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Their glasses are not only stylish but also durable, making them suitable for both casual use and special occasions. With Ypsilon, you can expect superior clarity and a comfortable feel in every glass, ensuring each drink is served with sophistication and enjoyment.

Trusted brands for high-quality Ypsilon Glasses?

      Bormioli Rocco Glasses:

      The Ypsilon glasses line by Bormioli Rocco is a perfect example of the skill and adaptability of Italian design. The Ypsilon 255ml and 320ml glasses are ideal for regular usage since they combine style and functionality while serving cocktails, juice, or water. Whether at home or at a restaurant, the 1L and 500ml Ypsilon carafes are perfect for elegantly decanting and serving drinks. The spacious 335-ml Ypsilon DOF (Double Old Fashioned) glass by Bormioli Rocco is ideal for whisky or mixed drinks and is great for individuals who like to enjoy a wide variety of drinks. The 160-ml Ypsilon Flute is made for champagne and sparkling wines and offers a classy display for special occasions. The 150ml and 245ml Ypsilon Liquer and Martini glasses, which complete the line, add a classy touch to any cocktail hour or social gathering, making Bormioli Rocco a popular option for people looking for glassware that combines elegance and functionality.

Available in Different Sizes and Capacity

In the Bormioli Rocco Ypsilon glasses range, you’ll find a variety of capacities suitable for different drink preferences:

      Small Capacity (under 200 ml):

      The Ypsilon Flute and Liquer glasses by Bormioli Rocco are elegant in smaller sizes, ideal for special events or private get-togethers where presentation is crucial. With its 160-ml capacity, the Ypsilon Flute is designed especially for champagne and sparkling wines, guaranteeing that each sip is savoured with elegance. Meanwhile, the 150-ml Ypsilon Liquer glass, with its exquisite design and Italian craftsmanship, offers a sophisticated way to serve digestifs or liqueurs, elevating the after-dinner experience.

      Medium Capacity (200-400 ml):

      Bormioli Rocco’s Ypsilon glasses, which have a medium capacity range, offer three different alternatives for mixing drinks: 255 ml, 320 ml, and 335 ml for martinis and DOFs (double old fashions). The 245-ml Martini glass, which embodies both elegance and functionality in its form, is perfect for serving traditional drinks with flair. The 255- and 320-ml glasses combine functionality and Italian glassware craftsmanship to create adaptable options for water, juice, or mixed beverages. The 335-ml DOF glass offers plenty of room and a stylish, professional appearance for individuals who prefer whisky or larger mixed drinks.

      Large Capacity (Over 400 ml):

      The Ypsilon Carafes from Bormioli Rocco have roomy capacities that make them ideal for pouring greater amounts of drinks. These carafes, which come in 500-ml and 1-liter capacities, are ideal for presenting and decanting wine, water, or other liquids during parties or dinner events. The increased capacity reflects Bormioli Rocco’s dedication to excellence and adaptability in glassware design and improves serving efficiency while also adding visual attractiveness to the table setting.

How do I choose the right size of Ypsilon glassware?

Choosing the right size of Ypsilon glassware depends on several factors:

    • Drink Type: Make your selection based on your preferences for wine, cocktails, water, or other specialized drinks.
    • Occasion: Take into account whether you require glassware for regular use, hosting visitors, or exceptional occasions.
    • Individual Choice: Choose sizes that correspond to the number of drinks and serving style that you want.
    • Table Setting: Make sure the glass sizes complement the other tableware and the decor on your table.
    • Selection of Sizes: Select sizes that are easy to handle and conveniently store for regular use.

Cleaning and Care

    • Hand Washing: Use a gentle sponge or cloth to wash with warm water and mild dish soap.
    • Steer Clear of Abrasives: Steer clear of using scrubbers or cleaners with abrasives that could scratch the glass.
    • Dry Gently: To avoid water stains, completely dry the glasses with a soft, lint-free towel.
    • Storage: To prevent tipping or possible breakage, store glasses upright.
    • Steer clear of extreme temperatures. To keep glasses from cracking, don’t expose them to abrupt temperature changes.
    • Examine Frequently: If necessary, replace them after periodically inspecting them for wear or damage to ensure their quality is maintained over time.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Ypsilon Glasses

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