Mastering the Art of Cooking: Top Frying Pan Brands in New Zealand

Choosing a frying pan has a big influence on the cooking process in New Zealand’s busy kitchens, where culinary skill meets discriminating palates. This guide examines five premium frying pan brands that are well-liked in Kiwi homes: Scanpan, Chasseur, Fissler, Berghoff, and Circulon. These companies have elevated the art of cooking in the Land of the Long White Cloud by becoming the go-to options for both home cooks and chefs thanks to their superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies.

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  • Danish culinary giant SCANPAN has left its mark on New Zealand kitchens with its dedication to sustainability and innovation. The company is well known for producing innovative cookware, and their frying pans are no different.

Key Features

  • The stratanium coating: The patented Stratanium coating, a strong combination of layers that improves resilience, durability, and cleaning ease, is a feature of SCANPAN’s frying pans. This cutting-edge coating guarantees the best possible food release, encouraging healthier cooking methods that use less oil.
  • Utilizing Recycled Aluminum in Construction: Recycled aluminum is used in the construction of many SCANPAN frying pans, which is consistent with the company’s commitment to sustainability. Even heat distribution is ensured by the aluminum construction, which is essential for consistently good cooking results.
  • Comfortable Handles: SCANPAN’s ergonomic handles are designed for a secure grip, prioritizing user comfort. On the stovetop, the handles stay cool, improving safety while cooking.

The Reasons SCANPAN Succeeds in NZ:

  • Eco-aware Kiwi customers are drawn to SCANPAN’s innovative, sustainable, and ergonomic design aesthetic. For consumers looking for high-performance cookware, SCANPAN frying pans are a popular option due to the brand’s dedication to long-lasting, non-stick technology.

2. Chasseur

  • Overview:

    With its sophisticated and robust frying pans, Chasseur, a French brand that is synonymous with classic craftsmanship, has made a name for itself in New Zealand kitchens. The brand’s history in cast iron cookware infuses Kiwi homes with a hint of culinary artistry.

Key Features

  • Cast Iron Enamel: The enameled cast iron used to make Chasseur frying pans is renowned for its remarkable capacity to retain and distribute heat. Along with increasing durability, the enamel coating also muffles odors, dulls, and resists staining.
  • Brilliant Colors: Renowned for its vivid color scheme, Chasseur gives Kiwi customers the option to select frying pans that elevate the look of their kitchen décor. The brand mixes style and utility in a seamless way.
  • Flexibility: Chasseur frying pans offer versatility in the kitchen as they are safe to use in the oven and can be used with a variety of cooking methods. These pans fit various cooking needs, from baking and broiling to stovetop frying.

The Reasons Why New Zealanders Love Chasseur Frying Pans:

  • The allure of enameled cast iron combined with Chasseur’s commitment to quality craftsmanship appeals to New Zealanders who value both style and substance in their cookware. Culinary enthusiasts love Chasseur because of its brand’s dedication to versatility and vibrant aesthetics.

3. Fissler


  • Fissler is a German kitchenware giant that has become well-known in New Zealand due to its expertly designed frying pans. Fissler brings German engineering excellence to Kiwi kitchens with an emphasis on quality and innovation.

Key Features

  • Using Solea® Coating: Fissler’s frying pans frequently have the exclusive Solea® coating, which is well-known for its scratch- and non-stick qualities. This coating improves the cooking experience overall by ensuring simple food release and hassle-free cleaning.
  • High-quality materials: Fissler ensures durability and effective heat distribution in their frying pans by using high-quality materials like aluminum and stainless steel. These pans are made to produce cooking results that are dependable and consistent.
  • Cutting-edge Technologies: Innovative technologies like the CookStar base, which guarantees ideal heat absorption, distribution, and retention, are integrated by Fissler. This technology is especially important for cooking food that is uniformly precise.

Why Fissler Frying Pans Stand Out in New Zealand:

  • Fissler’s reputation for German precision and cutting-edge technology aligns with the preferences of Kiwi consumers who seek top-tier cookware. The Solea® coating and innovative features make Fissler frying pans a preferred choice for those who value performance and durability.

4. Berghoff


  • Berghoff, a global player in kitchenware, has made its presence felt in New Zealand with its stylish and functional frying pans. The brand combines contemporary design with practical features, catering to the modern aesthetics of Kiwi kitchens.

Key Features

  • The Tri-ply Construction method: An aluminum and stainless steel tri-ply construction is a common feature of Berghoff frying pans. These pans are appropriate for a range of cooking methods because of their construction, which guarantees effective heat distribution.
  • Non-Stick Finishing: Berghoff’s frying pans incorporate dependable non-stick coatings that enable effortless food release while reducing the requirement for excessive oil. You can cook healthier food because of the non-stick qualities.
  • Elegant Style: Berghoff’s frying pans’ sleek appearances demonstrate the company’s dedication to modern design. These pans give the kitchen a refined touch by skillfully fusing style and functionality.

Why Berghoff Frying Pans Thrive in New Zealand:

  • Berghoff’s fusion of modern design, reliable performance, and innovative construction appeals to Kiwi consumers who appreciate cookware that complements their contemporary kitchen aesthetics. The brand’s commitment to both form and function makes Berghoff a popular choice.

5. Circulon


  • Circulon, a brand recognized for introducing hard-anodized cookware, has carved a niche in New Zealand with its innovative approach to frying pans. Circulon pans feature a distinctive non-stick system designed for durability.

Key Features

  • ENTIRE Non-Stick System: The superior non-stick coating and distinctive raised circle surface of Circulon frying pans are enhanced by the TOTAL Non-Stick System. This design lessens surface abrasion, improves durability, and facilitates easy food release.
  • Durable Anodized Structure: Hard-anodized aluminum is used by Circulon in their frying pans to ensure scratch resistance, even heat distribution, and longevity. These characteristics help to produce dependable and consistent cooking results.
  • Easy-to-grip handles: Circulon’s ergonomic and heat-resistant handles demonstrate their commitment to user comfort. Because of their secure grip design, these handles improve both safety and usability when cooking.

Why Circulon Frying Pans are Appreciated in New Zealand:

  • Circulon’s focus on durability, non-stick innovation, and user comfort aligns with the preferences of Kiwi consumers seeking reliable and efficient cookware. The TOTAL Non-Stick System sets Circulon frying pans apart, offering a unique solution for those who value performance and longevity.


In the vibrant culinary landscape of New Zealand, these five frying pan brands – SCANPAN, Chasseur, Fissler, Berghoff, and Circulon – stand out as culinary artisans, each bringing its unique blend of technology, craftsmanship, and style to the kitchen. Whether it’s the sustainability focus of SCANPAN, the timeless elegance of Chasseur, the German precision of Fissler, the modern aesthetics of Berghoff, or the non-stick innovation of Circulon, Kiwi cooks have a diverse array of choices to elevate their cooking experiences. As the kitchen continues to be a hub of creativity and deliciousness, these top frying pan brands play a vital role in empowering chefs, both amateur and professional, to master the art of cooking in style.

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