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Brands We Trust

      Mason Cash:

      Mason Cash dinnerware has a timeless elegance that will elevate your dining experience. Select from the elegant Classic Dinner Set, which is appropriate for any occasion and comes in a variety of colours, including black, cream, green, and rey. The Original Cane Dinner Set in Cream has a cosy and inviting appeal for those who value rustic charm. Choose from two elegant dinner sets to add a touch of sophistication to your table: the William Mason Dinner Set in Grey or White or the Reactive Glaze Blue Dinner Set, which explores modern aesthetics.


      With Mikasa’s Does It All Bowls, you can explore style and versatility in a variety of captivating designs, such as black floral, black tile, blue arc, blue floral, blue mosaic, and geometric blue. Every bowl is made to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for both regular use and special events. Mikasa ensures that every piece not only enhances your dining experience but also reflects your individual taste by fusing high-quality craftsmanship with contemporary design.

      Wilkie Brothers:

      Wilkie Brothers’ Coupe and Rim dinner sets are a great way to embrace traditional simplicity. Wilkie Brothers offers a variety to suit every dining need, whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Rim Dinner Sets or the sleek lines of the Coupe Dinner Sets, which are available in 12pce, 16pce, or 18pce options. The adaptable Rim Dinner Plates are a great way to finish off your collection and present your food creations in a classy and elegant manner.


      Discover elegance and longevity with Corelle’s wide selection of dinnerware sets. Corelle makes sure your dining experience is both fashionable and practical. From the Mystic Grey and Ocean Blues Vitrelle sets that add a touch of sophistication to your table to the Everyday and Bella Faenza collections that combine practicality with intricate designs, Discover their wide range of options, which includes the Splendour, Winter Frost White, Simple Sketch, and Crimson Trellis collections. All of these collections feature lightweight, chip-resistant, and easily cleanable plates and bowls that are ideal for both regular use and special occasions.

Types of dinnerware available

      Dinner Sets:

      Select from an array of all-inclusive dinner sets that are intended to enhance your dining experience. There are three options: the rustic charm of the Mason Cash Original Cane 12 Piece Dinner Set in Cream, the modern appeal of the Mason Cash William Mason Dinner Set 12 Piece in Grey, and the classic sophistication of the Mason Cash Classic Dinner Set 12 Piece in Black. The intricately patterned Crimson Trellis Vitrelle 12 Piece Set or the adaptable Mystic Grey Vitrelle 12 Piece Set are great options for adding a modern touch. The Wilkie Brothers Coupe 18-piece Dinner Set provides plenty of place settings with subtle elegance for larger gatherings.

      Dinner Bowls:

      Examine a selection of bowls suitable for different dining occasions. The functional Ocean Blues Vitrelle Bowl (532 ml), ideal for daily meals, to the artistic Mikasa Does It All Bowl (15.7 cm) with designs like Black Floral. Options like the Everyday 21.6cm Meal Bowl 4pk Graphic Stitch, the quaint Country Cottage Vitrelle Bowl 532ml, and the adaptable Winter Frost Vitrelle Salad/Pasta Bowl 591ml will add flair to your table. For a dash of sophistication, don’t miss the elegant Splendour Vitrelle Bowl, 650 ml.

      Dinner Plates:

      A variety of chic dinner plates will complete your table arrangement. The Ocean Blues Vitrelle Plate (21.6 cm) and Mystic Grey Vitrelle Plate (21.5 cm) both offer subtle elegance, while the Wilkie Brothers Rim Dinner Plate (27.5cm), combines classic design with durability. The sleek Simple Sketch Vitrelle Plate 22.9cm and the City Block Vitrelle Plate Side 21.6cm, both made to go with a range of dining settings, are great options for a modern twist.

Our dinner set is made with high-quality materials.

      Our dinner sets are meticulously crafted from high-quality materials to enhance your dining experience.


      Glass dinner sets are renowned for their transparency and adaptability, and they provide a sleek and contemporary look. They are perfect for both formal and informal dining settings because they are sturdy but lightweight.


      Stoneware dinner sets have an organic, earthy texture and are renowned for their rustic charm and toughness. They add a little warmth to the table and are ideal for daily use because they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

      Beautiful Bone China:

      Fine bone china dinner sets are renowned for their exquisite appearance and remarkable durability. They radiate sophistication and elegance. They are robust yet lightweight, and they frequently have beautiful designs that accentuate any dining area.

      Fresh Bone Porcelain:

      New bone porcelain dinner sets offer a balance of strength and elegance by combining the best features of porcelain and bone china. They are perfect for both informal meals and large gatherings because they are chip-resistant and have a smooth finish.

Factors to consider when buying dinnerware.

When purchasing dinnerware, several factors should guide your decision to ensure you choose pieces that align with your lifestyle and preferences.

    • Material: Take into account your needs and aesthetic preferences when choosing a material. For example, porcelain can be elegant, stoneware can be durable, and melamine can be used outdoors.
    • Style and Design: Whether your dining room is traditional, modern, or rustic, pick a look that goes well with it. Think about textures, colors, and patterns that speak to your own taste.
    • Durability: Consider how long the dinnerware will last, particularly if you intend to use it frequently or on special occasions. Depending on your usage habits, look for options that are microwave-safe and resistant to chips.
    • Functionality: Take into account how you will use the dinnerware every day. If you want to use it in the dishwasher, make sure it can be cleaned there. You should also find out if using it in the oven or microwave poses any risks.
    • Set Size and Pieces: Determine the number of place settings you’ll need based on the size of your home and the frequency of your entertainment. Consider accessorizing with coordinating bowls or platters.
    • Budget: Establish a spending strategy that balances quality and cost. The type of material, brand, and degree of design complexity all affect how much dinnerware costs, so start by deciding what your top priorities are.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Dinner ware

How do you clean and care for your dinnerware?

To preserve the quality and aesthetic appeal of your dinnerware over time, it is imperative that you clean and care for it properly. To avoid chipping or scratching, each piece needs to be handled carefully, whether washing by hand or in a dishwasher. To clean, use gentle sponges and dishwashing detergents; stay away from abrasive materials as they can cause damage to delicate surfaces. When storing, place padding between plates and bowls to prevent scratches, and store cups and mugs upside down to keep dust from building up. By following these guidelines, you can be sure that your dinnerware will look great on your table and last for a lot of meals to come.

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Dinnerware - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Materials for healthy dinnerware include porcelain, bone china, glass, and stainless steel. Porcelain and bone china are liberated from unsafe synthetic compounds, sturdy, and impervious to bacterial development. Glass is a safe material because it is inert and has no pores. Hardened steel, when of superior grade, is consumption safe and doesn't filter destructive substances into food. Keeping away from dinnerware with toxic coatings or those containing hurtful added substances is vital for wellbeing. Moreover, picking materials that are not difficult to clean and keep up with adds to the general security and prosperity of dinnerware for everyday use.
Dinnerware made of stoneware, bone china, and porcelain are excellent choices for ensuring maximum durability. Porcelain and bone china are terminated at high temperatures, bringing about hard and solid items that oppose chipping and scratching. Stoneware, known for its solidarity and chip opposition, is terminated at lower temperatures however stays powerful for regular use. Melamine is another durable option that works well for casual or outdoor settings because it won't break. While each material has advantages, proper care, such as avoiding extreme temperatures, is necessary for any dinnerware set to last as long as possible.
Individual preferences and specific requirements determine the ideal material for a dinnerware set. Porcelain and bone china are prized for their refined appearance and durability, making them elegant choices. Stoneware offers a harmony among toughness and a rural stylish, making it reasonable for regular use. For open air settings or easygoing feasting, melamine gives solidness and protection from breakage. Glass is a flexible and non-receptive choice, while hardened steel is tough and present day. In the end, the best material is based on personal preferences, style, intended use, weight, and maintenance requirements, among other things.