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Coffee Makers NZ: Explore our curated selection of premium coffee makers in New Zealand. From traditional aluminum wonders like the Stone Italexpress to modern marvels like Luxexpress and digital coffee makers. View More..

Experience exceptional coffee moments with our range of coffee makers in New Zealand. Find the perfect machine to brew your favorite coffee at home. Elevate your coffee experience with convenience and quality.

Which Coffee Maker Brands Offer the Best Value for Money?


      For those who prefer making coffee the old-fashioned way, Avanti is well-known for its elegantly designed and highly functional espresso coffee makers. The Avanti Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 450ml / 9 Cup is a larger model that can serve up to nine cups of coffee. Other models in their range include the smaller Avanti 5.5cm Filter for Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 150ml / 3 Cup, which is ideal for individual use. Offering a balance between capacity and countertop footprint, the Avanti Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 3 Cup/300Ml and the Avanti Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 6 Cup are ideal for medium-sized households. The user is the focus of Avanti’s product design, which guarantees dependability, longevity, and consistently high-quality coffee.


      Pezzetti is distinguished by its robust and colorful aluminum coffee makers that meet a range of coffee needs. For medium-sized families, the Pezzetti Italexpress Aluminium Coffee Maker 6C is the best option. For larger gatherings or the needs of a large family, the Pezzetti Luxexpress Aluminium Coffee Maker 12C and the even larger Pezzetti Red Italexpress Aluminium Coffee Maker 14C are great options that guarantee no one goes without coffee. The Pezzetti Teal Italexpress Aluminium Coffee Maker 1C provides a chic and useful one-cup option for those who prefer coffee alone. With Pezzetti’s collection, brewing coffee is always fun and fashionable, thanks to the blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal.


      Salter offers creative coffee-making options that are efficient and portable, catering particularly to the modern, mobile lifestyle. For those who enjoy coffee and want a hassle-free, quick brew to go, their flagship product, the Salter Caffè Digital Coffee Maker To Go, emphasizes convenience by brewing directly into a travel mug. This coffee maker is a favorite among people who appreciate technology and time-saving features in their kitchen appliances because it incorporates digital controls for precise brewing.

What should i consider before buying a coffee maker?

Before purchasing a coffee maker, there are several important factors to consider:

    • Brewing Capacity: Figure out how many cups you usually make at once. Coffee makers range in capacity from one serving to twelve cups or more.
    • Brewing Method: Select your preferred brewing technique, whether it’s pour-over, drip, espresso, or French press. Every technique provides a unique flavor and brewing experience.
    • Features: A few features to think about are temperature control, programmable settings, adjustable brew strength, automatic shut-off, and integrated grinders for freshly ground beans.
    • Space and Design: Measure the area that is available in your kitchen and select a coffee maker that fits both your countertop and the overall design of your kitchen.
    • Maintenance: Verify how simple the cleaning and upkeep requirements are. Cleaning can be made easier with detachable parts and dishwasher-safe components.
    • Budget: Establish a financial limit and choose a coffee machine that satisfies it without going overboard. Brand, features, and brewing technique all have a significant impact on price.
    • Long-Term Costs: Take into account the continuing expenses related to the brewing method you have selected, such as those for coffee filters, pods, or maintenance costs like descaling agents.
    • Specialty Coffee Compatibility: If you like specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, check to see if the coffee maker can make espresso or froth milk.
    • Energy Efficiency: Seek out models with low operating costs and low electricity consumption over time.

A coffee maker is available based on its capacity.

When choosing a coffee maker based on capacity, it’s important to consider the size that best fits your needs.

      Small Size (3 cups and below):

      Small-sized coffee makers such as the Avanti 5.5cm Filter for Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker-150ml / 3 Cup and the Avanti Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 3 Cup/300Ml are ideal for individuals looking for a compact brewing solution. Each brew from these machines can yield up to three cups of rich, flavorful coffee. Perfect for single people or small families, they provide convenience without sacrificing flavor. They are ideal for people with limited countertop space because of their small footprint, which fits neatly into any kitchen area. These coffee makers are small in size, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to making consistently delicious cups of coffee to start your day.

      Medium Size (4 to 8 cups):

      The Avanti Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 6 Cup and the Pezzetti Italexpress Aluminium Coffee Maker 6C are two examples of medium-sized coffee makers that have the ideal ratio of capacity to versatility. They can serve small parties as well as individuals, brewing four to eight cups of coffee in a cycle. These coffee makers have sufficient capacity to meet the needs of a small household or to serve guests at social events. Even with their bigger brewing capacity, they are still small enough to rest easily on the majority of kitchen counter tops. With their user-friendly controls and effective brewing systems, medium-sized coffee makers guarantee a flawless coffee-making experience every time.

      Large Size (9 cups and above):

      Larger coffee makers, such as the Avanti Classic Pro Espresso Coffee Maker – 450ml / 9 Cup and the Pezzetti Luxexpress Aluminium Coffee Maker 12C, are made for people who like to host parties or have larger homes. They can brew nine cups or more in a single cycle. They easily meet the caffeinated demands of a large group thanks to their large capacity, making sure that everyone has their fair share of freshly brewed coffee. These devices offer reliable brewing systems and cutting-edge features that produce reliable results and superior flavor extraction. Although they take up more counter top space than the smaller models, serious coffee lovers find them indispensable due to their capacity to make large servings of coffee.

Selecting the Right Coffee Maker Material for Your Needs

      Stainless Steel:

      Many coffee lovers prefer stainless steel coffee makers because of their strength and ability to retain heat. For people who prefer to take their time enjoying their coffee, these coffee makers are perfect because they can keep your brewed coffee hot for longer periods of time. When properly cared for, stainless steel also resists rust and corrosion, so your coffee maker should last a long time. Furthermore, since stainless steel coffee makers can usually be cleaned with mild soap and water or in a dishwasher, cleaning them is also not too difficult. All things considered, stainless steel coffee makers are a flexible choice for a range of coffee brewing requirements because they combine heat retention, longevity, and ease of maintenance.


      Coffee makers made of aluminum are popular among people who value quick brewing times because of their lightweight design and rapid heat conductivity. These coffee makers are great for hectic mornings or times when you’re pressed for time because they heat up quickly and let you brew coffee quickly and efficiently. But keep in mind that aluminum coffee makers might not hold heat as well as stainless steel ones, which could cause your coffee to cool down faster. In spite of this, aluminum coffee makers are frequently less expensive than their stainless steel equivalents, making them a cost-effective choice for individuals seeking a dependable coffee maker without going over budget.


      Stone-based coffee makers give your kitchen a distinctive and organic look. In addition to adding a touch of elegance, using stone retains heat well and keeps your coffee warm for extended periods of time. Stone coffee makers are a sensible option for regular use because they are robust and simple to maintain. Stone coffee makers can be a chic and dependable addition to your coffee brewing arsenal with their rustic charm and useful features.

Differences between Expresso, Luxepress and Italexpress

      Espresso: Espresso makers are experts at producing strong, concentrated shots of espresso with rich flavors. They frequently have steam wands to foam milk for lattes and cappuccinos, which makes them perfect for connoisseurs of strong flavors and versatility in coffee.

      Luxexpress: Traditional aluminum stovetop coffee makers, such as the Luxexpress models, are valued for their dependability, simplicity, and ability to brew strong coffee without the need for electricity. Water is boiled and then rises through ground coffee.

      Italexpress: Italexpress coffee makers are similar to Luxexpress but have more vibrant designs. They brew coffee on stovetops using steam pressure and percolation, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal for people who value both style and function in their coffee makers.

Other Kitchen Appliances Considerations When Purchasing a Coffee Maker.

Coffee Maker - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

A good coffee maker's price might vary greatly based on the brand, features, and type of machine. Drip coffee makers start about $50, while more advanced versions with features like programmability, built-in grinders, and specialty brewing options can cost $100 to $500 or more. Espresso machines, which are noted for their precision and versatility, typically start at $200 and can cost several thousand dollars for high-end ones. Finally, the price is determined by the user's preferences and the level of sophistication desired in the coffee-making process.
Espresso machines are frequently referred to in Italy as "macchina da caffè" or simply "caffettiera." The phrase "macchina da caffè" translates to "coffee machine," which refers to numerous sorts of coffee makers, whereas "caffettiera" refers to a stovetop espresso maker. The famous stovetop espresso machine, commonly constructed of aluminum, is a household staple in Italy, and its ubiquity has led to it being dubbed a "moka pot" in some English-speaking regions. This machine is famous for producing a strong and tasty cup of espresso-like coffee that captures the essence of Italian coffee culture.
Individual preferences and needs determine the value of cheap coffee machines. While less expensive choices may lack advanced features, they can nevertheless provide adequate performance for basic brewing. Simple drip coffee machines or manual methods such as the French press can be inexpensive and acceptable for folks who do not require complicated features. Investing in a mid-range or higher-priced machine, on the other hand, may be advantageous for enthusiasts seeking precision, programmability, or espresso capabilities. When selecting whether a cheap coffee machine meets your expectations and preferences, consider the desired features, longevity, and overall coffee-making aims.
A coffee machine's typical lifespan varies depending on its kind, usage, and upkeep. In general, entry-level drip coffee makers have a 5-year lifespan, although higher-end machines with extensive features can last 10 years or more with careful care. Espresso machines, particularly those used in commercial settings, can last 8 to 15 years. Regular descaling, cleaning, and according to manufacturer recommendations can all help with longevity. Finally, the build quality of a coffee machine, the frequency of use, and the thoroughness with which routine maintenance activities are performed all have an impact on its durability.