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Table knives are designed specifically for dining, with features like a blunt or rounded tip for safety and a serrated edge for cutting through various types of food with ease. They allow diners to cut and enjoy their food comfortably, whether it’s a tender steak, a crispy salad, or a slice of freshly baked bread.

Brands We Trust


      Victorinox knives are well known for their accuracy and robustness. The Victorinox Tomato and Table Knife is a chic and modern complement to any dining set. It is available in red and black. More than one is needed. Choose the Victorinox Six-Count Tomato and Table Knife Set, which comes in black and mixed-colour options. These knives are excellent for a wide range of foods, in addition to easily slicing tomatoes. Victorinox knives guarantee flawless cutting every time, whether you’re making a salad or having a steak dinner.

      Wilkie Brothers:

      The Edinburgh Table Knife, a masterwork of elegance and craftsmanship, is presented by Wilkie Brothers. These knives are made with great care and attention to detail, and their classic style goes well with any table setting. The Edinburgh Table Knife is perfect for both regular use and special occasions because it is long-lasting. The dedication to quality and style at Wilkie Brothers will elevate your dining experience.


      The 2-piece Luisa Table Knife Set from Wiltshire is made to fit the demands of contemporary kitchens. These knives have an ergonomic and sleek design that makes them both practical and fashionable. Every time you use the Luisa Table Knife, you can be confident that it will cut through meats with ease and provide comfort when spreading butter on toast. Upgrade your cutlery collection with the cost-effective and high-quality Wiltshire offers.

How Do You Choose the Right Table Knife?

To make sure the table knife you choose fits your needs and tastes, it is important to take into account a number of factors. First, think about the material of the blade: stainless steel is a common option due to its robustness and ability to withstand corrosion. Next, consider the type of blade: straight blades are good for fine slicing, while serrated blades are best for slicing through tough foods like steak. For comfort and grip, pay attention to the handle’s design and material. Traditional wooden handles and contemporary ergonomic designs are available. Choose a knife based on its intended use, taking into account whether it will be used for special occasions or everyday meals. Finally, consider your budget and personal style preferences to strike the ideal mix between quality, usability, and aesthetics. The ideal table knife should ultimately feel good in your hand, function well, and enhance your dining experience.

Table Knife Available in Different Materials

      Stainless Steel:

      Because of their easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, and durability, stainless steel table knives are among the most popular options available. They are a flexible option for both formal and informal settings because they give a sleek and contemporary appearance to any dining table. With every use, smooth and accurate cutting is ensured by the strength and durability of stainless steel knives, which also retain their edge over time. Stainless steel table knives are a great investment for any kitchen because they offer dependable performance and long-lasting quality, whether you’re slicing through a juicy steak or spreading butter on toast.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Table Knife

Cleaning of Table Knife

It is essential to clean your table knives properly if you want to preserve their longevity and functionality. Handwash them in warm water with a small amount of dish soap; stay away from abrasive cleaners as they might scratch the surface. To avoid water stains and rust, dry them off right away with a fresh towel after washing. To prevent damage and guarantee safety, store the knives correctly in a knife block, on a magnetic strip, or in a drawer with blade guards. To keep the blades sharp, regularly check them and sharpen them as necessary. Your table knives will remain in excellent condition and be able to provide you with many years of service if you adhere to these basic cleaning and maintenance procedures.

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