Top-Quality Cast Iron Skillets in New Zealand

Cast iron skillets are a vital component of every kitchen, valued for their adaptability, toughness, capacity to enhance flavor, and visual appeal. These culinary wonders do it everything with style, whether you’re baking a dense cornbread, preparing a seafood paella, searing steaks to perfection, or frying eggs and sausages. A lot of raw cast iron skillet may be used to cook on stovetops or over campfires since they work with different kinds of heat sources.

A culinary mainstay for centuries, the traditional cast iron skillet has undergone evolution to incorporate characteristics like as enamel coatings, different surface smoothness, and other alternatives to suit a range of tastes. Choosing the ideal cast iron skillet for your kitchen might seem intimidating with so many options available. This post offers a simple advice on factors to take into account when selecting the best cast iron skillet and presents four excellent models that we think you’ll adore.

What Does a Cast Iron Skillet Need to Have?

To elevate your food and make cooking enjoyable, use the appropriate cookware. To choose what best meets your demands, take into account the skillet’s design, weight, finishing, and smoothness of the surface.

Top-Quality Cast Iron Skillets in New Zealand

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Does Cast Iron Skillet Weight Matter?

Yes, the weight of your skillet affects how you cook. Lighter and thinner skillets heat up more quickly, facilitating tasks like pouring liquids and flipping pancakes. However, a thicker, heavier pan holds heat more effectively, which leads to more uniform cooking and better-tasting food.

Enamelled vs. Raw Cast Iron Skillets

  • Raw Cast Iron Skillets: To get a non-stick finish, they have a raw surface that has to be seasoned. Perfect for cooking at high temperatures and durable with regular maintenance.
  • Enamelled Cast Iron Skillets: These have a durable enamel covering that makes them easy to maintain and suitable for cooking over low to medium heat. They also don’t require seasoning.

Rough or Smooth Skillet Surface?

Although they take longer to become non-stick, rougher skillets provide a superior texture for releasing eggs. Although they may take less time to season, smoother skillets may be more difficult to season.

Which Design of Cast Iron Skillet Is Best for Me?

Consider handle length, presence of a spout, and other features based on personal preference and cooking style.

The Top 4 Cast Iron Skillets That We Recommend

1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet: Best Buy for the Money

  • Superior cooking performance at high temperatures
  • Pre-seasoned for ease of use
  • All heat sources may be used with it.
  • Manufactured in the USA

2. Best Lightweight Raw Cast Iron Skillet: Lodge Blacklock Cast Iron Skillets

  • 25% lighter than standard Lodge skillets
  • Triple seasoned for a natural non-stick finish
  • Easier to maneuver
  • Suitable for all heat sources

3. Best Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet: Le Creuset Signature Skillet

  • Triple enamelled construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Suitable for all stovetops and oven safe
  • Made in France

4. Best Affordable Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet: Chasseur Cast Iron Fry Pan

  • Durable cast iron construction with double enamel coating
  • Even heat distribution, perfect for slow cooking and saving on energy
  • Resistant to high temperatures for better searing performance
  • Suitable for use on all stovetops, including induction
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Made in France

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