Savory Pulled Lamb Burgers Rich Gravy

At your next event, these pulled lamb burgers are guaranteed to be a success! In this recipe, we’ll demonstrate how to take a basic baking dish and turn it into an amazing roast lamb burger. Because they are simple to prepare ahead of time and serve a large number of people, these burgers are perfect for gatherings.

Savory Pulled Lamb Burgers with Rich Gravy

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The Dish from Le Creuset

For this recipe, we used the Le Creuset Stoneware Heritage Deep Square Dish.

It would seem that a great roast requires a great roasting pan, yet pulled lamb doesn’t require a great roasting pans at all. We experimented with a variety of cuts of lamb while creating this recipe, and it was the ideal size for a roast. It is also ideal for adding extra vegetables and fluids because it is deeper than the typical square baking tin.

The dish’s grooved handles make it simple to move inside and outside of the oven.

Cleaning it was also rather simple. Expect a fair amount of spatter everywhere, just as with any roast. But this dish was spotless again after giving it a quick soak in hot water and a mild cleaning with a sponge and soap.

Although we baked in the dish, it would also look great as serving utensil. Serve the pulled lamb with gravy beside this meal if you’d rather your guests to put together their own burgers.

Ideal Lamb Cutting for Pulled Lamb Burgers

A boneless lamb shoulder is the ideal cut because it stays juicy and lies flat.

Any other lamb chop will serve just fine. The driest choice would be a leg roast, but since the meat in this dish would eventually be combined with gravy, dryness shouldn’t be a major problem.

Roasting the Lamb


Method of Cooking

Preparing the Gravy

To prepare the gravy:

  1. Pour the roast lamb’s juices through a strainer into a pot. Turn down the heat to medium.
  2. Slice off a portion of the fat. It’s okay to keep some of the fat because it provides a lot of flavor, so don’t worry about trying to get rid of it entirely.
  3. Season to taste and stir in the veggie stock powder.
  4. Using cornstarch and water, thin the gravy to the desired consistency.

Preparing the Gravy and Pulled Lamb

  1. When the lamb is cold enough to handle, shred it. Transfer the lamb to a large pot and cover with enough gravy to form a thick clump. The burger buns will get too soft if you add too much gravy.
  2. To keep the saucepan hot before serving, place it on the burner over low heat.

How to Serve

These burgers were delicious served with gherkins and brioche buns. In addition to adding more crunch, we toasted the brioche buns to make them more resilient to the gravy. Because they are exactly the right size to give your guests a hearty taste without being unduly stuffed, brioche buns are a terrific alternative for entertaining. The pickles offer a nice crunch and balance out the salinity and fat content of the lamb, so they work well together.

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