Victorinox Knives: New Zealand – With blades crafted from high-carbon stainless steel and ergonomic handles designed for optimum balance.

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Victorinox NZ: Victorinox knives deliver exceptional cutting performance. In New Zealand, where culinary excellence is celebrated, Victorinox has emerged as the trusted choice for both professional chefs and home cooks.View More..

Heritage of Excellence:

Victorinox has a rich history that dates back to 1884 and is based on Swiss workmanship. The brand's use of high-quality materials and careful attention to detail demonstrate its dedication to excellence.

Stainless Steel Blades:

Victorinox's dedication to utilizing high-carbon stainless steel for its blades is the foundation of its reputation. Victorinox knives are an indispensable item in kitchens, both commercial and residential, because of this material's remarkable sharpness, resistance to corrosion, and longevity.

Ergonomic Handles:

Victorinox puts an emphasis on user comfort by using ergonomic handles. Because of the handles' well-designed grip, cutting activities may be performed with exact precision and security. This well-considered design element is a symbol of Victorinox quality and improves the user experience overall.

Swiss Precision:

Knives made by Victorinox are known for their Swiss precision. Every blade is forged or precisely stamped to guarantee accuracy and uniformity with each cut. Victorinox is committed to providing dependable and efficient instruments for both home cooks and chefs, and its precision commitment is evidence of that commitment.

Victorinox Products Showcase:


Victorinox knives are the pinnacle of practicality and accuracy. Victorinox has an extensive selection of knives to suit the demands of various culinary applications, whether you're looking for a chef's knife for flexible cutting or a utility knife for difficult jobs.

Cheese Knife:

For the discriminating cheese lover, Victorinox has created a cheese knife. Its pointed and sharp blade easily cuts through a variety of cheeses, making cheese lovers' meals even more enjoyable.

Carving Fork:

The Victorinox carving fork is a wonderful match for the company's knives. Its purpose is to hold meats firmly in place during the carving process, giving you the stability and control you need to cut thin, even slices.

Knife Set:

Knife sets from Victorinox are carefully crafted sets that satisfy a range of culinary requirements. These sets frequently come with a variety of necessary knives so that consumers have the appropriate instrument for each cutting job.

Paring Knife Set:

Victorinox's paring knife set is proof of the company's dedication to adaptability. For fine chores like peeling, trimming, and shaping fruits and vegetables, these little, nimble knives are ideal.

Steak Knife:

Dining is enhanced by Victorinox steak knives. These knives' exquisite shapes and razor-sharp blades make for an uncomplicated way to cut steaks, making for a pleasurable eating experience.


One essential culinary equipment is the Victorinox peeler. It simplifies food preparation by quickly and effectively peeling a wide range of fruits and vegetables with its precision blade.

Santoku Knife:

Because of its many uses, the Japanese-inspired santoku knife has grown in popularity. Chefs and household cooks alike love Victorinox's Santoku knife because it blends Swiss precision with distinctive aspects of this style.

Victorinox in New Zealand:

Trusted Presence:

Victorinox is known for being a reliable kitchen partner in New Zealand. The brand's dedication to excellence in cooking utensils and its focus on quality, accuracy, and functionality appeal to Kiwis' discriminating tastes.

Professional Endorsements:

The majority of New Zealand's professional chefs use Victorinox knives. The brand's knives are now a necessary component of professional kitchens, where dependability and accuracy are crucial.

Home Cooks' Choice:

Beyond commercial kitchens, Victorinox has become a beloved fixture in New Zealanders' homes. Home cooks value the brand's commitment to creating gadgets that make cooking and eating more enjoyable.

Culinary Education:

Throughout New Zealand, culinary schools and training programs frequently feature Victorinox knives. Both aspiring cooks and foodies appreciate the brand's dedication to provide resources that support education and skill growth.

Victorinox Global Recognition:

Victorinox's dedication to accuracy and quality has won it praise from people all around the world. The classic multi-tool from the brand, the Swiss Army Knife, is a representation of Swiss creativity and workmanship and has earned Victorinox a place of pride in homes all over the world.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is special about Victorinox knives?

      Victorinox knives are renowned for their superb precision, artistry, and adaptability. Their exacting attention to material and design details is what makes them unique. Their blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel, which guarantees their endurance and continued sharpness. The ergonomic handles emphasize user-friendly functionality while offering a comfortable grip. Swiss precision is well-known, and each knife is subjected to forging or precision stamping as a testament to their dedication to constant excellence. Victorinox items, which include the renowned Swiss Army Knife and specialty chef's knives, are a reliable option for chefs and foodies around the world because they perfectly balance tradition and innovation.

    • What kind of steel does Victorinox use?

      Victorinox makes their well-known knives out of high-carbon stainless steel. This particular variety of steel combines the resilience of stainless steel with the longevity of high-carbon steel. This material, which is well-known for its extraordinary lifespan and sharpness, makes sure that Victorinox knives always have a razor-sharp edge, even after frequent usage. High-carbon stainless steel is a durable option that is appealing to both amateur cooks and professional chefs because it demonstrates Victorinox's dedication to provide superior quality, accuracy, and durability in its cooking instruments.

    • Can you sharpen Victorinox knives?

      Yes, Victorinox knives can be sharpened. While these knives are crafted with precision and maintain their sharpness for a long time, periodic sharpening is beneficial to ensure optimal performance. Victorinox recommends using a honing steel or sharpening stone to maintain the knife's edge. Additionally, professional knife sharpeners or sharpening services can be employed for more comprehensive sharpening when needed. Following the manufacturer's guidelines and using appropriate sharpening tools will help keep Victorinox knives in excellent cutting condition, ensuring they continue to deliver precise and efficient performance in the kitchen.

    • What is the angle of sharpening a Victorinox?

      The usual sharpening angle of a Victorinox knife is about 15 degrees on each side. Because of its moderate angle, which balances sharpness and longevity, the knives can be used for a variety of cutting jobs. By keeping this angle while sharpening, you can make sure the blade continues to cut at its best. It is advised to use an honing steel or sharpening stone that is made to keep an angle of 15 degrees. To maintain the longevity of Victorinox knives and protect the integrity of the blade, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and use caution during sharpening.