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A crepe pan is a specialized skillet designed specifically for making crepes, thin and delicate French pancakes. These pans typically feature a flat and shallow cooking surface with low sides, allowing for easy flipping and removal of the delicate crepes.

The brands that we trust. 


      Delicious crepes can be made with ease using the essteele Crepe Pan. You know it will function well because it is made by a reputable brand that produces high-quality cookware. The essteele 25CM CREPE PAN is an excellent option for effortlessly making mouthwatering crepes. Its size is perfect for producing thick, even-cooked pancakes that are simple to flip and serve. This crepe pan is a dependable addition to any kitchen because the essteele brand is renowned for its quality and longevity. You can rely on essteele to consistently produce flawless crepes every time.


      Chasseur produces a very fashionable and useful Crepe Pan. Its black color gives it a nice appearance, and its size allows it to make very large crepes. The chic and useful Chasseur’s Crepe Pan 30cm Black Onyx is a great choice for creating crepes. The 30cm size offers enough room for consistently making perfect crepes, and the black onyx finish lends a touch of elegance to your cooking endeavors. Cookware from Chasseur is well-known for its superior quality, and this crepe pan is no exception to the brand’s stellar reputation. Chasseur’s Crepe Pan will improve your crepe-making abilities.


      Pyrolux offers a variety of crepe pans to suit a range of applications. For smaller crepes, they have tiny ones, and for larger ones, large ones. There are also ones that are compatible with certain kinds of stoves. Pyrolux provides a selection of crepe pans made to accommodate various culinary requirements. While the Pyrolux Ignite Crepe Pan 24cm offers versatility for medium-sized crepes, the Pyrolux Crepe Pancake Pan 19cm is ideal for making small crepes or pancakes. The Pyrolux Industry Blue Steel Crepe Pan 22cm offers superior heat distribution for accurate cooking, while the Pyrolux Induction Hard Anodised+ Crepe Pan 26cm is perfect for larger crepes and induction cooktops. You can find the ideal crepe pan for your culinary creations with Pyrolux. Choose from a variety of crepe pans from Pyrolux to experience the quality and innovation of their cookware.


      For lovers of crepes, Scanpan’s Crepe Pan is a must-have. Because of its non-stick surface, it’s simple to use and maintain. Also, Scanpan is renowned for producing durable and intelligent cookware. The Classic 25Cm Crepe Pan from Scanpan is an essential tool for anyone who enjoys making crepes. Crepes slide off the pan easily thanks to the non-stick surface, which also makes cleanup and cooking a breeze. This crepe pan is no different from the inventive and long-lasting cookware that Scanpan is renowned for. With Scanpan’s crepe pan, you can make flawless crepes every time, regardless of your level of culinary expertise. With their Classic Crepe Pan, Scanpan offers quality and convenience.

Factors to consider while buying a crepe pan.

When buying a crepe pan, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right one for your needs:

    • Material: Cast iron, stainless steel, and nonstick-coated aluminum are just a few of the materials that crepe pans are made of. Nonstick cookware is effortless to use and maintain, whereas cast iron offers superior heat retention for consistent cooking.
    • Size: Taking into account the number of crepes you intend to make as well as the available space in your kitchen, determine the size of the crepe pan. You can make more crepes at once or larger crepes with a larger pan.
    • Shape: Generally, crepe pans have low sides and a flat, shallow surface that make it simple to flip and remove the crepes. Make sure the pan’s diameter is large enough to distribute the crepe batter evenly.
    • Heat Distribution: Seek out a crepe pan that evenly distributes heat to avoid hot spots and guarantee consistent crepe cooking.
    • Handle: Verify the crepe pan’s handle for comfort and heat resistance. A long handle makes it easier to move and flip the pan while it’s cooking.
    • Compatibility: Verify that the crepe pan is compatible with induction stoves if you have an induction cooktop. Certain pans are made especially for cooking with induction.
    • Maintenance: Think about the crepe pan’s maintenance needs. Although they are simple to clean, non-stick cookware may need to be handled carefully to preserve the coating. For cast iron pans to stay non-stick, they require seasoning and regular maintenance.
    • Brand and Reviews: Select a well-known company that produces high-quality cookware. Making an informed choice about the best crepe pan for your cooking needs can also be aided by reading user reviews and comments.

Which Materials Are Best for Crepe Pans?

    • Aluminium: Because they are lightweight and heat up quickly, aluminum crepe pans are easy to handle and cook food quickly. Their even cooking of crepes is ensured by their effective heat distribution. Nevertheless, unless they have an induction-compatible base, pure aluminum pans might not be appropriate for use with induction cooktops.
    • Cast Iron Construction: Cast iron crepe pans are renowned for their exceptional heat retention and robustness. They aid in producing perfectly cooked crepes by distributing heat equally throughout the cooking surface. For cast iron pans to stay non-stick, they need to be carefully maintained and seasoned.
    • Non-Stick Surface: Non-stick crepe pans are very popular because they are convenient and simple to clean up after. The non-stick coating makes it possible to flip and serve crepes without difficulty because it keeps them from sticking to the pan. Handling these pans gently is necessary to prevent scratching or harming the non-stick coating.
    • Blue Steel: The tempering process gives carbon steel, which is used to make blue steel crepe pans, a blue hue. Their superior heat conductivity makes it possible to cook crepes quickly and evenly. With appropriate seasoning and use, blue steel pans naturally acquire a non-stick coating over time.
    • Stratanium Non-Stick Coating: Crepe pans with a Stratanium non-stick coating are known for their durability and resistance to scratching and abrasion. This advanced non-stick coating ensures easy release of crepes and requires minimal oil or butter for cooking. It also makes cleaning the pan a breeze, enhancing the overall cooking experience.


Other Products Considerations When Purchasing Crepe Pan

How to Make Crepe using Crepe Pan.

Making crepes with a crepe pan is straightforward and enjoyable. Start by preparing the batter, which typically consists of flour, eggs, milk, melted butter, and a pinch of salt. Let the batter rest for a bit, then heat your crepe pan over medium heat and lightly grease it. Pour a small amount of batter onto the pan, swirl it around to spread it evenly, and cook until the edges lift and the bottom is golden brown. Flip the crepe and cook the other side briefly. Fill your crepe with sweet or savory fillings, fold or roll it, and enjoy! Adjust the heat as needed and experiment with different toppings for a delightful homemade treat.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

A material with a smooth, non-stick surface and good heat conductivity is perfect for a crepe pan. Because it heats up quickly and guarantees even cooking, which is crucial for delicate crepes, carbon steel is a popular choice. Although it could be heavier, cast iron likewise retains heat extremely well. Non-stick coatings like PTFE or ceramic make flipping easier and cleaning a breeze. In the end, the decision comes down to personal taste, with the goal being to strike the ideal balance between heat distribution, non-stick qualities, and simplicity of use in order to produce delicious, thin crepes.
The purpose of a crepe pan is to be even and flat. Its wide, shallow surface and low edges are typical features that make it simple to spread and flip the delicate crepe batter. The flatness guarantees even cooking throughout the crepe, which is essential for attaining a consistent thickness and cooking throughout. This quality is necessary to achieve the ideal texture, which is thin, delicate, and uniformly browned. For the exact art of crepe-making, a well-designed crepe pan prioritizes a flat and even surface, whether it is made of specialty materials, non-stick coatings, or cast iron.
The size of crepe pan that works best for you will depend on your cooking style and kitchen setup. 8 or 10 inch crepe pans work well for single servings or small kitchens. It makes flipping and storing simple. A 12-inch pan will hold more batter and work better if you're making larger crepes or serving guests. Take into account the size of your stove as well; bigger cooking areas go well with larger pans, while smaller stovetops suit smaller ones. Choosing a size that suits your cooking requirements will ultimately make the process of creating crepes more pleasurable and customized for your kitchen.
The low sides of a crepe pan make flipping them easier. The shallow edges make it easy to slide a spatula underneath for a smooth flip because they provide seamless access to the delicate edges of the crepe. This characteristic is essential to getting the thin, uniform texture that characterizes the ideal crepe. In addition to helping with flipping, the low sides make sure the crepe slides out of the pan easily, which gives you more control and precision when making delicious, golden-brown crepes.
Crepe pans' non-stick surfaces make them generally simple to clean. After using, let the pan cool before wiping it down with a gentle cloth or sponge. A light scrub using a non-abrasive pad or brush can work wonders for tough residues. To keep the non-stick coating intact, stay away from abrasive cleaners and harsh scouring pads. While hand washing is frequently advised to increase the pan's longevity, some crepe pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The pan is useful for both novice and experienced cooks because it retains its non-stick qualities with regular and proper cleaning, ensuring its longevity.