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Create delicate crepes with our specialized Crepe Pan. This non-stick pan is designed for even heating and easy flipping, allowing you to achieve perfect crepes every time. View More..

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Master the Art of Crepe Making with Our Crepe Pans

Elevate your breakfast game with Crepe Pans from The Living Styles NZ in New Zealand. Our Crepe Pans are designed to make crepe preparation a breeze. Buy now at a discounted price and experience the joy of cooking perfect crepes at home.

Unlock Culinary Creativity with Crepe Pans

Crepe Pans offer versatility beyond crepes:

  • Delicious Crepes: Craft paper-thin, delectable crepes that rival your favorite café’s offerings.
  • Perfect Pancakes: These pans are also great for making fluffy pancakes with precision.
  • Stress-Free Flipping: Specially designed low edges make flipping and removing crepes a breeze.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Our pans ensure consistent, even cooking for flawless results.
  • Non-Stick Surface: Enjoy hassle-free cooking and effortless cleanup with non-stick coatings.
  • Durable Design: Crafted with quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Enhance your breakfast repertoire with our Crepe Pans.

Crepe Pan Material Varieties: Choose Your Favorite

Our Crepe Pans come in various materials, catering to different cooking styles:

  • Non-Stick: Perfect for beginners, these pans require minimal oil and prevent sticking.
  • Cast Iron: Ideal for those who love traditional cooking; they provide excellent heat retention.
  • Aluminum: Lightweight and responsive, aluminum pans allow for quick and even cooking.
  • Ceramic-Coated: These pans are non-reactive and offer superb heat distribution.
  • Carbon Steel: Preferred by professional chefs for their quick heating and seasoning capabilities.
  • Electric Crepe Makers: For hassle-free, foolproof crepe making without stovetop fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Crepe pans are often made of materials like cast iron, non-stick coatings, or carbon steel. Cast iron provides even heat distribution, while non-stick coatings make flipping crepes easier. Choose a material that suits your cooking style and maintenance preferences.
Check the surface of the crepe pan to ensure it is flat and even. An even surface helps in spreading the crepe batter thinly and cooking the crepe uniformly. This feature is crucial for achieving the desired texture and consistency.
Consider the size of the crepe pan based on the size of crepes you prefer to make. Smaller pans are suitable for smaller crepes or blinis, while larger pans are ideal for larger, thin crepes. Choose a size that aligns with your cooking preferences.
Look for a crepe pan with low sides to facilitate easy flipping of the delicate crepes. Low sides make it convenient to slide a spatula under the crepe, promoting a smooth flipping process.
Inquire about the cleaning process for the crepe pan. While many crepe pans are non-stick and easy to clean, some may have specific care instructions. Ensure that the cleaning requirements align with your preferences for convenience and maintenance.