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Brands We Trust

      Joseph Joseph:

      The Duo Stainless-Steel Cutlery Set in Grey is available from Joseph Joseph; it combines functionality and stylish design. This set of necessary pieces is made of premium stainless steel, which is renowned for its rust resistance and longevity. Each piece has a modern aesthetic that goes well with any table setting and an ergonomic handle design for comfortable use. It is perfect for everyday dining as well as special occasions.


      Sophisticated cutlery sets from Oneida, such as the Barcelona 56-piece and New Rim 42-piece sets, are available to enhance dining experiences. The Barcelona sets come with a wide variety of utensils made of sturdy stainless steel that are elegant and long-lasting. In the meantime, the New Rim sets, with their adaptable designs and fine craftsmanship, satisfy a variety of dining needs by fusing modern elegance with functionality.

      Stanley Rogers:

      The Soho series, which comes in 24- and 56-piece cutlery sets and is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and understated elegance, was introduced by Stanley Rogers. The Soho sets are made of high-quality stainless steel, with streamlined handles and well-proportioned design elements that improve comfort and visual appeal. These sets are ideal for everyday use or formal dining, and they perfectly capture Stanley Rogers’ dedication to classic style and high quality.


      The 3-piece children’s cutlery set from Taylors is intended especially for small diners. This set, which includes sturdy stainless steel utensils with kid-friendly handles, blends safety with whimsical design. Taylors’ dishwasher-safe and robustly constructed sets are perfect for teaching kids about good dining manners while infusing some fun into mealtimes.

      Wilkie Brothers:

      Cutlery sets from Wilkie Brothers come in a variety of styles, such as the Wallace, Hartford, and Baxter series. Every set is a testament to Wilkie Brothers’ legacy of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail; sets such as the Baxter 56 Piece Cutlery Set provide complete dining solutions in classic styles. Wilkie Brothers sets are made from high-quality materials like satin finishes and stainless steel, guaranteeing elegance and durability for any dining occasion. They come in both classic and contemporary styles.


      The Rhodes 24-piece cutlery set from Wiltshire combines functionality and fashionable style. This set comes with all the necessary utensils made of premium stainless steel that are meant to last a lifetime of use without sacrificing style. Because of Wiltshire’s dedication to quality, the Rhodes set’s components are guaranteed to perform dependably and last for many years.


      For young diners, WMF provides a variety of cutlery sets, such as the “Frozen,” “Jungle Book,” and “Princess” 4 Piece Childs Cutlery Sets. These sets are made of premium stainless steel for durability and safety, and they have whimsical designs that are based on well-known characters. WMF offers the Boston 60-piece and Stamp 60-piece cutlery sets for adults, which are renowned for their svelte styles and excellent functionality. Every WMF set showcases the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation in kitchenware, accommodating a wide range of palates and dining styles.

Cutlery sets available with count of pieces

      4 Piece Sets:

      These adorable 4-piece kid’s cutlery sets offer delightful options for young diners. The whimsical dinosaur-themed utensils in the Wilkie Brothers 4-piece Children’s Dinosaur Cutlery Set, which includes a dessert spoon, fork, knife, and spoon made of sturdy stainless steel, spark young imaginations. Similar to this, the WMF “Jungle Book” and “Frozen” 4-piece child cutlery sets, with their recognisable characters on every piece of cutlery, immerse kids in cherished Disney realms. The Wmf “Princess” 4 Piece Childs Cutlery Set offers enchanted dining with princess-inspired designs for those who love fairy tales. Last but not least, the charming sloth-themed pieces in the WMF 4 Piece Sloth Set add a whimsical touch to the table. Mealtime fun and practicality are guaranteed with each set’s thoughtful construction that prioritises durability and safety.

      20- to 30-piece sets:

      Discover the sophistication and adaptability of our 20–30-piece cutlery sets, which are made to add flair and usefulness to mealtime gatherings. The sleek design of the Stanley Rogers Soho 24 Piece Cutlery Set, which includes necessary pieces for everyday use, embodies modern elegance. On the other hand, the WMF Corvo 30 piece cutlery set, WMF Linum 30 piece cutlery set, and WMF Palermo 30 piece cutlery set provide a variety of modern choices made of premium stainless steel that are appropriate for both informal and formal dining settings. Every set offers years of enjoyment and useful use in any kitchen by fusing strength and style.

      More than a 50-piece set:

      Our collection of over 50-piece cutlery sets offers unmatched quality and versatility for individuals looking for complete dining solutions. With their large utensil collections, the Oneida Barcelona 56-piece cutlery set and the Oneida New Rim 56-piece cutlery set provide classic elegance and full dining service. The Stanley Rogers Soho 56-Piece Cutlery Set has a sophisticated design, perfect for larger gatherings, and everything you need. Furthermore, to accommodate different dining preferences and occasions, the Wilkie Brothers Baxter 56 Piece Cutlery Set, Wilkie Brothers Hartford 66 Piece Cutlery Set, Wilkie Brothers Livingston 56 Piece Cutlery Set, Wilkie Brothers Wallace 56 Piece Cutlery Set, WMF Boston 60 Piece Cutlery Set, and WMF Stamp 60 Piece Cutlery Set offer a variety of options in both modern and classic styles.

How Do You Choose the Right Cutlery Sets?

Choosing the right cutlery set involves considering several key factors to ensure it meets your needs and preferences.

    • Material and Quality: For long-lasting and low-maintenance, stainless steel is the best option.
    • Design and Style: Whether your dining room is classic or modern, choose a design that goes with it.
    • Items Included: To meet your dining needs, take into account the quantity and variety of pieces.
    • Durability and Maintenance: For long-term convenience, choose dishwasher-safe sets.
    • Value and Budget: Establish a spending limit and shop around for the best value.

Cleaning and Care

Wash your cutlery set as soon as possible with warm water and a mild detergent; stay away from abrasives to keep it in excellent condition. To avoid rust and water spots, dry right away. Make sure the pieces stay away from other metals, and use a gentle cycle if the dishwasher is safe. To prevent scratches, keep them in a dry, well-ventilated area. To ensure lasting beauty and functionality, periodically polish stainless steel with a cleaner to preserve shine and remove tarnish.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Cutlery Sets

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Cutlery Set - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

The quantity of cutlery sets one ought to have relies upon individual necessities and way of life. A standard suggestion is to have no less than one complete cutlery set for every individual in a family, including blades, forks, spoons, and other fundamental utensils. Notwithstanding, having extra sets can be valuable for bigger get-togethers, engaging visitors, or obliging different feasting events. Steak knives or a carving set, for example, may be preferred by some individuals. Eventually, the ideal number of cutlery sets fluctuates in light of individual inclinations, family size, and the recurrence of get-togethers or social affairs.
Putting away cutlery sets appropriately is pivotal for association and security. Consider utilizing an assigned cutlery cabinet or a blade block to keep blades secure and effectively open. Separate drawer organizers help keep things organized and prevent damage. Attractive strips mounted on the wall are another option, permitting simple access while keeping sharp edges secured. For formal feasting sets, a silverware chest or caddy is great. Before storing cutlery, ensure that it is thoroughly dried and not overcrowded to prevent scratching. For optimal performance, check knives frequently and sharpen them as necessary. Tailor the capacity strategy to the particular cutlery set and kitchen space.
It's by and large not prescribed to leave cutlery sets in the ice chest for broadened periods. The fluctuating temperatures and moistness inside the cooler can advance consumption on metal parts of the cutlery, particularly in the event that they are not made of treated steel. Moreover, putting cutlery close by different things in the cooler might prompt harm or scratches. For ideal life span and execution, putting away cutlery in a dry, room-temperature environment is ideal. It's best to wash and dry cutlery right away if it comes into contact with salty or acidic foods to prevent corrosion.