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Woks in NZ: Wok is a versatile and important cookware, especially for those who enjoy cooking stir-frying recipes. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook looking to elevate your cooking skills, understanding the specifics of wok selection is critical. View More..

When searching for the best wok to buy, consider factors like material, size, and heat resistance. Choose a size that fits your cooking needs, and ensure the wok’s weight is manageable for comfortable handling. Ultimately, the best wok for you depends on your cooking style, preferred materials, and the dishes you plan to prepare.

Can you provide insights into the top-selling wok brands in New Zealand?

Top-selling wok brands include Scanpan, Pyrolux, Stanley Rogers, Staub, and Lodge. These brands offer a wide range of woks in various sizes, materials, and designs, catering to different cooking needs. With their reputation for quality and performance, they are popular choices among customers seeking reliable woks.

    • Scanpan: Scanpan provides a selection of nonstick woks designed for efficient cooking. The Scanpan TechnIQ Non-Stick Wok, measuring 30cm, is compact yet versatile, making it ideal for everyday meals. The Scanpan HaptIQ Non-Stick Wok’s 32cm size allows for larger portions and has an ergonomic handle for easy use. For those who prefer a classic look, the Scanpan Classic Non-Stick Wok in 32cm combines traditional style with modern non-stick technology for simple cooking and cleaning.

    • Anolon: Anolon is a reputable cookware brand known for its quality and durability, with a focus on non-stick cooking surfaces. The Anolon Endurance+ Non-Stick Wok in 36cm size is designed for durability and efficient cooking. Its non-stick surface ensures easy food release and cleaning, making it ideal for stir-fries and other Asian-inspired dishes.

    • Chasseur: Chasseur offers two impressive woks.  The Cast Iron Non-stick Wok in Inferno Red and the Non-stick Wok in Caviar. Both woks are designed for versatility and durability, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes with ease. The non-stick feature makes cooking and cleaning hassle-free, while the stylish designs add flair to your kitchen.
    • Pyrolux: Pyrolux offers a range of nonstick woks to suit a variety of cooking needs. The Pyrolux Induction Hard Anodised+ Wok in 32cm is ideal for induction cooktops, with its durable construction and even heat distribution, as well as a convenient lid. The Pyrolux Pyrostone Non-Stick Wok measures 32cm and has a stone-like nonstick surface for healthier cooking and easy maintenance. For those who prefer a larger capacity, the Pyrolux Pyrocast Non-Stick Wok (37cm) is large enough to accommodate family-sized meals and stir-fries.

    • Stanley Rogers: Stanley Rogers woks are built to last and perform. The Stanley Rogers Matrix Stainless Steel Wok Pan, measuring 32cm, combines a sleek design with stainless steel construction for even heat distribution. The Stanley Rogers Classic Carbon Steel Wok in black (35cm) is ideal for traditional stir-frying techniques and provides excellent heat retention. The Stanley Rogers Non-Stick Wok with Wooden Handle at 35cm is a convenient option, with a non-stick surface and a comfortable wooden handle for easy maneuvering.

    • Staub: Staub offers high-quality woks known for their quality. The Staub Wok in black and red, measuring 37cm each, has a large cooking surface and a durable construction that is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including stir-frying and braising.

    • Lodge: Lodge sells a variety of woks made from durable materials. The Lodge Cast Iron Wok, measuring 35.5cm, is durable and versatile, making it ideal for high-heat cooking and outdoor use. The Lodge Mini Wok (23×7.5cm) is ideal for individual portions or small dishes, whereas the Lodge Chef Collection Wok (30cm) strikes a balance between size and performance for everyday cooking tasks.

What factors should I consider when choosing the material for a wok?

When selecting the material for a wok, consider factors such as heat resistance, weight, and your intended use. Different materials like carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and non-stick coatings offer varying benefits.

      1. Carbon Steel: Many seasoned chefs always use woks made of carbon steel. These woks are well-known for their lightweight design and rapid heat response, making them ideal for reaching the high temperatures needed for real stir-frying. Carbon steel woks improve in cooking performance with time when they acquire a natural non-stick patina from proper seasoning.

      2. Cast Iron: Stir-frying is made possible by the exceptional heat retention of cast iron woks, which guarantees consistent cooking. Cast iron woks are renowned for their robustness and capacity to hold heat at elevated temperatures, despite the fact that they might weigh more than their carbon steel equivalents. When taken care of properly, they get seasoned and give the dishes a distinct flavor profile.

      3. Stainless Steel: Woks made of stainless steel are highly valued for their longevity, ability to withstand rust and corrosion, and ease of upkeep. They give the kitchen a sleek, contemporary appearance. Stainless steel woks distribute heat evenly and can be used for a range of cooking methods, even though they might not heat up as quickly as carbon steel or cast iron.

      4. Non-stick: Nonstick woks have a coating that makes cooking and cleaning easier by preventing food from sticking. They are a great option for people who would rather cook their meals quickly and easily with the least amount of oil. But, caution must be exercised to prevent scratching the nonstick coating with metal utensils.

What are the different sizes of woks available, and how do I choose the right size for my cooking needs?

Medium-sized woks, typically ranging from 30cm to 35cm, are versatile for everyday cooking needs like stir-fries and sautéing. Small woks, under 30cm, are ideal for individual servings or small portions. Large woks, usually above 35cm, accommodate family-sized meals or cooking for gatherings due to their spacious design.

      Small woks (under 30cm):

      They are ideal for single servings or cooking small portions, with diameters starting at less than 30cm. They’re great for quick stir-fries, frying eggs, and sautéing vegetables. The Avanti Non-Stick Wok at 30cm is a compact yet versatile option for small meals or side dishes, with a carbon steel construction and a bamboo handle for ease of use. Cuisena’s Non-Stick Stir Fry Wok in Acacia, measuring 30cm, is ideal for stir-frying vegetables or meats and features a nonstick coating and a comfortable acacia handle. For those looking for a touch of style, the Pyrolux Coppertone Wok at 28cm stands out with its copper-tone finish, which is ideal for quick stir-fries or sautéing. The Lodge Mini Wok, measuring 23×7.5cm, is perfect for individual portions or small servings, making it versatile for various cooking needs.

      Medium-sized woks (30cm to 35cm):

      They typically have a diameter of 30cm to 35cm and can cook meals for two to four people. They are suitable for stir-frying, sautéing, and frying a wide range of ingredients. The 32-cm CTX Non-Stick Wok from Scanpan strikes a balance between size and versatility, making it ideal for medium-sized meals thanks to its non-stick surface. The Pyrolux Induction Hard Anodized+ Wok (32cm) with lid is designed for induction cooktops and provides durability and even heat distribution. Essteele’s Per Sempre Covered Wok, measuring 34cm, is large enough for large stir-fries or gatherings, with a covered design for steaming and braising.

      Large woks (over 35cm):

      They are typically larger than 36cm in diameter and are ideal for cooking large batches of food, catering to family meals, or hosting gatherings. They have plenty of cooking space and are ideal for deep-frying, steaming, and cooking soups or stews. Staub’s 37-cm black wok is spacious and elegant, ideal for cooking large portions due to its sturdy construction. Stanley Rogers’ Classic Carbon Steel Wok in black, measuring 35cm, is ideal for traditional stir-frying and family meals. Anolon Endurance+ Non-Stick Wok, 36cm, combines a nonstick surface with a spacious design for versatile cooking. The Scanpan Impact Covered Wok at 36cm is convenient because it includes a lid for steaming and simmering. Finally, Lodge’s Cast Iron Wok at 35.5cm is durable and heat-retentive, suitable for high-temperature cooking and large batches.

How do frying pans and woks differ in terms of their design and cooking capabilities?

Frying pans and woks are both versatile cooking vessels with distinct differences. A frying pan has a flat bottom and sloped sides, making it ideal for cooking, sautéing, and searing. In contrast, a wok has a rounded bottom and high, sloping sides, allowing for efficient tossing and stirring of ingredients in stir-fries and quick-cooking techniques. Woks distribute heat evenly, whereas frying pans are ideal for browning and crisping. Finally, the choice between a frying pan and a wok is determined by your preferred cooking methods and the types of dishes you frequently prepare.

What types of dishes can be prepared using a wok?

A wok is a versatile cooking vessel that can be used to create a variety of delicious dishes. From classic stir-fries with chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, tofu, or mixed vegetables tossed with flavorful sauces like soy sauce, oyster sauce, or hoisin sauce to fragrant fried rice packed with vegetables, eggs, and proteins, the wok excels at quick-cooking Asian-inspired meals. You can also prepare delicious noodle dishes like lo mein or pad Thai, sear and cook meats to perfection, deep-fry crispy favorites like tempura or spring rolls, steam delicate dumplings or fish, and make delectable desserts such as fried bananas or sweet and sour fruits. The wok’s distinctive shape and high heat retention make it an indispensable tool for culinary creativity and exploration.

Other Cookware Considerations When Purchasing a Wok

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Before seasoning a carbon steel wok, make sure to wash it well in warm water with a small amount of detergent to get rid of any coating that might be protective. After drying, heat the wok on high until it turns red and gets heated. Apply a high-smoke-point oil, like vegetable oil, to the entire interior surface, including the sides, using a paper towel. After heating the oiled wok until it begins to smoke, allow it to cool. Several repetitions of this process will create a non-stick patina. Now that it has been seasoned, your carbon steel wok is prepared for use, offering improved flavor and a non-stick surface ideal for high-heat cooking methods like stir-frying.
Wok cleaning is an easy task. Let the wok cool a little after cooking. To get rid of any food residue, rinse it with warm water and use a gentle brush or sponge. Steer clear of abrasive materials as they may harm the seasoning. If certain areas are really stubborn, try giving them a light scrub with a solution of warm water and mild detergent; avoid using strong chemicals. To avoid rust, completely dry the wok after cleaning. Before storing, give the interior a quick oil change to preserve the seasoning. Recall that a well-seasoned wok naturally becomes non-stick over time, improving its performance and allowing the flavor to seep into subsequent meals.
The type of cooking method and the desired result will determine whether a wok is preferable to frying. Stir-frying is a great use for woks since it's quick, even cooking that uses less oil. The sloping edges facilitate effective combining and guarantee uniform heating of the components. On the other hand, a frying pan with a flat bottom might be more appropriate for methods like searing or deep-frying since it allows for improved surface contact. Woks are very versatile and perfect for making tasty dishes that emphasize crisp, fresh textures, whereas frying pans are more suited to methods that call for a more thorough and direct contact with the cooking medium, such as frying or browning.