Scanpan: Premier Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Cookware Choice

For more than half a century, Scanpan has been committed to producing long-lasting, ecologically friendly cookware inspired by Danish design. Every cookware item is painstakingly hand-cast from recycled aluminum utilizing cutting-edge, patented methods. Scanpan has established a notable position in the cookware industry, widely recognized for its dedication to environmentally sustainable methods and the remarkable non-stick characteristic that characterizes its brand.

One of the main reasons we love scanpan cookware is the way their Stratanium non-stick coating has evolved. Scanpan has created a coating that is long-lasting, useful, and has frying capabilities that are different from standard non-stick surfaces.

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Why is Scanpan Non-Stick Stratanium Non-Toxic and Safer?

The PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), a hazardous substance that was once widely employed in non-stick cookware, is absent from Scanpan’s Stratanium coatings. In addition to being suitable for use with metal utensils, the Stratanium coating can tolerate temperatures of up to 260°C, guaranteeing longevity and preventing the release of dangerous compounds into food—a risk associated with lower-quality pans.

Stratanium’s Distinctive Layer:

  • The strength of the non-stick coating is increased by layering it with several layers of hard particles, both large and small, that interlock with thermally sprayed layers.
  • stacked to enhance total thickness, toughness, durability, abrasion resistance, and longevity are all increased by 30%.
  • delivers exceptional kitchen performance and cooking outcomes.

Scanpan enhances its already excellent non-stick coating with the introduction of the Stratanium+ coating, a technologically ground-breaking innovation. Stratanium+ surpasses expert chefs’ expectations by combining exceptional frying qualities with unmatched releasability. Because of the micro-holes created by the rough surface, frying factors are improved and a griddle-like effect is produced.

Expert cooks praise the Stratanium+ coating for revolutionizing non-stick cookware Compared to conventional non-stick pans, it guarantees superior frying, highlighting crispiness and exceptional browning and bringing forth distinct flavors.

A limited number of aluminum TechnIQ series and mirror-polished steel HaptIQ series models include the Stratanium+ coating. The TechnIQ series features a smooth, polished surface for a unique and fashionable appearance in the kitchen, while the HaptIQ series redefines geometry with an edged design. Both of the Stratanium+-coated series satisfy the demands of food enthusiasts, home cooks, and professional chefs. All cooktops, including induction ones, can use them; they are oven-safe up to 260°C and incredibly simple to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.

What Characterizes Scanpan as Eco-Friendly?

Scanpan takes pride in providing cookware that is created in an environmentally responsible manner. Great cookware without sacrificing quality is ensured by the 100% recycled aluminum used in each item, which comes from bicycle frames and beer cans, among other sources.

When recycled aluminum is melted, it turns into a pure raw material with the same properties for heat conduction as virgin aluminum. By using recycled aluminum, resource waste is avoided and carbon footprint is decreased. Because of Scanpan’s dedication to sustainable manufacturing methods, less energy and waste are used during the production process, resulting in the highest-quality cookware that is both sustainable and kind to the environment.

Examine our whole selection of Scanpan cookware and choose environmentally friendly options for your kitchen.

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