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Discover our best-selling Swissmar Fondue sets, which are ideal for cheese, meat, and chocolate fondues. Examine sets customized for chocolate are perfect for enriching dinner parties!

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Explore the art of indulgence with our curated Fondue Sets in New Zealand. Immerse yourself in the decadent world of chocolate melting pot with our specially crafted chocolate fondue pot, perfect for dessert enthusiasts. Elevate your gatherings with the savory charm of cheese fondue, using our exquisite cheese fondue pot. Embrace modern convenience with our fondue set, bringing ease to your culinary experiences. For a touch of nostalgia and timeless elegance, discover our retro fondue set collection. Complete your fondue experience with our versatile fondue pots in NZ, blending functionality and style. Unleash gourmet creativity in your home and make every moment memorable.

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Verities of Fondue Sets Available at The Living Styles

      Fondue Set:

      A general melting pot in New Zealand is a flexible focal point for any friendly event. It typically consists of a fondue pot, forks, and a heat source and can serve cheese or chocolate fondues. A culinary delight energizes public plunging and sharing.

      Cheese Fondue Set:

      For admirers of flavorful extravagance, the Cheese fondue set NZ becomes the dominant focal point. Created to soften and keep a rich consistency for different cheese mixes, this set empowers sociability as loved ones assemble around, plunging bread, vegetables, or restored meats into the percolating goodness.

      Retro Fondue Set:

      The retro melting pot in New Zealand carries a nostalgic touch to social occasions. Including plans suggestive of mid-century feel, these sets add a one-of-a-kind pizazz to your fondue experience. Partake in the combination of exemplary appeal and contemporary culinary joy.

      Fondue Pot:

      The basic part of any fondue pot, the fondue pot, NZ is the vessel where the enchantment occurs. Accessible in different materials, shapes, and sizes, these pots give the establishment the ability to make superb fondues, making them a staple in any fondue lover's collection.

Benefits of Utilizing Fondue Sets


      Fondue Sets, with their various varieties, offer fantastic flexibility. These sets can accommodate a wide range of culinary preferences and occasions, including hot oil or broth fondues, sweet chocolate fondues, and savory cheese blends.

      Communal Experience:

      Fondue sets create a one-of-a-kind communal dining experience. The demonstration of plunging and sharing upgrades social communications, pursuing fondues a magnificent decision for family meals, well-disposed get-togethers, or heartfelt evenings.

      Customizable Recipes:

      With fondue sets, you have the opportunity to redo recipes in light of your inclinations. Explore different avenues regarding various cheeses, chocolates, or stocks to make signature fondues that take care of your taste buds.


      melting pots add a component of diversion to your social events. Portion Control: The nature of fondue encourages portion control. Guests can actively participate in the preparation and enjoy a hands-on culinary experience, fostering a lively and engaging atmosphere. As every member plunges their picked things, it normally manages the sum devoured, making it an engaging decision for those aware of their food intake.

Quality and Materials of Fondue Pots

      Stainless Steel:

      High-quality fondue pots frequently highlight hardened steel parts. Tempered steel is sturdy, impervious to consumption, and gives a smooth, current taste. It additionally guarantees even intensity appropriation for predictable fondue results.


      Ceramic fondue pots are valued for their capacity to hold heat and appropriate it equally. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, adding a decorative element to the fondue experience. Cast Iron: Cast iron fondue pots are well-known for their ability to retain heat. While they might take more time to warm up at first, they keep the fondue warm all through the dinner, making them appropriate for relaxed eating experiences.

Use of Fondue Sets in New Zealand

      Culinary Creativity:

      New Zealanders embrace the culinary inventiveness that fondue sets offer. From exploring different avenues regarding nearby cheeses to making special chocolate mixes, Kiwi fondue aficionados grandstand their energy for innovation.

      Home Feasting Culture:

      Fondue pots have flawlessly coordinated into the home feasting society in New Zealand. Families and companions value the intuitive and common parts of fondue, making it a famous decision for unique events and regular celebrations.

      Celebratory Occasions:

      Fondue sets are many times picked for celebratory events in New Zealand. Whether it's a birthday, commemoration, or occasion assembly, the merry idea of fondue adds a hint of happiness to the festivities.

      In Restaurant

      Restaurants across New Zealand integrate melting sets into their menus, offering benefactors a remarkable and connecting eating experience. The country's appreciation for diverse culinary options is reflected in the popularity of fondue. In melting pots transcend their intended use and serve as catalysts for shared moments and culinary adventures. The different assortments, from chocolate fondue set NZ to retro fondue set NZ, take care of a range of tastes and inclinations. In New Zealand, where the culinary scene is set apart by development and a profound association with neighborhood flavors, melting pots have tracked down an esteemed putter on feasting tables. Let these adaptable tools inspire your culinary journey and elevate your dining experiences as you explore the world of fondue sets. 

Fondue Set - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

The four principal kinds of fondue are cheddar fondue, chocolate fondue, stock or oil fondue, and pastry or sweet fondue. Cheddar fondue includes softened cheddar regularly presented with bread, vegetables, or natural products for plunging. Chocolate fondue includes a softened chocolate combination presented with things like strawberries, marshmallows, or pretzels. Stock or oil fondue includes cooking meat, fish, or vegetables in a hot stock or oil, and pastry fondue incorporates different sweet plunges like caramel or natural product sauces. Fondue is a versatile and social culinary activity because each type offers a unique and enjoyable dining experience.
A fondue pot is a particular cooking and serving device intended for getting ready and sharing fondue, a collective feasting experience. The set normally incorporates a pot or caquelon to hold the softened fixings, like cheddar, chocolate, stock, or oil. The pot is warmed with an intensity source, frequently a burner filled by liquor or power, keeping a reliable temperature for the fondue. Fondue sets additionally accompany long forks or sticks for plunging and recovering things like bread, natural products, vegetables, or meats into the softened blend. These sets make gatherings more fun by letting people eat in a fun and interactive way while enjoying delicious food.
In a fondue melting pot, you can partake in various delicious treats relying upon the kind of fondue being served. For cheddar fondue, famous dippables incorporate lumps of bread, fresh vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and cut apples or pears. Chocolate fondue coordinates well with strawberries, banana cuts, marshmallows, and pretzels for plunging. You can cook and enjoy meat, seafood, and vegetables like beef, chicken, shrimp, and mushrooms in oil fondue or broth fondue. Dessert fondue offers a sweet involvement in things like solid shapes of cake, treats, and natural products dunked in caramel or chocolate sauce. The flexibility of a fondue set makes it reasonable for a scope of culinary joys.
Indeed, fondue pots are worth the effort for the individuals who appreciate intuitive and social eating encounters. These sets work with an interesting and connecting approach to sharing feasts, making social events important. Whether it's cheddar, chocolate, stock, or treat fondue, the flexibility of melting pots takes into consideration different culinary pleasures. The mutual part of plunging and sharing upgrades the general feasting experience, encouraging a friendly air. Fondue pots are not only useful, but they also look good on the table. In the event that you value different and intelligent feasting with companions or family, putting resources into a pot can give pleasure and flavor to your social occasions.
The ingredients used in a fondue pot vary depending on the kind of fondue being made. For cheddar fondue, normal things for plunging incorporate pieces of bread, vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, and natural products like apples or pears. Chocolate fondue coordinates well with strawberries, banana cuts, marshmallows, and pretzels. In stock or oil fondue, you can utilize meat, for example, hamburger or chicken, fish like shrimp, and vegetables like mushrooms for cooking. Dessert fondue includes plunging things like solid shapes of cake, treats, and different natural products into sweet sauces. The flexibility of a melting pot considers many delightful conceivable outcomes.
High-quality chocolate is melted and combined with a creamy liquid, typically milk or heavy cream, to make chocolate fondue. Depending on personal preference, there may be a variety of chocolates to choose from, including milk, white, and dark chocolate. The combination is delicately warmed either on a burner or utilizing a Melting set, keeping a smooth and smooth consistency. To upgrade flavor, fixings like vanilla concentrate or a sprinkle of alcohol might be added. Chocolate fondue is flexible and can be presented with a variety of dippable, for example, strawberries, banana cuts, marshmallows, pretzels, or solid shapes of cake, offering a great and liberal sweet experience.
Customary Swiss fondue regularly utilizes a mix of High cheeses like Gruyere and Omental. Gruyere contributes a nutty flavor, while Omental adds a gentle and somewhat fruity taste. Supplementing one another, these cheeses make a smooth and rich surface when liquefied. Different varieties might incorporate Appenzeller, Fontina, or Raclette for extra profundity of flavor. It's critical to pick cheeses that soften well to accomplish the ideal consistency for plunging. Moreover, white wine, garlic, and a sprinkle of kirsch (cherry cognac) are frequently added to upgrade the flavor profile of the cheddar fondue, making a rich and exquisite experience.
Indeed, conventional cheddar fondue frequently incorporates liquor. White wine is a typical fixing in cheddar fondue recipes, adding to the flavor and surface of the liquefied cheddar. The wine makes a smooth and rich consistency by keeping the cheddar from turning out to be excessively thick or clumpy. Moreover, a few recipes might incorporate a sprinkle of kirsch (cherry cognac) for added profundity and a touch of fruitiness. The liquor content in the fondue is generally cooked off during the readiness, abandoning the remarkable flavors that upgrade the general taste of the dish. In any case, varieties exist, and liquor free cheddar fondue recipes are likewise accessible.