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Brands we trust


      Lodge is a reputable brand of cast-iron cookware. Three different sizes of skillets from their Blacklock series are available to meet various cooking needs. This 26-cm Lodge Blacklock Skillet is perfect for regular meals like pancakes and fried eggs. When cooking for a large family or needing a little extra room to cook several things at once, the slightly larger Lodge Blacklock Skillet (30 cm) is ideal. The Lodge Blacklock Skillet (37 cm) provides enough space to accommodate larger recipes or thicker cuts of meat for individuals who host or prepare meals for larger gatherings. Every time, a perfectly cooked meal is guaranteed, thanks to the sturdy construction and superior heat distribution of these skillets.


      Finex skillets are renowned for their exceptional functionality and distinctive design. Let’s start with the smaller skillets: meals for one or two people or smaller kitchens are ideal for the Finex Cast Iron Skillet & Lid 20cm and the Finex Cast Iron Skillet 20cm. Both the Finex Cast Iron Skillet with Lid and the Finex Cast Iron Skillet 26cm are adaptable choices that are great for regular cooking chores, such as sautéing vegetables and searing meats. The Finex Cast Iron Skillet 30 cm and Finex Cast Iron Skillet with Lid 30 cm are perfect for cooking larger dishes because they have more surface area for larger culinary projects. Each Finex skillet features an octagonal shape that not only adds to its aesthetic but also makes pouring and serving easier, complemented by a smooth finish for easy release of food.

Choose size as per your needs and use.

      Small (20cm):

      These types of skillets are small and perfect for preparing single servings, side dishes, or smaller meals. They are ideal for people who cook for one or have a small kitchen because of their size, which makes them simple to handle and store. With their excellent heat retention, the Finex 20cm options are versatile for frying, sautéing, and simmering. They are available with or without lids.

      Medium (26cm):

      Pancakes, meats, and eggs are just a few of the common cooking duties that are a good fit for medium-sized skillets. These skillets are large enough to prepare meals for a modest household without being unduly difficult to use. Lodge and Finex are two brands that sell 26-cm skillets; Finex additionally offers a lidded version for greater cooking versatility.

      Large (30 cm and 37 cm):

      Big skillets are made for cooking larger quantities of food or entertaining larger crowds. They work well for cooking in bulk, serving a large group of people at once, or family dinners. Lodge and Finex cater to all your cooking needs for larger gatherings with their 30cm and even larger 37cm options, as well as their lidded and lidless 30cm skillets.

How Do You Choose the Right Cast Iron Skillet?

    • Dimensions and Cooking Requirements: Compact (20–25 cm) for single servings or cooking for two. Medium (26–30 cm) for everyday meals with family. Large (30 cm and up) for cooking in batches or with large gatherings.
    • Weight: Make sure the skillet weighs enough to be easily lifted and moved, especially when it’s heated.Handle Design: For better handling, look for skillets with ergonomic handles, ideally longer or with two handles.
    • Cooking Surface: Select a pre-seasoned or bare cast iron surface, and choose between smooth and rough textures.
    • Compatibility with Heat Sources: Verify that the skillet is suitable for outdoor use, induction, and oven use.
    • Lid Availability: Depending on how you cook, think about whether you need a skillet with a lid.
    • Esthetics and Finish: Choose a finish and style that go well with the decor in your kitchen.Brand Reputation and
    • Warranty: To guarantee quality and longevity, select reliable brands and look for warranties.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cast-iron skillets require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and functionality. To preserve the seasoning, let the skillet cool after each use before washing it with hot water and a non-metal brush. Boiling water in the skillet can help remove tough stains. To remove any remaining moisture, quickly pat it dry with a towel and warm it briefly on the stove. Once it has dried, lightly oil the skillet and preheat it at 375°F for an hour, or on the stovetop until it begins to smoke, to intensify the flavor. Keep dry and try not to stack other cookware on top, but if you must, place a paper towel between to avoid scratches. Frequent oiling, avoiding soap and dishwashers (unless the seasoning is well-established), and maintaining proper condition will ensure that the skillet doesn’t rust and lasts for many years as a useful cooking tool.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Cast Iron Skillets

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Cast Iron Skillets - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

A cast iron skillet stands apart for its remarkable solidness, unrivaled intensity maintenance, and flexibility in the kitchen. Dissimilar to other cookware, it fosters a characteristic non-stick surface over the long run, upgrading its ease of use. Whether you're searing, frying, baking, or even grilling, its ability to evenly distribute heat ensures consistent cooking results. Moreover, cast iron skillets can go from burner to stove consistently, making them ideal for a great many recipes. With legitimate consideration, they can endure forever, becoming appreciated legacies gone down through ages of cooks.
Picking either tempered steel and cast iron relies upon individual inclinations and cooking needs. Tempered steel offers speedy warming, is lightweight, and requires insignificant upkeep. Ideal for errands require exact temperature control and is dishwasher safe. Then again, cast iron gives unrivaled intensity maintenance, toughness, and flexibility. It's ideal for high-heat cooking techniques like burning and broiling and fosters a characteristic non-stick surface over the long haul. While it requires preparing and normal upkeep, cast iron skillets can keep going for ages, making them a #1 among home cooks looking for dependable execution and flavor upgrade.
Indeed, cast iron skillets are alright for cooking when utilized appropriately. They do not contain harmful chemicals like some non-stick coatings because they are made from natural materials like iron and carbon. Be that as it may, it's crucial for season the skillet appropriately to make a characteristic non-stick surface and forestall rusting. Also, cooking acidic food varieties for delayed periods in cast iron might make modest quantities of iron filter into the food, which can be useful for those with lacks of iron however ought to be observed for over the top utilization. With legitimate flavoring, support, and cooking rehearses, cast iron skillets are a protected and solid choice for home cooking.