Top Woks to Purchase in New Zealand

The wok, often referred to as a Chinese frying pan, imparts a distinct flavor known as “woks hay” to stir-fried dishes, elevating their authenticity. Beyond stir-frying, this multifaceted cookware proves valuable for tasks such as steaming dumplings, deep frying, and indoor smoking. If you frequently prepare Asian dishes and enjoy experimenting with diverse recipes, a wok is an ideal addition to your kitchen.

Top Woks to Purchase in New Zealand

Selecting the Proper Wok Substance

Woks come in a variety of materials, each meeting distinct demands in the kitchen:

Wok made of carbon steel

  • Heats up and distributes heat well.
  • economical and long-lasting for regular use.
  • eventually acquires a non-stick surface with the right seasoning.

Cast Iron Wok

  • superior dispersion and heat retention.
  • hefty, stable yet maybe difficult to move about.

Stainless Steel Wok

  • very resilient and non-reactive.
  • rust-resistant, lightweight in comparison to cast iron, and easily cleaned.

Non-stick Wok

  • enables the preparation of healthier meals with little to no oil.
  • Little upkeep and easy cleaning are needed.

Styles Wok

There are two main styles of werks:

Cantonese Style

  • Two tiny, matching grips that make lifting and transferring simple.

Northern Design

  • One side has a longer handle, while the other has a smaller assistance handle.
  • makes stirring and flipping easier.

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Top Woks to Purchase in New Zealand

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