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You can enjoy the mouthwatering chargrilled flavors of barbecue cooking directly on your cooktop with a grill pan. With our selection of grill pans, and other items, you can bring the spirit of outdoor cooking indoors. Purchase high-quality grill pans in New Zealand to elevate your cooking experience. Explore top-rated options that offer durability and excellent performance. Upgrade your kitchen essentials and enjoy delicious, evenly grilled dishes with ease.

Which are some of the best brands for Grill Pan?

    • Chasseur: Chasseur provides a selection of versatile grill pans that will improve your cooking activities. With its sturdy cast iron construction and non-stick surface, the Chasseur Cinq Etoiles Cast Iron Non-Stick Grill Pan, measuring 28 cm, guarantees effortless grilling. The Chasseur Oval Stove Top Grill in Onyx, measuring 42 x 20 cm, offers plenty of room for stovetop grilling for larger cooking needs. The 42 x 24 cm Chasseur Rectangular Grill, with its elegant caviar finish, is ideal for cooking several dishes at once. In addition, the 25-cm Chasseur Square Cast Iron Non-stick Brilliant White Grill has lovely grill marks and simple cleanup.

    • Essteele: Essteele offers high-quality grill pans that produce outstanding culinary outcomes. With its open design, the Essteele Per Natura 28cm Open Grill Pan offers natural grilling flavors and is perfect for achieving the ideal sear. In the meantime, the optimal heat distribution design of the Essteele Per Salute 28cm Grill Pan guarantees consistent cooking and delicious results every time.

    • Finex: Grill pans made by Finex are well known for their durability and effectiveness. With its classic cast iron design, the Finex Cast Iron Grill Pan in 26cm, also referred to as the Grillet, is ideal for grilling and searing. With its 30cm diameter, the Finex Cast Iron Grill Pan Twin Spring guarantees even grill marks and heat distribution. The Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan in 38cm offers plenty of cooking space for lean and delectable meals for those searching for a large grill pan.

    • Lodge: Cooking enthusiasts have an addiction to Lodge grill pans. With its 20-cm size, the Lodge Burger and Grill Press aids in producing precisely pressed sandwiches and burgers. The 28-cm Lodge Chef Collection Square Grill Pan provides home grilling performance comparable to that of a professional grill. Easy to use and long-lasting, the 16.5-cm Lodge Mini Round Grill Pan is perfect for smaller grilling jobs or single portions.

    • Pyrolux: Pyrolux grill pans are made to provide outstanding results when cooking. With its 28 cm by 28 cm size, the Pyrolux Ignite Grill Pan offers plenty of room for grilling a wide range of foods. Combining grilling and roasting features, the Pyrolux Induction Hard Anodized 3-Piece Double Roaster and Grill Set is versatile for induction cooktops. Furthermore, for grilling larger amounts of food, the 48 x 26 cm Pyrolux Pyrocast Rectangular Grill is ideal.

    • Scanpan: Grill pans made by Scanpan are renowned for their excellence and creativity. Because of its sturdy design, the Scanpan Classic 27 x 27cm Grill Pan offers traditional Scanpan performance. Even cooking and gorgeous grill marks are guaranteed with the Scanpan Classic 28cm x 28cm Square Grill Pan. For a range of dishes, stovetop grilling is made convenient with the Scanpan Classic 44 x 24 cm Stove Top Grill. Last but not least, the 27 x 27 cm Scanpan Classic Induction Grill Pan is made specifically for precise cooking on induction cooktops.

    • Staub: The grill pans from Staub are both fashionable and practical. While the Staub Pure Grill in 26cm Cherry Red adds a pop of color to your kitchen while producing amazing grilling results, the Staub American Square Grill in 26cm Black is ideal for grilling in style.

What types of dishes can I cook using a grill pan?

      1. Indoor Grilling:

      Grill pans allow you to enjoy outdoor barbecues indoors. They let people enjoy the charred goodness of grilled food from the comfort of their own kitchen on rainy days or when grilling outdoors is not practical.

      2. Searing Steaks and Meats:

      Grill pans are the key to getting the ideal sear on meats and steaks. The raised ridges create noticeable grill marks that improve the food’s flavor and appearance.

      3. Vegetable Grilling:

      Grill pans are great for grilling veggies as well as meats. The ridges help veggies, like bell peppers and zucchini, caramelize and add that desired smoky flavor to a variety of vegetables.

      4. Panini Press Alternative:

      As great substitutes for specialty panini presses are grill pans. Make well pressed sandwiches that have a deliciously crispy texture and grill marks.

How does the material of a grill pan affect its heat distribution and cooking performance

    • Cast Iron Non-Stick Grill Pan: Grill pans made of cast iron are well known for their strength and capacity to hold heat. Cooking and cleanup are improved by the non-stick coating, which makes it possible to release food easily without using a lot of oil or butter. These pans work really well for getting gorgeous grill marks and giving food that is grilled a deep, smokey flavor.
    • Cast Aluminum Grill Pan: Grill pans made of cast aluminum are a lightweight yet sturdy choice for grilling. Their rapid heating and uniform heat distribution guarantee reliable cooking outcomes. These pans are suitable for daily use due to their sturdy construction and non-stick properties, which also make them easy to clean and maintain.
    • Hard-Anodized Aluminum Grill Pan: Hard-anodized aluminum grill pans are renowned for their remarkable resilience to dents and scratches. Anodization produces a hard surface that distributes heat evenly and is unaffected by acidic foods. These pans have outstanding searing capabilities and are perfect for cooking at high temperatures.
    • Stratanium Non-Stick Coating Grill Pan: Grill pans coated with Stratanium non-stick coating provide exceptional performance and longevity. Even when used with metal utensils, the coating’s resistance to scratches ensures long-lasting use. These pans are a healthy option because they use less oil when cooking, and cleaning is a breeze thanks to their non-stick coating. They offer great food release and even cooking, and they are adaptable enough to tackle a variety of grilling tasks.

Griddle and Grill Pan

A griddle is a multipurpose cooking tool with a smooth, level surface that is usually constructed from cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. It’s frequently used to cook a variety of dishes, such as grilled sandwiches, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and French toast. Because they distribute heat evenly, griddles are the best option for getting consistent results over the whole cooking surface. They work well for grilling seafood indoors as well as searing meats and sautéing veggies. Griddles are a common fixture in both commercial and residential kitchens due to their wide range of sizes, which accommodate a variety of cooking requirements. Sizes range from small stovetop models to large countertop models.

The top griddles you should buy

The Cuisinart Griddler is one of the best griddles you should buy because of its versatility, which makes it easy to switch between grilling and griddling tasks. With its 46-cm size, the Finex Cast Iron Double Burner Griddle provides enough room to cook several foods at once and has good heat retention for uniform cooking. The Lodge Pro Griddle Reverse, which measures 50.8×26.5 cm, and the Lodge Chef Collection Square Griddle, which measures 28 cm, are both fantastic options for individuals looking for professional-grade quality. They are renowned for their dependability, even heat distribution, and capacity to precisely handle a variety of cooking tasks.

How do I choose the right size grill pan?

    • Large Grill Pans (Over 30cm) are ideal for family meals or get-togethers since they are made to hold large amounts of food. In this category, the 38cm Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan is a noteworthy choice. Its large size makes it possible to grill several servings of vegetables at once as well as cook larger portions of meat, such as large steaks or whole fish. The Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan is a great option for people who want to prepare large meals quickly and precisely because of its large cooking area and outstanding heat retention capabilities.
    • Medium Grill Pans (20cm to 30cm) provide a good alter between capacity and adaptability, which makes them popular for daily use. A flexible choice, the Scanpan Classic 27 x 27cm Grill Pan is perfect for quickly and easily cooking burgers, chicken breasts, pork chops, and various vegetables. With a 28 cm by 28 cm size, the Pyrolux Ignite Grill pan provides enough cooking area for a wide range of dishes and is made for effective grilling. The Pyrolux Pyrocast Square Grill Pan, which measures 25 cm, is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a slightly smaller pan that can be used for grilling individual servings or smaller portions. Another dependable option is the 26-cm Lodge Square Grill Pan, which is ideal for grilling a variety of foods and provides easy handling and cleanup.
    • Small Grill Pans (Under 20cm) are designed to serve single servings or smaller portions of food, which makes them incredibly practical for a range of culinary requirements. With its 16.5cm diameter, the Lodge Mini Round Grill Pan is an ideal illustration of a small grill pan that can be used to grill foods like shrimp, sliced vegetables, or even individual portions of chicken or steak. Because of its compact design, you can enjoy grilled food without a big grill pan in apartments, dorm rooms, or kitchens with limited storage space. The Lodge Mini Round Grill Pan is a useful and adaptable addition to any kitchen because, despite its small size, it provides effective grilling and simple cleanup.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Grill pan cleaning is usually very simple. Allow it to cool slightly after using. Use a paper towel or cloth to remove any extra oil or residue from non-stick grill pans. Scrub in between the ridges with a gentle brush or sponge. To clean food particles off of cast iron grill pans, use a brush and hot water instead of soap. To avoid rust, completely dry. Although some grill pans can be cleaned in the dishwasher, hand washing is usually advised to protect the non-stick coating. The pan is a handy and dependable kitchen companion because regular cleaning guarantees longevity and preserves performance.
A grill pan's ideal material is often determined by the cook's needs and preferences. Although it needs to be seasoned, cast iron is known for its remarkable ability to retain heat and absorb flavor. Cooking with non-stick coatings is low maintenance and easy to clean. Stainless steel has a sleek appearance and is resistant to rust. Because of its exceptional heat conductivity, aluminum cooks food quickly and evenly. When choosing the material for your grill pan, think about what matters most to you: heat retention, ease of cleaning, or a combination of the two.
Many grill pans are induction cooktop compatible. Induction cooktops require magnetic materials for efficient heating, so look for grill pans with a magnetic base. Grill pans made of cast iron or stainless steel are frequently suitable for induction cooking. To ensure compatibility, always check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer. Induction-compatible grill pans allow you to enjoy the benefits of indoor grilling on modern and energy-efficient induction cooktops, making them a convenient solution for those who have induction cooktops.
Yes, a lot of grill pans have channels or a built-in drip tray for effective grease drainage. These characteristics are necessary for a healthier cooking process because they direct extra fats and oils away from the food. By lowering the quantity of fat in the food, the drip tray or channels not only encourage healthier cooking but also stop smoke and flare-ups. This design is a favorite option for individuals looking to strike a balance between flavor and healthier cooking because it makes cleaning easier and improves the grilling experience overall.
Your cooking needs will determine the size of your grill pan. A small pan that can serve one serving is perfect for singles or small households. A family-sized grill pan with a sizable cooking surface might be preferred by larger families or those who are throwing events. Think about the dishes you want to make and the space you have in the kitchen. Adaptable shapes, such as square and round, also influence your choice. In the end, pick a grill pan size that fits your cooking style and enables you to quickly and easily prepare mouthwatering grilled meals for a bigger gathering or yourself.