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Get creative with healthy cooking using our Spiralisers. They transform vegetables into noodle-like shapes, adding a playful twist to your culinary creations. View More..

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Spiralisers in New Zealand

Transform your culinary creations with Spiralisers from The Living Styles NZ, now available in New Zealand. Our range of Spiralisers combines affordability with exceptional quality, featuring discounted prices for those who value both creativity and value.

Why choose our Spiralisers? Whether you’re a health-conscious foodie or looking to add a twist to your meals, our products are designed to bring innovation to your kitchen. The Living Styles NZ understands the importance of healthy eating and culinary versatility, and our Spiralisers deliver just that, making them the preferred choice for those who seek convenience and value for their money.

Investing in our Spiralisers means investing in a more nutritious and exciting meal preparation. Our products are crafted for durability, ensuring they remain a cost-effective choice over time. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy now and experience the benefits of our affordable, quality Spiralisers in New Zealand.


Uses of Spiralisers

Spiralisers are versatile kitchen tools with a range of uses:

  • Healthy Vegetable Noodles: Create low-carb, gluten-free “zoodles” from zucchini and other veggies.
  • Garnish and Presentation: Add decorative spirals of vegetables to salads, pasta, or sushi rolls.
  • Crispy Potato Twists: Make fun, curly fries or potato spirals for a unique side dish.
  • Fruit Desserts: Turn fruits like apples and pears into attractive, spiral-shaped desserts.
  • Creative Cooking: Experiment with various ingredients to bring innovation to your recipes.


Spiralisers Material Varieties

Choose from a variety of material features for your Spiralisers:

  • Stainless Steel Blades: Sharp and durable, ideal for slicing a wide range of vegetables and fruits.
  • Plastic Body: Lightweight and easy to clean, suitable for everyday use and storage.
  • Multiple Blades: Options for different spiral sizes and styles to suit your culinary needs.
  • Suction Base: Provides stability during use and prevents slipping on the countertop.
  • Compact Design: Space-saving and portable, great for kitchens with limited storage.