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Peelers NZ: Whether you’re seeking the perfect peeler for a potato, apple, citrus, or versatile Julienne peeler, we’ve curated a collection of top-quality tools to suit every need. View More..

Peelers Available for the below brands

      Joseph Joseph:

      A variety of flexible peelers from Joseph Joseph are available to make your kitchen chores easier. While the Multi Peel Straight and Multi Peel Serrated Peelers guarantee efficient and smooth peeling of a variety of fruits and vegetables, the Duo Julienne Peeler in Grey and the Duo Straight Peeler in Red have sharp blades for effortless peeling. While the SafeStore Straight Peeler with Blade Guard in Green and the SafeStore Julienne Peeler with Blade Guard in Orange prioritize safety during storage, the Multi-PeelTM Y-Shaped Julienne Peeler offers precision julienning for garnishes that look professional. Lastly, for comfortable and efficient peeling, the Y-shaped peeler blends functionality and ergonomic design.


      Oxo offers a wide range of peelers made for particular applications. While the Citrus Peeler makes it easier to peel citrus fruits, the Goodgrips Asparagus Peeler guarantees that asparagus spears peel effortlessly. While the Large Y Peeler offers a comfortable grip for handling larger produce, the Julienne Peeler offers precise cutting for thin vegetable strips. While the Swivel Peeler offers versatility with its rotating blade, the Serrated Peeler is designed to remove tough skin from fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, OXO’s Softworks Swivel Peeler and Softworks Y Peeler put comfort and usability first with their supple handles.


      Swissmar provides elegant and useful peelers that are perfect for daily use. While the Swiss Double Edge Straight Peeler in Black and Red has dual-edge blades for effective peeling, the Swiss Curve Straight Peeler in Black and Green has a curved handle for a comfortable grip. The Black and Orange Swiss Julienne Peeler blends style and utility by precisely julienne-slicing vegetables for garnishes.


      Victorinox offers a range of peelers that are renowned for their accuracy and robustness. While the Universal Peeler with Ultra-Sharp Edge in Black, Pink, and Red provides versatility for a variety of fruits and vegetables, the Potato Peeler with Blemish Remover in Red guarantees effective peeling of potatoes. Victorinox’s peelers are made to last a lifetime in the kitchen and perform at a professional level.


      With its selection of peelers, Wiltshire provides both value and convenience. While the Peelers 3 Pack offers versatility with three different peelers for different tasks, the Ceramic Peeler and Ceramic Peeler 2 Pack have ceramic blades for efficient and sharp peeling. With the help of these Wiltshire peelers, you can enjoy cooking more while peeling fruits and vegetables quickly and easily.


      WMF offers a range of excellent peelers made for effective peeling. The ergonomic handles of the WMF Vegetable Peeler and XL Peeler make for comfortable use and guarantee smooth and easy peeling of a variety of produce. These WMF peelers are a must-have kitchen tool because of their elegant design and practicality.


      Zyliss provides a selection of peelers made with accuracy and user-friendliness in mind. While the Julienne Peeler offers precise julienning for decorative garnishes, the 3-piece Peeler Set offers versatility with three different peelers for different tasks. While the Soft Skin Peeler makes sure that delicate fruits and vegetables are peeled gently, the Smooth Glide Swivel Peeler, Smooth Glide Wide Peeler, and Smooth Glide Y-Peeler prioritize comfort and efficiency with their smooth gliding action. Zyliss peelers are made to simplify and enhance the pleasure of peeling tasks.

We have the following varieties of peelers in stock

    • Asparagus: Made especially to peel asparagus spears quickly and easily.
    • Citrus: Provides a practical way to easily remove the peel from citrus fruits.
    • Julienne: This tool creates thin, precisely cut vegetable strips that are ideal as garnishes.
    • Potato: necessary for peeling potatoes and other root vegetables quickly and effectively.
    • Vegetable: An adaptable tool that can be used to peel a variety of vegetables, facilitating and streamlining meal preparation.
    • Y-Shape Peeler: Suitable for a broad variety of fruits and vegetables, the Y-Shape Peeler is an adaptable instrument.

Material for the Peeler’s Blade

Each material has its own set of characteristics that can influence the performance, durability, and cost of a peeler’s blade. The choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the user.

    • Stainless Steel: Peeler blades made of stainless steel are dependable and come in an economical price range. They are also resistant to corrosion. While regular maintenance guarantees optimal performance, it might need to be sharpened more frequently than other materials.
    • Ceramic: Lightweight and non-reactive, ceramic peeler blades are renowned for their remarkable hardness and durability, which makes them perfect for precise peeling jobs. But because they are brittle, handling them carefully is necessary to keep them from breaking or chipping.
    • 18/10 Cromargan Stainless Steel: Cromargan® 18/10 blades are made of a premium stainless steel alloy and have an excellent finish, superior durability, and resistance to corrosion. Even though they cost more, discerning users may find that their performance and durability make them an excellent investment.

Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Peeler

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Peelers - Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

The peeler from the Avanti® Ultra-Grasp Utensil territory is made from strong 18/0 tempered steel. This material is prestigious for its solidarity, consumption obstruction, and appropriateness for kitchen instruments. Hardened steel is an incredible decision for cooking wares because of its sterile properties, as it doesn't hold onto microorganisms or rust without any problem. The top notch hardened steel utilized in the peeler guarantees life span and solid execution, making it a fundamental apparatus for any kitchen. With its strong development, the peeler easily floats through products of the soil, offering accuracy and effectiveness in stripping errands while keeping up with its solidness after some time.
A peeler is, in fact, regarded as a utensil. Utensils are apparatuses or carries out utilized in getting ready, cooking, and serving food. A peeler is a type of kitchen tool that is specifically made to remove the outer skin or peel from fruits and vegetables. Whether it's a customary handheld peeler or a cutting edge Y-molded or turn peeler, these devices are vital in any kitchen for proficiently and really stripping an assortment of produce. With its particular capability and reason in food readiness, a peeler qualifies as a central utensil that guides in culinary undertakings, making kitchen work simpler and more productive.
There are a few sorts of peelers accessible, each intended to take care of various inclinations and stripping needs. The customary handheld peeler includes a limited, sharp edge connected to a handle, ideal for stripping foods grown from the ground with accuracy and control. Y-molded peelers offer an agreeable grasp and flexible cutting edge direction, considering proficient stripping in both forward and in reverse movements. Turn peelers include a cutting edge that pivots, diminishing the need to change hand situating during stripping. Also, serrated peelers are furnished with teeth-like edges, ideal for handling harder skins or dangerous produce. Each sort of peeler offers extraordinary benefits, taking special care of different stripping methods and inclinations in the kitchen.