaller in size.

      Medium: (3.5 to 6 liters)

      The Essteele Per Salute 28cm/4L Covered Sauteuse, the Anolon Endurance+ Non-Stick Covered Sauteuse 28cm/4.7L, and the Circulon Total 28cm/4.7L Covered Sauteuse are among the options available in the medium-capacity sauteuse range. These pans easily accommodate meals of moderate size because they strike a balance between efficiency and versatility. Searing meats or sautéing veggies, these sauteuse pans offer plenty of cooking space and uniform heat distribution for the best results.

      Large (6 liters or more)

      The large-capacity sauteuse options offer plenty of space and versatility for those who cook larger meals or host guests. The Essteele Per Sempre 30cm/6.7L Sauteuse is ideal for dinner parties or family get-togethers because it can manage large amounts of food. These pans are perfect for accurately and easily preparing larger quantities of food.

Cleaning and Care of Sauteuse

After using, let the sauce cool completely before cleaning it. Next, give it a hand wash with warm, sudsy water and a gentle cloth or sponge. If the residue is particularly tough, soak the sauteuse in warm, soapy water and then give it a gentle scrub. Steer clear of abrasive scrubbers or cleaners that can harm the surface. After cleaning, pat the sauteuse dry completely with a towel or let it air dry completely before storing. Your sauteuse will last a long time in perfect condition and be ready for many more delectable meals with regular care and maintenance.

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Sauteuse - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

The contrast among "sauteuse" and "sauté" lies in their utilization and setting inside the culinary world. "Sauté" is a preparing procedure where food is immediately cooked in a modest quantity of oil or fat over high intensity, commonly in a sauté dish or skillet. It includes throwing or mixing the fixings to guarantee in any event, cooking. Then again, a "sauteuse" alludes to a particular sort of skillet utilized for sautéing. It is portrayed by its wide, shallow shape, which gives more than adequate surface region to dissipation and searing, making it ideal for sautéing vegetables, meats, and different fixings.
Whether you really want a sauteuse relies upon your cooking inclinations, propensities, and the kinds of dishes you much of the time plan. A sauteuse offers specific benefits, for example, its wide, shallow shape that considers simple dissipation and carmelizing, making it ideal for sautéing various fixings. A sauteuse may not be necessary if you already have a versatile skillet or sauté pan in your kitchen. Consider factors like your accessible extra room, spending plan, and how frequently you would utilize a sauteuse for explicit recipes prior to choosing if it's an essential expansion to your cookware assortment.
A variety of dishes can be cooked in a sauteuse pan, which is versatile. Its wide, shallow shape makes it ideal for sautéing vegetables, meats, and fish, taking into account in any event, cooking and carmelizing. You can likewise involve it for shallow searing, like broiling eggs or hotcakes, because of its adequate surface region. Also, the sauteuse dish can be utilized for braising meats, stewing sauces, or lessening fluids because of its wide cooking surface and high sides. Its flexibility makes it an important device in the kitchen for setting up various recipes effortlessly and accuracy.[/accordion-item