Discover a range of cutlery options in New Zealand.

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Choose from a selection of premium materials, including wood and plastic, ensuring that every dining experience is a blend of elegance and responsible living.

Which brands offer the best cutlery?


      Avanti is renowned for producing stylish yet functional kitchen tools. They provide a selection of utensils and cutlery blocks that are ideal for home cooks seeking high-quality and long-lasting products. Essential knives for everyday kitchen tasks are included in the Avanti 6-piece Elite Cutlery Block. The Avanti 9-Piece Perfekt Cutlery Block expands the selection with extra knives for specialized tasks for those who need more variation. Additionally, Avanti offers distinctive cooking utensils like the Avanti Nylon Multi-in-1 Slotted Spoon and the Avanti Wooden Spoon 25cm, both of which are made to be comfortable and effective.

      Stanley Rogers

      Stanley Rogers is well known for producing fine cutlery made of stainless steel. Larger dinner parties can be served with the comprehensive Stanley Rogers Albany 56-piece cutlery set, while the 24-piece set is perfect for daily use. Additionally, they specialize in single items such as the Stanley Rogers Libra Dessert Spoon and Albany Dessert Fork, which are ideal for individuals looking to expand or replace their current collection.

      Wilkie Brothers

      Wilkie Brothers offers sophisticated cutlery that is ideal for both regular use and special events. They provide distinctive sets like the Wilkie Brothers 6 Piece Buffet Fork Set Satin Finish, which is perfect for gatherings, and the Wilkie Brothers 4 Piece Children’s Cutlery Set Dinosaur, which is made for younger diners. If you want to give your dining table a little extra flair, the Wilkie Brothers Hartford 66-piece cutlery set and the Wilkie Brothers Edinburgh Fruit Spoon are great options.


      Oneida is well-known for its exquisite designs and cutlery. While the Oneida Barcelona 56-piece cutlery set serves larger groups, making sure you’re always ready for a dinner party, the Oneida Barcelona 42-piece cutlery set is ideal for smaller families or households. With its contemporary style, the Oneida New Rim 56-piece cutlery set is ideal for anyone wishing to update the look of their kitchen.


      For individuals who value style and ingenuity, Splayd provides opulent stainless steel cutlery that integrates the fork, spoon, and knife into a single piece of cutlery. Splayd Luxury Stainless Steel Mirror Mini Set 6 and Splayd Luxury Stainless Steel Satin Mini Set 6 are two of their sets that are perfect for small parties and give a sophisticated touch to any dinner.


      The leading manufacturer of premium cutlery sets for kids and adults is WMF. The WMF Boston 60-piece cutlery set, with its classic design, is ideal for larger gatherings, while the WMF Bellano 30-piece cutlery set is ideal for everyday dining. In addition, they offer specialized products for dessert lovers like the WMF Nuova Cake Fork Set (6 pieces) and entertaining themed sets for younger children like the WMF Cars 2 (4 pieces) Child’s Cutlery Set.

How Do You Determine the Best Cutlery to Buy?

    1. Material: Seek out sturdy materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion, such as stainless steel or premium alloys.
    2. Design: Select a design that goes well with your table arrangement and sense of style.
    3. Comfort: Make sure the cutlery has ergonomic handles and a well-balanced weight distribution so that it is pleasant to hold and use.
    4. Durability: Choose cutlery that is robust enough to endure repeated use and washing without sacrificing its quality.
    5. Maintenance: For convenient upkeep, take into account how simple it is to clean and whether the silverware is dishwasher-safe.
    6. Set Size: Figure out how many place settings you’ll need for your family’s or special meals.
    7. Budget: Establish a spending limit and choose cutlery that, within your price range, offers the best combination of quality and affordability.

How Should You Choose Cutlery Material Based on Comfort and Needs?

    • Stainless Steel: The most popular material for cutlery is stainless steel because of its resistance to corrosion and longevity. It’s good for daily use, reasonably priced, and simple to maintain.
    • Silver-plated: Gives dining areas a sophisticated touch. It is great for formal events but needs more upkeep to keep it from tarnishing.
    • Solid Silver: A premium option frequently selected for opulent environments. It needs to be polished frequently, is more prone to scratches, and is softer than stainless steel.
    • Titanium: Titanium is renowned for its hypoallergenic qualities, strength, and light weight. Compared to stainless steel, it is more resilient to bending and scratches.
    • Ceramic: Often used in knives, ceramic offers remarkable sharpness and edge retention. It can chip if not handled carefully because it is delicate.
    • Plastic: often used with kids or in casual situations. Although it’s not long-lasting for frequent use, it’s affordable and available in a variety of colors.

Exploring the Variety of Utensils in Cutlery Sets

Depending on the set’s size and purpose, a cutlery set usually comes with a variety of utensils. Steak knives for meats, butter knives for spreads, and dinner knives for chopping and serving main courses are frequently included in these sets. Salad forks for appetizers or salads, dessert forks for desserts, and dinner forks for main meals—forks are yet another necessity. Additionally, there are different types of spoons: teaspoons are used for stirring tea or coffee, soup spoons have a round bowl that is ideal for soups or cereals, and dessert spoons are smaller and meant for eating desserts. Serving utensils like ladles for soups and cake servers for desserts may also be included in larger and more complete sets. Specialty cutlery, such as cheese, oyster, and snail forks, as well as fish knives and forks, can be found in larger sets that are tailored to particular dining requirements. A set of utensils can be customized in terms of quantity and variety to suit a range of dining occasions, from casual get-togethers to formal meals.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Cutlery

Best quality Cutlery sets available with highest piece

Discover the finest quality cutlery sets, each offering an array of utensils to elevate your dining experience.

Choose from a variety of premium cutlery sets that have the most pieces for the ultimate dining experience. While the Oneida Barcelona 42-piece cutlery set effortlessly blends style and functionality, the Stanley Rogers Albany 56-piece cutlery set offers versatility for any occasion. The Wilkie Brothers Hartford 66-piece cutlery set easily accommodates large gatherings for those looking for a lavish spread. Take advantage of the promotion for the WMF Boston 60-piece cutlery set to add some opulence to your dining room, or choose the Oneida New Rim 56pc Cutlery Set for everyday use for a more contemporary look. These amazing sets will elevate your dining experience; they are thoughtfully crafted to complement your culinary exploration in a stylish and practical manner.

Cutlery - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Cutlery and utensils are terms frequently utilized conversely, yet they allude to various classifications of kitchen devices. Knives and forks, which are specifically used for cutting, preparing, and eating food, are included in the category of cutlery. On the other hand, utensils include a wider variety of kitchen tools used for cutting, cooking, serving, and eating. Utensils incorporate things like spoons, spatulas, utensils, and scoops. All utensils are considered cutlery, but not all cutlery is the same thing. Cutlery principally centers around devices intended for cutting and feasting purposes, while utensils include a more extensive exhibit of kitchen instruments.
There are two main categories of cutlery: tableware and hollow ware. Silverware incorporates things with level, wide surfaces, basically utilized for cutting or spreading, like blades, forks, and margarine spreaders. Hollow-ware, then again, comprises of things with curved or empty parts, commonly utilized for serving or holding food, similar to spoons and scoops. Hollow ware is used for a variety of food preparation and serving tasks, whereas flatware is typically associated with dining and cutting. The two sorts of cutlery assume fundamental parts in the kitchen and feasting settings, with various styles and plans accessible for various culinary necessities.
The best material for cutlery relies upon variables like sturdiness, sharpness, and protection from consumption. Stainless steel with a high carbon content is frequently regarded as the best option. It consolidates the rust proof properties of hardened steel with the hardness and edge maintenance of high-carbon steel, guaranteeing sharp and solid sharp edges. Additionally, this material is easy to keep clean and resistant to stains. Some top notch cutlery sets may likewise highlight Damascus steel, known for its uncommon sharpness and unmistakable designing. At last, the best material for cutlery is one that meets individual inclinations, culinary necessities, and support contemplations.