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Mandolines and slicers enable quick, uniform slicing of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses—essential for both aesthetic presentation and consistent cooking results. With adjustable settings for thickness, these tools ensure precision that is hard to achieve with a knife alone.

Brands we trust


      Progressive is well known for creating cutting-edge kitchen appliances that simplify and accurately prepare food. The Progressive PL8 Professional Gourmet Slicer, Black, is a standout product for gourmet slicing, and the Progressive Prep Works Dial & Slice Chef’s Mandoline features a simple dial adjustment to customize thicknesses. The Progressive Prepworks Kitchen Scissors with Sharpener incorporate a sharpener for continuous performance, making them ideal for multitasking individuals. Additionally, Progressive provides a selection of professional mandolines, such as the Progressive PL8 Professional Thin Slicer and the Progressive PL8 Professional Mandoline Black, both of which are made to be extremely easy to use and produce flawless slices.


      Avanti specializes in producing kitchen tools that seamlessly blend style and utility. Examples of their work include the Avanti Dual Function Two-Way Mandoline and Julienne Slicer, which can be used for a variety of slicing methods. Because it is designed for smaller jobs, the Avanti Garlic and Ginger Slicer guarantees finely sliced ingredients. Their vibrant collection of Veggie Spiretti Slicers, which includes the Avanti Veggie Spiretti Vegetable Slicer in Black, Red, and Green, makes making vegetable noodles and garnishes enjoyable and simple while bringing nutrition and vibrancy to any dish.


      The precision and convenience that characterize Gefu’s kitchenware are exemplified by gadgets like the Gefu Julienne Slicer ASIA and the Gefu Pineapple Slicer, which simplify the preparation of fruit and Asian cuisine, respectively. While the Gefu Slicer RAPIDO and Gefu Spiral Slicer open up new possibilities for inventive, healthful vegetable preparations, the Gefu Potato Slicer PATO is a necessity for consistent potato slices, and both are indispensable in any modern kitchen.

      Joseph Joseph:

      The Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline in Green is a perfect example of the brand’s innovative and user-friendly kitchenware design. With multiple grip positions that provide a variety of safe cutting options in a handheld tool, it’s a must-have for both inexperienced cooks and seasoned chefs seeking efficiency and safety in their slicing tasks.


      To improve the user’s comfort and productivity in the kitchen, OXO places a strong emphasis on ergonomic design. While the OXO Goodgrips 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer makes preparing avocados easier, the V-Blade Mandoline from OXO Good Grips delivers precise, sharp cuts. The quick, simple, and safe slicing capabilities of the Oxo Goodgrips Hand Mandoline and Oxo Goodgrips Pineapple Slicer make them invaluable for regular cooking.


      Zyliss makes slicing tools that are both easy to use and long-lasting. For individuals who appreciate control and accuracy, the Zyliss Easy Control Handheld Slicer and the Zyliss Dial and Slice Cheese Slicer are ideal. Zyliss’s dedication to high-quality and intuitive design is evident in these tools, which can handle a wide range of tasks, from slicing cheese for a snack to preparing veggies for a family meal. They also enable quick adjustments.


What to Look for in a Mandoline and Slicers

When choosing a mandoline or slicer, consider the following key aspects to find the best tool for your kitchen needs.

    • Blade Options: Make sure the gadget has a range of blade options, including julienne, waffle, and straight blades, for various cuts. Culinary creativity requires versatility.
    • Material and Durability: For longevity and reliable performance, choose strong materials such as stainless steel.
    • Safety Features: A decent mandoline should have strong safety features, such as hand guards and non-slip bases, considering the sharpness of the blades.
    • Ease of Cleaning: To make cleanup time easier, choose dishwasher-safe and easily disassembled models.
    • Adjustability: You have more control over how your food is prepared when you have a mandoline that makes it simple to change the thickness of your slices.
    • Ergonomics: To minimize strain while using the device, it should be cozy and manageable.
    • Storage: If your kitchen is small, opt for a model that is small or includes a case to store the appliance and its parts.

Verities of mandoline and slicer are available.


      In the kitchen, mandolines are indispensable for getting consistent, accurate cuts. These tools make food preparation easier. The Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline offers a user-friendly grip and quick adjustability. The OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline delivers perfect slices thanks to its sharp V-blade technology. The Progressive PL8 Professional Mandolines, which have integrated blade options and adjustable thickness settings to handle a range of slicing tasks, are even more examples of their versatility and safety. Both home cooks and professional chefs looking to cut down on prep time without sacrificing flavor are going to love these mandolines.


      Slicers improve food preparation and presentation by specializing in cutting particular kinds of food easily and precisely. Starting with the Zyliss Dial and Slice Cheese Slicer, which adapts to different cheese thicknesses, and ending with the multipurpose OXO Goodgrips 3-In-1 Avocado Slicer, which pits, splits, and slices avocados with ease, Specialized tools such as the Julienne Slicer for ideal stir-fry ingredients and the Spiral Slicer for making vegetable noodles are available in the Gefu range. The Avanti Garlic and Ginger Slicer also does a great job at cutting thin slices that are perfect for adding flavor to food. For individuals who appreciate accuracy and efficiency in their culinary pursuits, these are indispensable tools.

Cleaning and maintenance

Maintaining mandolines and slicers’ functionality and guaranteeing food safety require regular cleaning. It’s crucial to disassemble the mandoline or slicer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions after every use so that every part can be cleaned thoroughly. To remove food residue and particles from most slicers, use a soft brush and warm, soapy water. Applying a baking soda paste before rinsing can help remove more stubborn stains. To avoid mildew or rust, make sure all parts are completely dry before reassembling. To prolong the life of the blades and precision components, hand washing is advised, even though some models may include dishwasher-safe parts.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Mandoline Slicers

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Mandoline Slicers - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

While choosing a mandoline slicer, consider a few variables to guarantee you get a great device that addresses your issues. Search for a mandoline with movable cutting thickness settings, permitting you to accomplish different cuts. Choose models with solid development, ideally produced using hardened steel or sturdy plastic. Check for security highlights, for example, a hand watchman to safeguard your fingers during use. Additionally, to avoid mishaps while slicing, select a mandoline with stable feet or nonslip bases. Last but not least, make sure you buy a mandoline slicer that works well and is dependable by reading customer feedback about how well it performs and how long it lasts.
Indeed, you can hone a mandoline slicer to keep up with its bleeding edge and guarantee exact cutting. Most mandoline slicers accompany edges that can be honed utilizing a honing stone or a sharpening bar explicitly intended for kitchen cutting edges. To hone, cautiously eliminate the edge from the mandoline and adhere to the producer's directions for honing. It's fundamental to hone the edge at the right point to keep up with its adequacy. Sharpening on a regular basis prevents dullness and facilitates the smooth and easy slicing of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. Make sure to deal with the edge with watchfulness to keep away from injury during the honing system.
Indeed, you can ordinarily supplant the edge in a mandoline slicer. Numerous mandolines accompany replaceable cutting edges or proposition sharp edge swap choices for flexibility and accommodation. To supplant the edge, first, guarantee the mandoline is switched off and the edge is securely eliminated from the slicer. Then, adhere to the maker's guidelines for cutting edge substitution, which might include unscrewing or confining the old cutting edge and safely joining the enhanced one in its place. It's vital for use alert and follow appropriate wellbeing systems to stay away from injury while taking care of sharp cutting edges. Supplanting the cutting edge permits you to keep up with the mandoline's usefulness and guarantees proficient cutting execution.