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Our selection includes models that are easy to read, capable of withstanding high temperatures, and provide precise temperature readings to ensure your oven is always set at the correct cooking temperature. Upgrade your kitchen tools with a top-quality oven thermometer to take your culinary creations to the next level.

Premium Branded Oven Thermometer Available


      Being a multipurpose kitchen tool, the Gefu Messimo Roast/Oven Thermometer 3In1 is perfect for individuals who value cooking. This thermometer is very useful for roasting because it checks the internal temperature of meats in addition to measuring the oven’s temperature. Whether you’re roasting a turkey or baking bread, its three-in-one functionality makes sure you keep the ideal temperature for the food you’re preparing. Its dependable design and robust build quality make it an excellent option for any kitchen in New Zealand.


      A simple, easy-to-use tool, the Cuisena Oven Thermometer is meant to assist home cooks in reaching the ideal oven temperature. One of the biggest problems with baking and roasting is uneven cooking and oven hot spots, which can be avoided with this thermometer’s large, easy-to-read dial. It’s a durable and easy-to-use device that’s a must-have for anyone trying to improve cooking accuracy by making sure their oven is always at the proper temperature for the food they’re cooking.


      The Oven Thermometer from Salter’s offers a traditional style along with the dependability you would expect from a reputable brand. This thermometer helps to ensure that your oven heats to the proper temperature by providing accurate readings that improve cooking outcomes. It’s a sturdy option for novice and seasoned chefs who want consistency in their cooking because it’s made to withstand the high temperatures of frequent baking and roasting sessions.


      The purpose of the Wiltshire Classic Oven Thermometer is to eliminate uncertainty when it comes to cooking temperatures and times. This thermometer makes sure your oven is always set to the ideal temperature for whatever you are cooking thanks to its sturdy construction and clear, easy-to-read display. This versatile tool is a must-have in any New Zealand kitchen. It is perfect for daily use and helps maintain the accuracy required for baking cakes, cookies, and other dishes that require precise temperature control.

How to use oven thermometer properly?

It’s easy to use an oven thermometer, which can improve cooking accuracy considerably. To prevent skewed readings, start by placing the thermometer above the heating element, away from walls, and close to the oven’s center. Once your oven is ready, check the thermometer without opening the door too much as this could change the temperature. Preheat your oven to the desired temperature. If there’s a difference between the thermometer’s reading and the set temperature, adjust the oven settings. In order to make sure the oven keeps the proper temperature throughout cooking, it’s also a good idea to check the thermometer from time to time, especially during longer cooking sessions. If the temperatures in your oven are consistently off, it may need to be calibrated. To do this, you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or a professional.

How to choose the right oven thermometer?

Selecting an appropriate oven thermometer necessitates taking into account various aspects to guarantee precise and dependable outcomes. This is how to choose the ideal oven thermometer for your requirements.

    • Accuracy: An oven thermometer’s accuracy is its most crucial component. Seek for models with a reputation for accurate readings. To confirm accuracy claims, you can look up product certifications or reviews.
    • Durability: Choose a thermometer made of heat-resistant materials that won’t melt or break easily because it will be exposed to high temperatures. Because of its strength and ability to resist rust, stainless steel is frequently a reliable option.
    • Easy to Read: Look for a thermometer with a sizable, readable display. It’s simpler to check the temperature without opening the oven door with digital thermometers that have backlit screens or dial thermometers with large, bold numbers.
    • Temperature Range: Verify that the thermometer is capable of measuring the entire range of temperatures you intend to use for baking and cooking. The most common range for kitchen oven thermometers is 100°F to 600°F.
    • Placement and Stability: Take into account the oven’s interior when placing the thermometer. Certain models have the ability to stand alone or hang from racks. Make sure it is sturdy and won’t fall over or slip while using the oven.
    • Easy to Clean: Look for a thermometer that’s easy to wipe clean since it can get greasy and dirty in the oven. A smooth, non-textured surface is easier to maintain. 

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Oven Thermometer - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

An oven thermometer can be used to accurately measure your oven's temperature. Place the stove thermometer in the focal point of the broiler, guaranteeing it's not contacting any racks or the stove walls. Your oven should be preheated to a specific temperature and left to cool for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Then, at that point, actually take a look at the perusing on the stove thermometer to check whether it matches the ideal temperature. On the off chance that there's a disparity, you might have to likewise change your broiler's temperature settings. Routinely adjusting your stove utilizing a broiler thermometer guarantees reliable and exact cooking temperatures for ideal baking and simmering results.
Yes, a stove thermometer is intended to stay in the broiler during cooking. It was made specifically to withstand the oven's high temperatures without breaking. Be that as it may, it's crucial for actually take a look at the thermometer's guidelines to guarantee it's marked as broiler safe. Most broiler thermometers are produced using materials like treated steel or intensity safe glass and are intended to endure temperatures up to 600°F (315°C) or higher. Putting the thermometer in the focal point of the broiler gives an exact perusing of the inside temperature, helping you screen and change your stove settings for exact cooking and baking outcomes.
While not really fundamental, a broiler thermometer is an important device for accomplishing steady and exact cooking results. Numerous stoves might have slight temperature varieties or mistakes, which can influence the result of your dishes. A stove thermometer gives an autonomous and solid estimation of the broiler's inside temperature, permitting you to change your cooking times and temperatures appropriately. It guarantees that your prepared products, broils, and different dishes are cooked equally and completely. Utilizing a broiler thermometer can likewise forestall half-cooked or overcooked food, prompting more pleasant dinners and decreasing the probability of foodborne ailments.