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Knife blocks provide a convenient and visually appealing way to showcase and protect your knives, making them a popular choice for many home cooks and professional chefs. 

Brands We Trust


      Furi provides a selection of cutting-edge knife block sets that are intended to satisfy the requirements of both professional and home chefs. The Furi Capsule Knife Block Set 7 Piece, the Furi Pro Angular Knife Block Set 6 Piece, the Furi Pro Capsule Knife Block Set 9 Piece, the Furi Pro Duo-Angled Knife Block Set 7 Piece, the Furi Pro Limited Edition White Knife Block Set 7 Piece, the Furi Pro Vertical Chamber Knife Block Set 6 Piece, the Furi Stone Knife Block Set Black and White Terrazzo 5 Piece, and the Furi Stone Knife Block Snow Terrazzo Set 7 Piece are among their collection. Each set ensures accuracy, comfort, and style in any kitchen with its premium materials, ergonomic designs, and creative storage solutions.


      Zwilling is well known for its superb knife blocks, which combine practicality and style. With their flexible storage options, the Zwilling Empty Knife Blocks in Black and Grey let you personalize your knife collection while maintaining an elegant and well-organized kitchen. Premium materials are used in the construction of each block to guarantee longevity and a sleek, contemporary look.


      Avanti’s knife block sets are ideal for any kitchen environment because they blend style and functionality. A selection of knives are kept in eye-catching and useful blocks in the Avanti 14 Piece Perfekt Knife Blockfork, 6Xsteak, Avanti 6 Piece Elite Cutlery Block, Avanti 6 Piece Tempo Cutlery Block, and Avanti 6 Piece Wave Birchwood Knife Block. These sets, which are made of premium materials and have ergonomic handles for comfortable and effective cutting, are perfect for both regular use and special occasions.


      Global knife blocks are renowned for their expert performance and unique design. The Global Hiro 7 Piece Knife Block Set, the Global Katana 6 Piece Knife Block Walnut, the Global Takashi 10 Piece Knife Block Set, the Global Uku 6 Piece Knife Block Set Maple, and the Global Hashira 5 Piece Knife Block Set are all part of the collection. Every set is a unique option for any kitchen, with razor-sharp blades and a sleek, contemporary block.

      Joseph Joseph:

      For contemporary kitchens, Joseph Joseph offers creative and compact knife block sets. The Joseph Joseph Folio Plus Knife & Board Set, the Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives 5-piece SlimBlock Knife Set, and the Joseph Joseph Duo Knife Set With Block are among their offerings. These sets offer superior knives and inventive storage options that offer ease of use and accurate cutting.


      Knife blocks from Scanpan are renowned for being strong and effective, making them perfect for any kind of cooking. The items in their selection are the Scanpan Classic Steel 6 Piece Knife Block Set, the Scanpan Kalo 6 Piece Knife Block Set (Oak), the Scanpan Maitre D’ 7 Piece Knife Block Set, the Scanpan Classic 10 Piece Knife Block Set, the Scanpan Classic 5 Piece Knife Block Set, the Scanpan Classic 7 Piece Step Knife Block Set, the Scanpan Classic 8 Piece Eclipse Knife Block Set, and the Scanpan Classic 8 Piece Knife Block Set. For optimal performance, each set combines fine craftsmanship with useful design.


      Knife block sets from Wiltshire are elegant and useful, ideal for any home chef. A selection of necessary knives are housed in classy blocks with the Wiltshire Brass Triple Rivet 6 Pieces and the Wiltshire Staysharp Triple Rivet 6 Piece Block Set. Every set is made with sturdy materials and ergonomic designs for efficient and comfortable use in the kitchen.


      German engineering meets sophisticated design in WMF’s knife blocks. The WMF Multiple Knife Block, the WMF Spitzenklasse 8pce Knife Block, the WMF Spitzenklasse Plus 6pce Knife Set, and the WMF Spitzenklasse Plus Knife Set 6Pce Beech – Promotion!! are among the available sets. Every set comes with a variety of fine knives stored in fashionable blocks that offer both visual appeal and precise cutting.


      Premium knife blocks from Zwilling are made for home cooks as well as professional chefs. The Zwilling Professional S 6 Piece Block Set and the Zwilling Four Star Knife Block 7 Piece Set are part of the collection. Expertly crafted knives with razor-sharp blades and ergonomic handles are included in every set. They are kept in stylish, long-lasting blocks for convenience and organization.

How Do You Choose the Right Knife Block?

Choosing the right knife block can enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Here are some factors to consider:.

    • Knife Collection: Start by considering your knife collection. Ensure that the knife block you choose can accommodate all the types of knives you frequently use, such as chef’s knives, paring knives, bread knives, and more. 
    • Material: The material of the knife block is crucial for durability and esthetics. Wooden blocks are traditional and stylish, offering durability and being gentle on knife blades. Bamboo blocks are an eco-friendly option, resistant to moisture, and suitable for kitchen environments. 
    • Design and Storage: Think about the layout and storage choices that best suit your kitchen’s dimensions and usage patterns. The most popular blocks are counter top ones, which conveniently store knives. Knives are hidden from view, and counter space is conserved with in-drawer blocks. While freestanding magnetic blocks offer convenient access and a sleek appearance, wall-mounted magnetic strips offer a contemporary, space-saving solution for displaying knives openly.
    • Safety Features: An important factor to consider when selecting a knife block is safety. Make sure that the block is sturdy and won’t topple over quickly. When removing knives, look for blocks with well-sized slots that hold each knife firmly. You should also think about designs that include a finger guard to keep fingers away from the blades. You’ll be more secure when using and storing your knives thanks to these features.
    • Maintenance: For longevity and hygienic reasons, your knife block should be simple to clean and maintain. Blocks with detachable slots or open designs may be simpler to clean. Think about the upkeep needed for each material. While plastic and stainless steel are usually low-maintenance, wood may require periodic oiling to keep it in good condition.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: The knife block you select should go well with both your personal style and the décor of your kitchen. Whether you go for a sleek stainless steel block or a more classic wooden one, the aesthetic appeal is crucial to achieving a unified look in your kitchen. Select a block that complements the overall design of your kitchen and that you find visually appealing.
    • Budget: Since knife blocks vary greatly in price, it’s critical to decide on a budget in advance. To be sure you’re getting a good deal, weigh the block’s durability and quality against its cost. Long-term advantages in terms of utility and appearance can come from making an investment in a high-quality knife block.

Knife blocks are available with different materials and their uses.

Each material offers unique benefits and aesthetic qualities, allowing you to choose a knife block that best fits your kitchen’s needs and style preferences.

      Japanese Stainless Steel:

      Japanese knife blocks made of stainless steel are well known for their svelte shapes and long lifespan. Because of their exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, they are perfect for humid kitchen environments. These blocks frequently have a modern, minimalistic appearance that goes well with modern kitchen furnishings. They offer a hygienic way to store your knives and are simple to maintain and clean. In addition to providing stability, the block’s heavy weight keeps it from toppling over.


      Stone knife blocks are a robust and sophisticated alternative for storing knives. They are typically made from materials like marble or granite. These blocks will be a long-lasting and attractive addition to your kitchen because they are extremely resilient and scratch-resistant. Your knives will stay firmly in place because of the exceptional stability provided by the weight of the stone blocks. Furthermore, they can make a statement in any kitchen decor thanks to their distinctive and opulent appearance.


      Aluminum knife blocks have an industrial and modern appearance because they are robust and lightweight. Even in moist kitchen environments, they have a long lifespan because they are resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum blocks have sleek, clean designs with crisp lines that are simple to maintain and clean. They still offer steady and safe knife storage and are lightweight enough to be easily moved around the kitchen.


      Wooden knife blocks are a conventional and well-liked option, appreciated for their robustness and pleasing appearance. Knife blades are kindly treated by them, which helps keep them sharp over time. Wooden blocks come in a variety of wood species, like walnut, cherry, or oak, and each one gives your kitchen a unique appearance. To keep the wood from drying out and to preserve its appearance, it occasionally needs to be oilied. Wood’s organic, timeless appearance goes well with both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.


      Knife blocks made of bamboo are sustainable and moisture-resistant, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Because bamboo is harder than a lot of other woods, these blocks are strong and long-lasting. They are also simple to clean and lightweight. Bamboo’s natural grain gives it a distinctive and appealing appearance that works well in both modern and rustic kitchen environments. If you want to combine style, functionality, and environmental consciousness, bamboo blocks are a great option.

Explore knife blocks with a range of pieces.

We have all types of knife blocks available with each range of pieces.

      3-Piece Set:

      International Niigata three-piece knife block set, This set, which comes with three necessary knives stored in a sleek block, is ideal for individuals who like to keep things simple. It covers all of your basic cutting needs in an effective and fashionable manner.

      5-Piece Sets:

      A range of five-piece sets, such as the Global Teikoku 5-piece Knife Block Set, Joseph Joseph Elevate Knives 5-piece SlimBlock Knife Set, Scanpan Classic 5-piece Knife Block Set, and others, are available to suit a variety of tastes and kitchen requirements. A chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife, and paring knife are usually included in these sets; they are all made to be functional and versatile for use in regular kitchen tasks.

      6-Piece Sets:

      For more involved culinary preparations, six-piece sets such as the Avanti 6 Piece Elite Cutlery Block, Furi Pro Vault Knife Block Set (6 Piece), Global Katana 6 Piece Knife Block (Walnut), and Zwilling Professional S 6 Piece Block Set offer a comprehensive assortment of knives, frequently including a carving or boning knife.

      7-Piece Sets:

      Bigger sets, like the Zwilling FOUR STAR Knife Block 7pc Set, Global Hiro 7 Piece Knife Block Set, Scanpan Classic 7 Piece Knife Block Set, and Furi Pro Stainless Steel Knife Block Set 7 Piece, build upon the fundamentals by incorporating specialty knives that satisfy the demands of ardent home cooks searching for equipment to handle intricate recipes and ingredients.

      8-Piece Sets:

      Eight-piece sets, such as the Wmf Spitzenklasse 8-piece Knife Block and the Scanpan Classic 8-piece Eclipse Knife Block Set, provide an even wider variety and are ideal for people who like entertaining and cooking for bigger gatherings. They include every knife one could possibly need to prepare a feast.

      9-Piece Sets:

      Expansive sets such as the Scanpan Classic Steel 9-Piece Knife Block Set and the Scanpan Microsharp 9-Piece Cutlery Block guarantee a knife for every kind of culinary task, from easy chopping to complex carving.

      10-Piece Sets:

      With the Global Takashi 10 Piece Knife Block Set and Scanpan Classic 10 Piece Knife Block Set, the culinary enthusiast can tackle almost any cooking challenge with the complete range of cutting tools for the ultimate in kitchen preparedness.

      14-Piece Sets:

      The largest sets, such as the Scanpan Microsharp 14-piece knife block set and the Avanti 14-piece Perfect Knife Block fork, are made for the dedicated chef who appreciates having a specific tool for every kitchen task, guaranteeing that the ideal knife is always available, regardless of the recipe.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Knife Blocks

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Knife Block - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Cleaning a blade block is fundamental for keeping up with cleanliness and forestalling the development of soil and microscopic organisms. A knife block should be cleaned every two to three months, but the frequency may vary depending on usage. To get started, take out all of the knives and thoroughly shake out any loose debris. Utilize a little brush or compacted air to eliminate caught particles from the openings. Wipe the outside with a clammy material and gentle foamy water. Guarantee the block is totally dry prior to reinserting the blades. Customary cleaning advances a perfect kitchen climate as well as helps save the sharpness and neatness of your blades. Assuming you have explicit worries or need more subtleties, go ahead and inquire!
The most sterile blade block is regularly one with an open plan, taking into consideration appropriate air flow and simple cleaning. Attractive blade blocks, wall-mounted racks, or blade docks that hold the blades without encased openings limit the possibilities of caught dampness and garbage. This plan decreases the potential for bacterial development and makes cleaning more powerful. Moreover, blade blocks produced using materials like hardened steel or plastic are simpler to clean. Standard cleaning, as suggested, further guarantees a sterile climate for your blades. Choosing a knife block with an open and thoughtful design helps keep the kitchen clean and promotes good hygiene. Assuming you have explicit inclinations or need more subtleties, go ahead and inquire!
Cleaning a blade block is essential for keeping up with kitchen cleanliness. Begin by eliminating all blades and shaking out free trash. Utilize a little brush or packed air to unstick any caught particles in the spaces. Wipe the outside with a soggy fabric and gentle foamy water. For more profound cleaning, an answer of water and vinegar can be powerful against microscopic organisms. To prevent moisture buildup, ensure thorough drying prior to reinserting knives. Assuming the block is dishwasher-safe, actually take a look at the producer's directions for legitimate cleaning. Customary cleaning, preferably every 2-3 months, forestalls bacterial development and guarantees a spotless and safe extra room for your blades. Feel free to ask any additional questions or for advice!
Picking the right blade block includes considering factors like size, material, and plan. Right off the bat, evaluate the number and kinds of blades you own to guarantee the block obliges them. Search for a strong material like wood, bamboo, or treated steel, guaranteeing toughness. For improved hygiene and ease of cleaning, think about an open design or a magnetic block. Focus on the block's tasteful, matching your kitchen stylistic layout. If conceivable, select a block with additional openings for future blade options. At last, guarantee the block supplements your blades with regards to estimate and style. A very much picked blade block upgrades association, openness, and the general style of your kitchen. Feel free to ask if you have any particular preferences or require additional direction!