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In the kitchen, mixing bowls are a basic tool for combining materials for baking and cooking. Get bowls made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel and in different sizes to suit a variety of culinary jobs.

Which brands are recommended for high-quality mixing bowls?


      A renowned brand Avanti has a wide selection of mixing bowls to meet all of your culinary needs. Avanti makes sure that all of their designs are long-lasting and functional, from their anti-slip mixing bowl with a stainless steel silicone structure to the deep mixing bowl with plenty of ingredient space. Their Melamine X-Large Mixing Bowl offers a pop of color and extra volume with its 3.8-liter capacity in brilliant red, while their Heavy Duty Mixing Bowls, available in several sizes like 24.5cm and 34cm, are perfect for demanding mixing jobs. Mixing bowls from Avanti are a must-have in any kitchen because of their fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

      Bormioli Rocco:

      The Mr. Chef bowls from Bormioli Rocco are the pinnacle of style and functionality. These bowls, which come in sizes ranging from 22 to 30 cm, are adaptable for a variety of baking and cooking applications. Premium materials are used in the construction of Bormioli Rocco’s mixing bowls, which guarantee both style and longevity. This makes them a popular choice for both home and professional chefs.


      Brabantia’s mixing bowls blend contemporary style with practicality. Their 3.0 liter and 1.6 liter capacities accommodate varying batch sizes, and their matte black appearance gives a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. Brabantia’s mixing bowls are an invaluable asset to any kitchen, whether they are being used for whisking, mixing, or serving. They are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.


      The mixing bowls by Chasseur combine style and practicality. These elegant bowls are available in sizes such as 29 x 17cm for high capacities and 24 x 14cm for medium activities. The colors of antique cream, cherry blossom, and blue are particularly appealing. Chasseur adds a sense of elegance to the kitchen and guarantees plenty of space for mixing ingredients thanks to their huge bowls, which have a capacious 7-liter capacity.


      Cuisena’s mixing bowls are made with efficiency and convenience in mind. These bowls come in sizes like 18cm and 26cm to suit a variety of baking and cooking requirements. Cuisena’s mixing bowls are a sensible option for regular culinary duties because they are made with high-quality materials that guarantee longevity and usability.


      Glasslock offers robust and adaptable tempered glass mixing and storage bowls. Glasslock guarantees plenty of room for food preparation and storage with a large 6-liter storage bowl and a 4000-ml round, convenient mixing bowl. Glasslock is a dependable option for busy kitchens because of the tempered glass design, which increases safety and convenience.

      Mason Cash:

      Mason Cash is a byword for excellence and custom. Their selection of mixing bowls blends classic flair and functionality, with options ranging from colorful green and heart-shaped cream designs to classic blue and cream tones. Mason Cash offers a range of sets and sizes, such as larger mixing bowls and prep bowls, to suit every kitchen need with style and durability.


      With efficiency and accuracy in mind, Wiltshire crafts its German-made mixing bowls. These 18cm, 22cm, and 26cm bowls are versatile enough for a variety of culinary applications. German engineering guarantees performance and longevity, which makes Wiltshire mixing bowls a dependable option for both professional chefs and home cooks.

What role do mixing bowls play in cooking?

Mixing bowls are incredibly versatile kitchen tools with numerous benefits. Mixing bowls offer convenience, efficiency, and creative possibilities in food preparation and beyond.

    • Combining Ingredients: They mix ingredients for salads, cooking, and baking with efficiency.
    • Marinating: Perfect for giving meats and veggies a good marinade.
    • Food Storage: Certain foods have lids, which make them ideal for holding ready or leftover food.
    • Double Boilers: You can melt cheese or make sauces in heatproof dishes.
    • Serving Dishes: They work well for serving dishes because of their fashionable styles.
    • Whisking and Beating: A robust design for blending eggs or creams.
    • Use in the Microwave and Oven: A few items can be heated or baked in the microwave or oven.
    • Salad Spinners: They are multipurpose for washing and drying salads because they include built-in colanders.

What are the essential considerations for choosing the right mixing bowl?

    • Material: Select a mixing bowl composed of sturdy materials such as ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or premium plastic. With regard to toughness, resistance to heat, and cleaning simplicity, each material has unique advantages.
    • Size: Taking into account the usual recipe quantities, choose the size of the mixing bowl. Different sizes can be useful for different types of cooking, ranging from large gatherings to small amounts.
    • Design: For simple pouring, look for a mixing bowl with a sturdy base and a handle or lip that is comfortable to grip. Smooth interiors and rounded bottoms of bowls facilitate effective ingredient mixing and blending.
    • Versatility: Choose a mixing bowl that has multiple uses, such as marinating, serving, or storing food, in addition to mixing.Ease of Cleaning: To make cleaning easier and avoid food residue accumulation, select bowls with non-stick, non-porous surfaces or dishwasher safety.
    • Stability and Storage: If you have a small kitchen, think about using bowls that stack inside one another for compact storage. Lidded bowls are also useful for storing prepared foods or leftovers.
    • Esthetics: Choose a mixing bowl that goes well with your kitchen’s design and personal taste to improve cooking and give your space a refined look.

What is the range and size of mixing bowls available?

      Small mixing bowls (below 20cm):

      Small mixing bowls, such as the Avanti Multi-Purpose Bowl 750ml 15cm White and Mason Cash Forest Set of 4 Prep Bowls (10cm), are perfect for precise and smaller-scale cooking needs. These bowls are great for tasks like whisking dressings, beating eggs, or holding spices and chopped ingredients during meal preparation. Their compact size makes them easy to handle and store, making them indispensable tools for any kitchen, especially when dealing with limited space or preparing smaller portions.

      Medium Mixing Bowls (20–25 cm):

      Medium-sized mixing bowls, like the Bormioli Rocco Mr. Chef Bowl (22 cm) and Mason Cash Blue Mixing Bowl (24cm, 2 liters), strike a balance between capacity and versatility. These bowls are suitable for everyday cooking and baking tasks, such as whisking eggs, mixing batters, or tossing salads for smaller gatherings. Their manageable size makes them convenient for storage while still providing ample space for various culinary preparations.

      Large mixing bowls (above 25cm):

      When handling large amounts of ingredients, large mixing bowls like the Avanti Heavy Duty Mixing Bowl (34cm) and Chasseur Large Mixing Bowls (29 cm x 17cm, 7 liters) are ideal. These bowls are perfect for mixing ingredients for huge salads or family-sized meals, or for mixing dough for large loaves of bread. Their roomy shape makes them ideal for tasks involving large quantities of mixtures in baking or cooking, as it facilitates effortless movement and complete mixing of materials.

Accessories for mixing bowls and additional culinary tools to think about

Purchasing a mixing bowl from Living Styles offers numerous advantages. Firstly, their wide selection caters to diverse living preferences, ensuring you find a bowl that complements your lifestyle, whether minimalist, traditional, modern, or eco-friendly. Additionally, their product range prioritizes functionality and quality, with features like stackability, ergonomic designs, and durable materials.

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Mixing Bowls - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

The requirements of the task determine the best mixing bowl. Treated steel bowls are solid, non-receptive, and impervious to smells, making them reasonable for different blending purposes. Non-reactive glass bowls are another excellent option because they make it simple for users to observe the ingredients. A heat-resistant bowl, such as tempered glass or stainless steel, is ideal for tasks that call for heat, such as melting chocolate. Moreover, bowls with a non-slip base give soundness during energetic blending. Eventually, the best blending bowl is adaptable, suitably measured for the job that needs to be done, and made of materials fit to the fixings and strategies utilized in the kitchen.
Picking either metal and plastic blending bowls relies upon the particular necessities and inclinations. Metal dishes, frequently made of tempered steel, are tough, non-receptive, and reasonable for different blending errands. They can withstand the rigors of heavy mixing and are resistant to stains and odors. Bowls made of plastic are less likely to break because they are light and easy to handle. They are great for undertakings that don't include heat, as certain plastics may not be heat-safe. At last, the two materials enjoy their benefits, and the decision relies upon factors like expected use, toughness, and individual inclination in the kitchen.
The most secure material for blending bowls relies upon the expected use and individual inclinations. Due to its durability, non-reactivity, and resistance to stains and odors, stainless steel is generally regarded as safe. Glass is one more protected choice, as it is non-poisonous and doesn't drain destructive synthetic compounds into food. For those worried about possible synthetic cooperations, picking bowls named as sans bpa is fitting while deciding on plastic. At last, security is upgraded by choosing great materials, keeping maker rules, and taking into account factors like strength, heat obstruction, and simplicity of cleaning in view of the particular necessities of the kitchen and cooking undertakings.